This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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US and Free Society International War on Poverty.

The Basket Case Theory of Fighting Against Starvation and Poverty.

This theory should be used to compete with China not work with China trade. Because if we allow the Communist to look over our shoulders on everything we do they will be able to economic defend and crush any plans we have. As we can see in Africa where we worked together with them and they ended up with a better deal. Along with the green tech energy where we worked with them and they again are leading because of our inability to see through the false dichotomy of win win. There is no win win in business. One side always has the upper hand unless checks and balances. That is a huge flaw in the gains of trade theory. 

The idea is that a country can do a basket analyzes of their countries whole, state, county and city economic baskets. Then they can see what their country can do for others. As this will allow them to be a better leader for maybe giving that extra hey I am here if you need the help with a smile.
Do they already do my idea? Or have I spurred an enlightenment of civilized advancement before I was done thus making my studies obsolete.

I. What is an Economic Basket.
I.I Should leaders be allowed to have economic basket analysis?
What would be the goods and bads for that in a free economic society?

II. How does one find out how to collect data on an economic basket?

III. How does one find out specifically in parts how to collect data for a basket.?

IV. How does one find out specifically in parts for international economic baskets?

V. How does one compare and analyze economic baskets for countries to better fit like a puzzle for trade and helping each other become more civilized?

VI. I like this song, dancing is fun.

VII. How would one present the idea to business either through leaders or through the Secretary of Commerce's department?

VIII. Do I think if I get into my economics program my Professors will like my idea of doing this.
 Does the program of analysis they already do fit this type of idea?
Can I further the idea to do it internationally and create a puzzle fit?
Am I going to annoy my Dean? No.

Rider I