This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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The Chinese Communist Economic Blitzkrieg.

Rough Draft


The Chinese Communist Political party has its roots in a theorists who theorized himself right back into feudalism. He was not accepted in his time, and have only been accepted in countries where King type figures wished to take hold and rule for as long as possible. Communism in itself is causes the very problem it wishes to solve for. It wishes for a classless system where everyone owns everything equally. However, in this classless system there is still those that produce different types of services at different levels of aptitude. There are the leaders at the head of the table, there are the workers and then there is a whole systematic order of different levels that create an every progressing world. Much like nature: different plants and different animals have different levels. However, in Communism it creates a politicized feudalistic ruling class system. As such if one wants to lead the group they have to be in good with the main political party. We still see this today in Mainland China and countries that China is currently trying to help develop, like Venezuela & North Korea. This causes the people of the country in an affliction of Communist overthrows to not be able to rise up the ladder unless they are in a feudalistic style court, much like what the Kings and Queens had. This means, that, if an individual, who does not believe in the current ruling party’s strategies, wants to become a leader, it will not happen, as the single dominant party does not wish to share equally.
China itself is the very existences of why the Communist Party ideological perspective is so dangerous. The Communist manifesto is the perfection of an economic warfare strategy along with guerrilla style attacks on pin point targets to cripple economics. The Communist Party of China came up much that way. When they could not have complete control of the whole of China and they would not share it with their opposition they killed them, imprisoned them and even brain washed their opposition with violence and force so that they could set up a King type feudalistic style government. Were those who were for the violent overthrow saw a good fortune of more rice and higher quality of life and those who believed in the opposition had to walk around with pails of fecal matter on their backs no matter how educated they were. (China's Mr. Son) this shows the very hostile nature of the Communist party to any opposition at an equal level.
We currently see that still today in China. However, without the actual mass physical violence of the first Communist King of China or Mao's violent overthrow strategies as perpetuated by Karl Marx’s circular re-feudal style economic imperialism. Today, Chinese Communist uses a mass scale of intellectual oppression. Everything from jailing those civil rights activists that speak on matters, all the way to folks researching into their Communists very own political and national economic warfare weapons SOE’s in free market considered non national defense industries. In which, then, the Communist Political party deems those issues state secrets and then prosecutes them. Yet however, allows those government owned state secret industries to then compete in a free market were other countries do not think they are state secretable industries and they dominate them because of their Communist laws and protection at home of those so called secretable industries. Therefore, any other civilized or first world economy country would just think they are expressing their views and as long as it is not a militaristic leak then it is freedom of speech to fight for civil rights or look into industries of non military concern. But, China actually uses this state secret for their economic blitzkrieg strategies. For example, if a human were to go and do a study of where all the Chinese State Owned Enterprises are located and create a map, much like a free Google application mapping cites and others free market industries. Then they would be prosecuted and jailed for a long time to protect their economic warfare strategy as a state secret; or if an executive wanted more information on financing deals and income from their ledger books but could not get it through public means and had to buy it from someone, they would also be jailed, when in a free country proper documentation is proper and necessary to be shown for a business deal in big matters. As the Communist party deems that it is the people's party and those State Owned Enterprise are actually owned by the public, yet information is vague on them and is left to no oversight of exactly what is secratable and what is not via a very vague law and applicably used law. Still though, they do not want the public speaking about their strategies and where the money comes from and goes. Unlike the US where we have a complete cite dedicated to all government spending of where it goes and where it comes from, on taxes government spending, financial deals from government entities of course unless it is a military defense contract then it is held in secret, but normal public business documents are allowed to be seen by the public and those that are doing business with them, in most Free Market Societies.

The Communist party of China (CC) furthers itself to be for the freedom of the people. However, its centralized government boards of the State Owned Enterprise sector actually conspire to create massive Champion State Owned Enterprises that will make it almost impossible for any citizen of China or a foreign country to be able to compete with them fairly without breaking padded or favorable SOE laws. The CC's currently amass huge strategies through their economics. The party's main theory revolves around an ancient theory of a failed economic system. The only reason we have been able to see the rise of the Chinese is because the free societies have allowed through a very uneducated or proper economic theory for the Chinese to use their massive State Owned Enterprise's to create the biggest cartel activities ever. Plus, the Chinese have started allowing more private ownership and freedom of economics inside of their economic market to cloak their massive SOE strategies because a hybrid economy of SOE cartels and private industries allows them to unfairly compete against free markets and dominate their economic infrastructures and strategies.

The CC"s may actually be starting to allow more economic and civil freedoms to its people. However, they wish to manipulate the free world economics for their advantage. The Parties main stay is to hold onto power in China and uses its massive State Owned Enterprise to keep opposition political theories out. The Communist political party states and holds that it is the main party. It has gone un equally checked since their destroyed via military and imprisonment the national party of China by using massive amounts of government money to fund its virtual political campaigns and massive propaganda. This means that the Communist party has a huge stake in keeping the State Owned Enterprise at Champion levels and making sure that the Cartel activities do not stop and they keep going. This is because the CC’s actually never allows the free markets of the People of China to pass the strength of the SOE's which currently hold 50% of the Chinese market shares. Then the Communist party understands they could easily have another political party that would be a threat to their feudalistic style rule. As such the Communist party uses its centralized strategic holdings of the SOE's to amass huge Champions that foreign companies and even their own individuals cannot compete with under secretable circular catch 22 based laws and political protection. Then they turn that money around to further the propaganda of the one political party so that they do not have any equal opposition. As they are using violent economics’ to oppress any real opposition to their rule. The World Trade Organization, the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and even the European all have some kind of holdings with the Chinese that they understand they are not longer a third world country nor a developing country. As such the ideological perspective that they need their massive SOE's to build their economy has gone too far. The Chinese Communist Political party use the SOE' as their own economic engines for further political gain. As the SOE cartels have a full grasp inside of Mainland China and they are using a strategy to amass a foreign political hold through economics.

Questions that came out of that intellectual thought process thread:

How much money do State Owned Enterprises funnel back into the Communist Political Parties campaign funds?
I.2 Economics

Economics is a very natural amount of humans working together to create a safe and productive society. This is done through many theories. The theory that we have seen crawl out of the Dark ages through the Enlightenment of the Renaissance period has been that of the rights of individuals to own and keep their own products, gold(value) and labor. The individual has the rights to their own labors unless contracted away for a beneficial agreement. This idea of individual ownership is what economics is. Economics through a vague etymology means to manage ones surroundings. Our surroundings have been placed a value on things. This value has long been seen and used and upheld. Humans all value something different. Their surrounding and how they wish to manage them area all uniquely different and have individual characteristics to it. The natural form of economics is to allow as much individual ownership as possible with keeping a pro-viso for the things that should be protected for all.

As such, allowing humans to own and manage their own surroundings is a less strain on the whole. As micro-ly, it is easier for the whole (government) to regulate how each individual acts with each other in their surroundings that it is for the whole (government) to own the surroundings and also regulate them. This furthers the idea of individuals owning and managing their own surroundings, labors, etc. which allows for the human to feel free; as the etymology of economics is for one to manage their surroundings. As no matter what the political domination is, the true theory for all whether circular or not is to allow for the most freedom for each individual. Even the Communist who wish to take away individual rights and then properly enslave all to the commune theorize under individual freedoms, however, circular and re-feudalizing it may be.
Economics as applied to the US has shown great amounts of freedom. So much so that the very countries that helped us throw off our feudal style imperialistic government owned captors and economic oppressors, actually turned their systems to be very similar to ours. Our Economic policy was that each creates their own, and in time of needs comes together to protect or provide for the whole. Then it was found that taxes where a good way to bring in things for the whole. However, at the same time taxes are a very fearful thing for the US. As through individual free economics, the more money one has to pay from their own labors to the whole means that they are less free and control less of their own life’s labors to pay for others.

Therefore, as the opposition of the American ideological managing of ones environment goes; the Communist party wishes to have the whole manage the individual’s environment. This has been shown through multiple test runs of the failed economic theory. As many Feudalistic style countries find out, or even so called country owned governments find out. When the whole is tired of having fewer freedoms and they want more for the communal management and less for the individual management of one’s own environment. So the Communist Party of China has evolved to understand that they cannot compete with the free markets with their whole government as a centralized economy. As the Communist Party of China once did after it killed its complete opposition that was trying to fairly share the country with it. So the Chinese party was given an ultimate deal by a tricky President. Which at the time the Chinese political head saw that they could not keep their country walled off for long and keep it a centralized economic structure, as the free world was surpassing it by leaps and bounds. As such the Communist party of China decided to try and follow free market structures of individuals managing their own labors and surroundings through personal ownership. However, as time has gone on the Communist party has seen that it is more beneficial for it to hold onto its wholistic style economics to thrash and un-competitively compete in the international markets. As the free markets have been looking at the Chinese Communist party as a none threat and an underdeveloped country. Even though now they are starting to reverberate back to a centralized economic structure of Champion proportions to further their old single party dominance theories. Instead of keep moving forward with more individual ownership of market shares.

The Chinese communist party has played their economics’ perfectly, and taken advantage of those free markets that allowed them to compete without a proper microscope on their activities. Now the Communist party of China has created an economic ego as they think that they will become the world leaders by using their economic strategy through a government owned centralized board of statisticians, that much resembles a board of generals sitting down to militarily conquer its neighbors through the use of their government, military and taxes. As the Chinese State Owned Enterprise encompass every industry and have a complete vertical line to each other and report back to one board that oversees their full actions. It would seem the board of military generals would be a fitting analogue to the Communist Chinese State Owned Enterprise wishing to create Champion SOE cartels.

I.3 Blitzkrieg

Blitzkrieg is a name used to describe the military strategic board of Nazi Germany to completely dominate its neighbors for economic, cultural and political purposes. The name inspires a lighting type strategy. However, for this article I will use the word in a sense of the actually placement of the different forms of military weapons in the forms of economic weapons and areas of strategy into a single action that was unstoppable in the physical war untill the US stepped in and out strategized the Nazi’s general’s. The US and free market allies came up with a perfect defense and proper freedom battle plan for all those under imperialistic domination. Therefore, I wish to propose a view of a theory that is similar to the military blitzkrieg strategy in the form of a government economic blitzkrieg in a public cartel activity view.

The physical military Blitzkrieg itself comprises of three stages. The stages of the Blitzkrieg where:

1. The centralized military command would use heavy air bombing and artillery to destroy certain key strategic points in the country, city or town they wished to control.

2. They would then move in troops and armored vehicles to further take out any leftover military activities or possible areas of density of objections to their imperialistic take over. Then once the military part was done they would

3. Move in intelligence officers and snipers to further take out any possible rhetoric, economic, or any other form of sabotage to their imperialist wishes.

The Blitzkrieg was very important because it concentrated heavily one centralized military economic strategic objects of, food, resources, military building and political human assets. The imperialists where able to use this to sweep through lesser defensible countries and where also able to start the first part of the strategy in countries like Britain. However, what they did not calculate properly was the ability of Canada and the US to see what is going on and be able to turn around a civil economy straight into a military economy with no lapses and where able to properly defend the world from the imperialistic motives of the Blitzkrieg. As the foreign ownership of economic infrastructure in Canada and the US was zero to none. This Allowed each country to be able to think on its own avoid of any foreign government ownership in its economy. The Communist party knows this and they have created a strategy to cripple our defenses against it and place in the calculation their State Owned Enterprises economic control and centralized satellite like dependence.

I.4 The Chinese Communist Economic Blitzkrieg

My theory does not go in depth to the very specific areas of the strategy as it is dangerous to get any proper information about the Communist's State Owned Enterprises as they jail, send to retraining camps and even economically destroy individual human’s lives for trying to gather information that should be publicly available on their State Owned Enterprises activities. As it is supposedly owned by all of the Chinese people as a public and not a single party dominate control. Therefore, I will take my knowledge built up since I was a kid that created my common sense understanding of the Chinese Communist Economic strategy, and analogize it to the military Blitzkrieg strategy of the Nazis, as I see the correlation much like: the world did not want to believe in the imperialistic ways of the Nazis and their oppress views of religion. I believe now that the world and the individuals wishing for freedom do not want to believe in the Communist parties views of economics. As the thought that the individual should not be allowed to own more of their own labors than the whole owns of the individual labors is not a very favorable belief in free markets. I further thought the correlation of my analogues use of Blitzkrieg as applied to this new form of economic warfare is very similar in deed to the idea of a centralized command controlling all aspects and overseeing each move as based on over reaching orders given to acquire certain oppositions countries economic targets of resources, political targets, and military strategic points; much like the formers use of a blitzkrieg strategy.
However, to distinguish between the Nazi's military Blitzkrieg and the Communist Economic Blitzkrieg the Communist use much less physical force and much more economic strategically force through intellectual centralized strategies and defensive laws. This allows the Communist party to stay under the radar so it is hard to see what is going on as the Communist party will not fully clarify or even fully show transparency to the State Owned Enterprises activities. Still though, I see the same affects happen as physically what happened with the Nazi's military Blitzkrieg as I see happening economically with the Communist Economic Blitzkrieg.

Which is, full scale destruction of economic strategic points for a imperialistic domination through a centralized strategy.
Further, distinguishing between physical blitzkrieg and economic intelligence blitzkrieg would be that the Communist part using its massive conglomerated State Owned Enterprise much like the Nazi's used their massive military. The Communist party has amassed strategic units in the government. These units specifically deal with conglomerating certain State Owned Enterprise to create an uncompetitive strategy to dominate the international market place. So as to imperialistically input their SOE's into countries for further military and political gain. The State Owned Enterprise are paired up economically with SOE mining companies, shipping companies, production companies, packaging companies, marketing companies, financing companies, and then again shipping companies. These SOE's have conglomerated each sector for a specific economic purpose that benefits the Communist party and has allowed it to keep control of 50% of the Chinese market place. Which then allows itself to keep out foreign competition through their centralized strategy to further the constant replenishment of their economy.
Phase 1


(Analogues to bombing raids through economic dumping of cheap products)
The first phase of the Chinese Economic Blitzkrieg includes the massive dumping of products onto the world through their sheer size of government owned marketplaces.This allows the communist to keep a monopolistic style government run marketplace, with smaller competitive privatization taking a back seat to the bigger State Owned Conglomerate Champions. This means that it is almost impossible for foreign free markets to compete with the dumping tactics. Like manufacturing companies, car companies, high technological sectors etc.

This takes a huge toll on the foreign countries as they are not able to compete with the dumping tacticts. These means that companies are forced to outsource jobs to the SOE owned markets to stay in busness. This then leads to mass loss of jobs and taxes. This is furthered by other companies having to stay in business and compete and also having to export their jobs. As the dumping tactics leave little way in any market for employees to find jobs it leaves a void in countries economies. This then forces countries to create jobs for their citizens through laws that create surplus industris like service jobs.
These dumping tactics then create a surplus of jobs and taxes for the Communist. This allows the Communist government to further invest in their SOE's.

Well I had it all written up then it was all erased in front of my eyes. As I could not save it then lost the rest of my analysts. This is what I have for now I will come back and have to finish it later. God I am so pissed off right now I could break something. I mean it was all done, written up and nice and neat then for some reason my last save did not work and then this is were it left me off at. So I will have to go at it again. later. For now, I have to give it a rest. I spent all day writting this analsyts and it is all gone. got to love being porr with no proper security devices for my computer. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Phase 2

Resource Aquistion

(Analogues to armor divisions securing and defending through resources being controlled and secured by the SOE's)

Phase 3

Acquistion of Opppositions Demolished Economic Infrastructure

(Analogues to Intellegence officers and snipers coming into control economic and political sectors)

I.5 Detriments to Society if this new form of Economic Warfare is allowed to be Proliferated

I.6 Remedies and Solutions to this new form of Economic Warfare

I.7 The Nexus to the World Economic Crash

I.8 How China tried to Cloak their activities


To create a international business cycle that is left to this Blitzkreig theory. Which will then allow the Chinese to hold the international currency and dominate place over the US's bipolitical system. This will be done by China blizting and buying free market debt, and obtain massive foreign currrency reserves, along with an abuse of fair market practices which will leave it in a absolute advantage for liquidable industries like manufacturing, and green tech and other industries that create international value. In the long run this will allow the Communist Party to influence other countries to obtain a Democratic Dictoralship. Which wishes to take out the US's two tier political check system which has been found to create the most civil freedoms through government checks. End game is to gain the international currency in its favor as it has seen its big bro carry it so long. However, again China did not calculate in the massive amount of privatized and free market analysis who will hear my seminars and read my books. Cause China, in America each individual is a Champion of their own small business and it can grow to compete fairly in the marketplace without SOE cartel activiteis or massive amounts of government subsidies like the Chinese SASAC baord wishes to do for its new found SOE Champions. then again, not a bad plan really though. It took me a long time to trace it. I just need to fill it out. My hopes are that each and every sentences on this theory will be backed by a cite. Hopes and dreams I am lacking money and time, and have so many projects to do. Wine with my cheese please.