This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Perfect Environmental Production, my gold mine to fight Communism.

I guess the question I have is. If there is 76,000 tons of a carbon material and another 16 million tons of CO2 don't we make money of those things? That needs to be removed from the air and it is going to cost around 500 million to do it. That means to break even we need to capture and sell each ton of carbom production at about $20 a ton or so. Ok so what can we do with CO2, we can create compressed gas, I believe for cans and other things using CO2 compression. If we do not want it to be placed in the area at all. We could sell it to a plant that turns gas CO2 into liquid then into solid for fertilizer for the plants I believe. Does not plants live on CO2 and need it for foord. Could we not bag it up and sell it. I mean I am working on a complete sustainable manufacturing plant or even energy plant that is able to capture all emissions and turn a profit on the abated carbon products. What is wrong with you people are you bad capatalist or what?
The theory is called the Perfect Environmental Production, it explains how emissions can be specifically contained and controlled so as to stop environmental hazards while making a pretty penny on the matter to boot. Go ahead you think you are smart, I even know why the world's economy collapsed and it had little to do with US finance laws, and more to do with the most expensive war we have every had. The Communist Economic Warfare, then again most of you numb skulls do not even know the Communist are still a huge threat. Trust me the our government does not even know they are a threat.
Emissions are a gold mine and it is untapped. I am telling you I am going to be a trillionair once I can freely place caps on emissions creators so I can harvest their emissions. I mean think about it. They have to do these standards. I say hey, I will make you 98% above and beyond, and I will do it for free. I have the ability currently to cap and sell many emissions creators emissions. While also having a major market place that is a niche that I am going to be rich biatch. LOL

Lets see I have the intellegence loans already for me to sign, I have the proper bagging systems and storages, along with the necessary cognition creation to break into and create new markets for the the new product based on emissions, as there is something there so i can sell it, I just have to make it valuable, which is easy to do. I have 300,000 workers who on my notices will start a new market place and stock option for selling actual carbon emissions, and that is not get out of jail free cards or trading permits, it is the actual carbon mateial and CO2 that is being placed into the air. I love All Gore he played right into my game. heheheh.

I figure with my recycled car tail pipe collector of emissions, which was properly created to create less of a carbon foot print than what we will be collecting, along with my pyramid schemes on the sky line of every major city, until a competitor comes along and breaks up my monopoly, the Rider I seat will literally again change the sky line of the world. Hopefully someone comes up with some better looking stuff than my pyramid inventions to collect emissions. It is going to look ugly for a while. However, i have good plans to update once my pay to owe ration gets balanced out. then cities and counties can have their choices of emissions collections by Mr. ..... Perfect Environmental Production Agency. heheheh I love being a freaking nerdy, communits do not know what it is like to be a poor kid and completely understand that the reason why my family went without was because of this major political party sucking up all of our values to try and dominate hte world. I am going to kick your arse theoritically. All my books will be published, lectures around the world will identify with Communism being the reason for most all major depressesions leading back to the 1920's kill democratic people for you tryancy you have no clue what an owl is capable. a 19 year long term strategy is just starting to get good. oh ya baby, sky liners all me.

The best part is I do not get to feel bad about kicking their arses theoritically. As I tested them five times and they have failed each time to the point of proving my hypothesis, the Communist wish to create a one world currency, one world government and they want to run it. I dislike centralization of wealth and I loath enslavement. As a matter of fact my employees will work 4 days a week and get 3 off. Family days are not considered sick days. If the youngster has a play and wants you there, you go, no problem, we will double up I will pitch in and get it done for you. As long as I get to see pictures with proper time and date in them or a snipet of movie to prove, ball games, kid needs at home time, what ever its yours I dislike communist enslavement and centralization of wealth. nop nop nop not American at all very un-American. I Chose Freedom and love it.