This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My unemployment check did not come today.

It was supposed to come today. Maybe the post office is backlogged. What am I going to do if I do not get it. My car is already on the endangered list of my economics, my phone bill is past due, I had to place my student loans on hold, the only thing thanks to my strong family is my barter and trade system for my roof and board. If that check does not come it messes up my credit report. Which then messes up my ability to get a loan for my next degree. I asked if they have direct deposit which would save lots of money on ink and paper, along with save billions more in unemployment fraud through theft of mail. Which by my studes costs this country tons of money, which then takes the taxs payers money due to improper allocation of funds. What will I due if my credit is not there for me to climb the ladder. Free socities are built on credit the good souled nature of human being to borrow and pay back as their plan and strategy should allow them to obtain what they are seeking. If that check does not come it will be another weak. Then if they steal this one they will just steal the next one. What will I do? Why is this countries unemployment office not have a proper secure system of allocation of funds if it costs us billions of dollars a year. Why do I have to be scared because of bad management of unemployment allocation. How hard is it to set up a program in which all checks will be placed on debit cards of directly deposited to a persons account. It is not that hard and it would cost much less than the billions we lose through mail fraud each year over unemployment. DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY?
You know what I will have to do. I will have to find a loan shark and pay like 50% interest on a loan till I get a way to secure my unemployment check as no one is hiring on livable wages, and how can I take a job making way less than I am receiving from unemployment, I would not be able to live.

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I need our unemploymetn checks to be secured you weak leaders. This is the first management area of this life study I have found lacking. You shall fix it, I will fix you.

12-30-10 It has been a whole month and a day since I was laid off. I still have not yet recieved my unemployment. My bills are pilled up for the whole month. They are not going to give me my proper paid in dues for the first month. Which means my whole credit score and possible making it is gone. I can only hope to get my unemployment check and then start to pay down the bills that have pilled up because of a poorly managed unemployment system. Obviously if the people have been unemployed the first month they should recieve their unemployment for that month then start the weekly checks. Along with that I really think my checks have been stolen or maybe it is the mail because of holiday time. Either way there is ways around all of this. 1st treat the communist like communists. 2. If the unemployed is laid off the first month then send them the pay for that month so they can pay their back bills. As now I have late fees, and they will just keep adding up and I will not be able to catch up. 3. Create a more secure system so folks have a choice between checks, credit cards, or direct deposit. This will save trillions of dollars.

No pay, nobody paying livable wages, can't get a bachelors degree due to discrmination, hope I can get a loan to due the prerequest for a MA in Economics then get accepted while looking for a day job. As I have worked full time and gone to school at night previously.


  1. The system needs a radical change, people are distraught with job loss and unemployment rate is increasing every day and is not showing any signs of improvement.

  2. That is what I am here for and am going to do. I do not know about radical. However, treating the communist like communist is a great way to start.