This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here is what I hear from our weak leaders.

Leaders screaming trench warfare over such trivial aspects to our economy. They both go at each other on their extreme political views. However, I hear not the machinery of the proud American bright light showing the way for economic freedom by working against such ideological perpsectives of extremist economic enslavement ideas as communist massive SOE's and their centralized government ownership. Which is ever spreading through their political and military wishes. I hear the halls filled with oh you said this oh you said that, oh no he went there oh let me kiss his butt there, oh we have to whip our people because of our bad economic leadership so who should we whip? That is what I hear a bunch of cryers and non proud leaders is what I see in this country. Our Chief and Commander set out goals for his countries leadership to follow like creating more exports finding new countries to develop for our exports, helping developing countries out with loans so we could gain a new trade of democracy/republic and gain interest, in which like we did with Africa if they become a good trade partner we might just dissolve the debt if they grow to be a proud democratic/republic country in which they learn how to share politics. That is not what I see from our leadership. I hear our Chief went and got us 50,000 jobs from India. Then I hear the communist juts passed us in free trade agreements and they have created substantial in the hundreds of thousands of jobs for their country and trillions  of dollars with of positive capital inflows via loans and import trade. Then I hear that our govenator Arnold and his predecessor went to China to try and buy high technology from them when we have a megalive project of American owned companies trying and building better technology than theirs. However, they can't gain any stimulus money becase we spent 80 MOTHER BLEEPING % OF IT ON CHINA'S INDUSTRIES. That is what I hear. Everyone is allowing the communist party to come back and retrace the steps of the soviets in a different style world domination, using US old economic soft power strategies tied in whith Marx and the old Socialist party of Germanies strategy of blitz, destroy infilitrate then conquer using soe and centralized economics. That is what I see and hear. Then I hear our leaders oh were in trench warfare. What playing patty cake with each other while your citizens economics and jobs are being unfairly taken by communist economic warfare strategy. It is all on this page well documented, what can't you read what they are doing. WTF then I have to deal with more gangsters being created in my neighborhood becasue the jobs the poor folks like me used to be able to get are being taken by midddle class folks with more experience and will take less than a poor person will. I mean how are these people suppsed to compete for jobs when the middle class has lost its manufacturing, export, and now over the last four years high technological industries. Would someone pick me up and donate to me or something so I can concetrate primarily on kick these leaders butts and get me out of this neighborhood so I can stop worrying about poor folks trying to steal from me because I took out loans and know and understand credit movements. I just want to fight against both parties and their oh patty cake trench warfare while their citizens set and wait on welfare for the next service bell curve becasue they are not willing to compete for the root of our economic infrastructure.
I do not know what is worse the poor people each year I have to prevent from hurting my grandmother by staying up all knight or the dam leaders that give them no choices as the programs and schools and jobs are being backlogged. As a big dog I will take it out on our leaders and hope the poor folks get caught by the watchers so they do not hurt anyone and at least get learning inside of the cage. I am coming for you bolshevikian economci enslavers on both the democratic and republicn side. Oh yes pubs do not think just becuase you are a republicna that I have not traced you and your ties to the communist MSS or other extreme communist agendas.

Here is the best part. They use the idea of globilzation withou the proper calculations of political and mitiltary values of economic warfare. The old guard had the communist agenday to a t. The new guard is so fickled about the communist that they do not even calculate economic warfare. Or they are so scared to compete with China that they don't have a clue to go about it. That is why if I make it out of this place alive and I make it through my next three degrees of mutiplicty of education and come out strong and healthy from my motorcycle days, then I am whopping butt, and I have already started taken names and making a list and i will check it twice.

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