This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Three symbols of the I king.

Much like many religious cultures. There has been key factors in looking for natural leaders. In for the I King three are needed.
1. The Eye must have a notable mark of diversity of color usually in the form of a small patch.
2. The Palm must have the symbol of the world usually in the from of a blue ball or blue and green dot.
3. The symbol of a bird must also be found on the palm of the individual to be trained from birth.

Along with these other notable and things that usually follow during such intense intelligence training to free the human species from tyrants. Stigmata has been usually found in those that are found with the first three symbols. It is theorized as one of the first most powerful trainees (what we call today a jedi, or bc, wizard). This includes such symbols as wholes in the rests during life. Along with that natural scars around the crown, and along with natural scars on the back. With also sometimes wholes around the ankles.

These birth signs and course of instruction have to not come from self infliction. They have to be purely natural for one to be taught the highest form of intelligence. Which is the very essence of each individual atom and how they all work together separately.

The chosen one, blessed one or otherwise. Also must show that he is a normal citizen and that the culture does not give sway to his/her normal appetites to be human.

As such, has been the lineage of the I King, who is not chosen by Semocracy/Republic but forces his culture to be ruled by it so. As he/she can't ever use his power wantonly without a proper vote from his fellow multiple cultures.

If this person is found such, they are trained.

Rider i
"On a cold winter morning, a cigar fortifies teh soul" Stendhal. Therefore, "Gentlemen,[and ladies] you may smoke" King Edward VII. "Here, have a cigar. Light it up and be somebody" Pete Kelly's Blues. A birth of new born is something to be enjoyed.

Happy Birthday sire, and to all those living for peace and freedom of individuals for culture, religion, education, civil rights and the ability to own their own and stand on their own. May this end of the year and celebration of the birth be a happy one, even if times are down. It is about the spirit of freedom and giving freely.

This holiday will spent enjoying:

 Just in case you did not know smoking is bad for your health Surgeon General warning.


 Again in case you did not know drinking in excess is bad for you health. However, small amounts are good for the blood pressure and stress levels. Surgeon General warns not to drink. But I am free.

All freedoms of consumption have no nexus to me or this website. I just like the way they taste and the symbols are cool to. Also I could not afford that many cigars I have one.

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