This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I find the idea of genociding an intellectual culture very upsetting.

Cultural realism

The physcology of giving and receiving awards. Even in the utmost secret society of mutiple degree earning and nerds. Lives to earn degrees as a sort of inner acceptance of their path and dediction to a their study and society.

This are notes on a battle field I have chosen. This one is is much more personal than the econ warfare, or JFCOM which is more national than the this battle, which is cultural to me and dear to my heart. I love nerds as I am one. I understand the need for long nights with books and tests and lecutures and the thrill of the educational community. It is a culture to earn more than one degree, as such mutiple public degree earners we are. I shall estabalish a protection for my brotherin and sisterin.

Grammer latter, writing while the lightbulb is hot.

Currently there is a deliberate systematic action being taken against my culture and my fellow people. This shall be removed as the such proper protocal for none prejudice against my fellow (half bloods) mutiple degree earners nor shall there be any more discrimination from their cultural views.

Proper protocal:
Each public education institution has many degree fields. However, currently they only allow a few degrees to be earned in which they force us to be in. Thus discriminating against my culture for those who want to earn degrees in different studies for mutiple degrees. Thus this is a prejudice discrimination against my culture. As there are public places that are specifically systematically and deliberately blocked from allowance of entrance. There is no protocal nor competitive application for my cutlural people. Thus the answer to the problem:

Currently there is an alogyrthm in which each degree has a certain amount of seats for it. The mass majority of those seats go to first degree earners. Then that algorthym is kept track to see how many more can be allowed each semester into the seats for the degree. As such there does not need to be more funding or more seats to solve the problem. All that needs to be done is add another part to the algorthm for my people. Thus extending the equation not adding costs yet equally and farily allowing a cutlire to exist without being prejudice or discriminative to their cutlural wishes. As such, starting next semester each school in this nation should and shall make space and remove discrimination and prejudice from the culture of mutiple degree earners. This is not funny, this is not joke, this is not trivial. This is scary. The idea that my culture can be discriminated against by blantanly banning them from entering into a public institution becasue of their cultural group and individual beleifs is not acceptable. The culture of mutiple degrees is an ancient culture, the idea of scholars earning many public degrees is not new and it is well established in  the US and in the international community. Mutiple scholars are held high for their ability to take many fields of knowledge and apply them to specific issues. However,this whole culture and very existance is under threat of genocide if these prejudice protocals are allowed to exist. Thus not only harming the individual, the culture but along with it the world. As it will deprive the world of humans who enjoy and thrive in learning from mutiple degrees. Thus, my battle in sues. I hope I can settle this in the background as I do not wish to take money away from my loved school or country. However, as we are a capatalist society if the leaders who made this prejudice deceission push me I will have no choice. In which I will then give back any funds recieved except for those of my personal expenditures.

Therefore in conclusion of the answer the non prejudicial protocal for educational institutions should be to allow 1-2 or if the institutions so feels like enlightened ones are great than 3, seats should be allocated out of the seats that are already there. Thus if these seats are not filled or applied for by my cultural brethein or sisterin then they go back to the pool of first degree earners. As such removing the barrier of entry and glass ceiling to my culture and fellow mutiple degree earners. .

I am dedicated to the culture of mutiple degree earners. I may not be able to attend and obtain my life's pursuit due to the harm of this predudice policy against my culture. However, that does not mean I can't fight to preserve an ancient and well estabalished culture of mutiple degree earners. It is the individual's right to at least be able to compete for a second bachelors degree if not for 1-2 seats, or if the institution finds that second degree earners are of the enlightened class, then 3 seats. Either way much like my dediction to the economic warfare enlightenement in which I presented in DC and my dedication to JFOCM and effect based strategy along with foreknoweldge of international cooperation above and beyond NATO. I am now dedicated to my cultural battle. The freedom to be allowed to compete for a few chairs for mutiple degree earners. This culture is well rooted in the US and in the international community. I shall not stand for this discrimination of my fellow nerds and degree enthusisats.

First of all I do not want any money nor do I think anyone I find in my culture will either. As most of us are timid and just want to learn and be smart. There are few that have crossed over from more lets say aggresive venues like me but most of us just want to earn. The only thing I want if I have to take this prayer to court for actionable relief is for the the ability of my culture to be able to earn. A small amount of chairs amounting to 1-2 or 3 if the institutions feels like allowing more nerds in for a different atmospher. That is all I want, the ability of my culture to be able to earn and compete for their dreams and desires. However, if I have to spend time and money on this it would be nice to get it back. As I hav already spent around $200 on this action. Most of it my personal time as I am unemployed. I do now wish for money. I wish for the ability of my culture to earn. just a few seats for them to earn mutiple degrees. With precautions and protocals if necessary.

To me this is like saying that the cultural belief to believe in a god and its teachings freely or to be able to eat what one wants is the same to me as being able to apply for degrees as one wants with a fair unpredjudice way. It would be like telling a person who believes in god you can no longer practice your religion or a person who likes to eat a lot you can no longer eat as you wish. That is what it feels like to me. Or a person of color tone that they may not enter. Or a person of culture may not enter a public entity is what this is. A person with a culture may not enter nor even have a fair chance for one chair. Then the complete ban on the culture itself form being able to attend in a public institution makes is close to genocide to me. As it is systematicaly trying to destroy whether it knows it or not. As the knowledge ones acitons are not necessary to still be considered actions. in my common textual definition.

I guess I am part of the minority culture. As what is a culture but a set of beleifs in something. I am not like the rest of the majority I see eduction as a way of life and my beliefs are in mutiple degrees. I am part of a culture in which is based on my earning degrees or at least being able to compete for application into education institutions. I do practice this culture as I have already 6 degrees.

Definition of Culture Websters Collegiate 11th edition:

"the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties. esp by education. 3. expert care and training 4 a enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic training b acquaintance with and taste in fine arts, humanitites and broad aspects of science as distinguised form vocational and technical skills 5 the integrated patter of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations b: the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religous or social group:  the characteristics features of everday existence shared by people in a place of time c: the set of shared attidudes, values, goals, and practices, that characterize an institution or organization d: the set of values, conventions or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristics" pg 304

"genocide: the deliberateand systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group"

As i nor my brothering or sisterin wish for a genocide of any race, political group or cultural group I can't see how this should be allowed to be applied to us. I never said I wish for the communist to be deleted. I just merely wish for them to be properly checked by another powerfull entity like themselves with different views that actuall represent the 830,000,000 Chinese. Again you will see this over and over again, I just want fair competition. How is no application process at all fair competition it is not. It is a complete ban on my cultural beleifs.

Again I am not an attorney and nothing i do should be taken as law. Then again the great thing about this country is that any person can bring their own action and be their own warrior. However, common text tests:

Is there a culture in America in which a social group or people with beliefs in and values earn mutiple degrees? There most certianly is. I should know I am one of them.

Is there a process for these types of people to further their culture? No, there is not if we look at the degree of economics in two schools that are close to my location of rest. Neither allows secondary seekers to apply. Thus banning my culture from being able to be.

What does systematic mean?
id cited at 1269
"1: relating to or consisting of a system 2: presented or formulated as a coherent body of ideas or principles 3a: methodical in procedure or plan b: marked by thoroughness and regularity 4: of, relating to, or concerned with classification"

using non law common text. lets put it all together.

So the culture of mutiple degree earning has been banned for specific areas of education by a presented and formulated body of ideas and principles. Thus causing the natural affect of discrimination against my fellow mutiple degree culture through the genocide of the culture.

What is the definition of discrimination?
id cited at 358
"3 a the act, practice or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually b prejudice or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment"

What is the definition of prejudice
id cited at
"1; injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard of ones rights. detrement to ones legal rights or claims 2 a (1) preconceived judgment or opinion 2: a adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge b: an instance of such judgment or opinion c: an irrational attidude of hostility directed at an individual a group a race, or their supposed characteristics."

What is the definition of deliberate
id cited at: 329
"1: Characterized by or resulting from careful thorough consideration 2: characterized by awarness of the consequence"

The public educational institution policy maker new and understood that there would be a culture of people that would be discriminated against by not allowing not even one chair to receive an second bachelors degree. However, they prejudicially went through with the policy and banned my culture from being able to recieve a second bachelors degree in economics. Which is a huge impact especially for me in my perticular curiculm of my life culture of mutiple degrees. As my end game for my nerdness is to create an awareness of economic warfare. However, if I can't get the proper foundation of economics through a bachelors degree I miss that cognitive process that my culture so craves in which to allow me to further my cognitive creation and educational presentations in the future regarding economic warfare through my Masters thesis. Thus causing a weaker cognitive creation because my cutlure is being discriminated against. As such causing a weaker enlightenment regarding economic warfare. As I planned to make it a big deal in my combined programs after my second bachelors. However, now due to the discrimination of my culture I lose a huge amount of cogntive process creation because I can't earn my second bachelors degree in economics. Along with that I lose the ability to be able to present as a cloud nine educated individual with my 9 degree course. As such, I have no choice but to fight this as I am being caused harm, along with my culture and my country. It makes me sad to think that i will have to by pass that cognitive creation and go straight into a graduate program without my proper degree strategy to achieve cloud 9. Which is 9 degrees.

Is this a societal impact worth worrying about? Yes, there have been many smart and great people who earned more than one degree. Also the national security of the country is basically run by people who are huge nerds. Nerds
The idea of allowing something to deterorate with allowing a few to survie is upsetting. The idea of earnign mutiple degrees is not a bad thing. As they allow it just for specific degrees. Then they do not let even one person earn a second degree or even apply through a competitive application process because of the communist argument of well they do not have one so you should not be allowed to have two. I think that is flawed. Why should a whole culture be taken out because of a deficit we have been in for a very long time. Along with that this stops the US from having certain minds who have more knowledge and higher eduction which makes the whole system more competitive and stronger.

So far it would seem that genocide is a little harsh a word. However, discrimination would seem to fit better. The idea that something is being wiped out systematically is not part of the definition. Then again is it genocide if they are stopping mutiple degree seekers from being able to be by forcing them to be single degree seekers or forcing them to seek degrees in which they want but not in which the culturally affected wants? Figure see a small bush fire put it out. Don't let it grow bigger. Not letting mutiple degrees can easily turn into a restriction on mutiple degrees, then there goes the culture. Which is what is happening I mean I am being restricted from my cutlure by not being allowed to apply for a second degree in economics even though it exists and is there. However, the glass ceiling I can't break it to get it. There is not even a fair competitive small application process.

No I still see it as possible cultural genocide. The communist arguments would be that well there are people without one degree. That is why you should only have one degree. Then I say if that is your belief then it is cultural genocide of my belief to not allow a few to survive and make it through. The idea that a people's culture should be crushed for the commune is not right and proper. Which if allowed to persist in such stopping of freedom of mutiple degree cultural seeking is allowed then it comes down to a fight, and the small probable me the champion warrior will fight.

As this idea of telling mutiple degree earners what degrees they can and banning them from earning other degrees is against core values of freedom. As such lets get it on baby. The right of the individual to gain mutiple degrees shall not be stopped or allowed to be forcefully controlled. Especially not in public institutions.

The idea that a person wishing to seek multiple degrees in different studies is being allowed to be genocides in our school system and creates huge discrimination against a whole society of illuminatus. In which causes that very small group of human beings to not be able to fulfill their hearts desire in seeking liberty and freedom and the pursuit of their happiness.

I was told that it is impossible to get a second degree. That means that not even a small percentage of the group or society can any longer wish to obtain multiple studies for their life long theories or practicum. As such this practice I find to be very similar to a group of people who lastly discriminated against the illuminati in the name of the commune.

The idea that there is not a process for one to gain a second degree at an institution in which that person takes part in society in paying taxes for is very upsetting. It would be one thing if there was a competitive process in which only a few could gain second degrees. However, the whole populace of illuminati's are ing discriminated against in obtaining second degrees.

In which they then very fascist tell me that I can only gain a second degree in a darn field of study that is massively impacted and very uninteresting to my personal being.

This I find stops me and a whole group of individuals in society from being able to have their pursuit of happiness. Which in this group is the pursuit to obtain more than one degree. In which we thus the small group live to learn and learn to live. I find that I understand the need for others to obtain degrees. However, in this society of freedom and equality I find the complete utter lack of ability for someone to not be discriminated against because of their educational beliefs or wants very upsetting.

The mere fact that not even one or two competitive applicants can gain a second degree at an institution reminds me of old stories I used to read about when they would try and stop illuminati's from fulfilling their hearts desires to gain more education via lectures at public institutes.

I must find a way to change this. I find the stopping of illumanti's from gaining their heart desires to be bad for the personal pursuit of happiness, the community, and the world as a whole. As those usually being able to show a capacity for more than one degree and the loans taken on should be allowed a chance to gain that degree.

A competitive process for at least 2-3 second degree seekers should be allowed. This is a discriminatory practice against a whole group of people.

Thus I find a battle that I shall pursue if my pray is not answered. I could not imagine the impacts of the small groups lives if we could not obtain more than one degree. I am surprised that no one else has said anything.

This is horrible. Genocide a whole educational race of human beings through non compliance of allowance or acceptance of their existence.

I could not imagine the educational system not allowing at least a few illuminati's to survive and thrive on more than one degree. It sounds disasters not to allow the earning of one degree.

I do not find this amusing and it is very upsetting:

"Definition of GENOCIDE

: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group"
I find that am I individual who I do believe is part of a culture of educational seekers who live to earn degrees to better the their country and the world. The stopping of such cultural beliefs and seems to me very similarly to erracting it. We do not wish for anarchy nor any kind of government control, all I believe people like me wish for is the right to be able to earn degrees. Why is there not a way for this cultural belief to be. The mere existence of such culture is under attack when an institution states they have no way for not even a single person to obtain a second degree in their hearts desires or pursuit of happiness.
Definition of illuminatus, no you cult conspirast, I am not part of any one world order. Nor do I believe in the one world currency or a one world government. However, as long ago as the forefathers and their beliefs that ability of one to learn and read as they wish freely is something I hold highly of value. Therefore, I found a very dark spot in the existence of such culture beliefs as freedom of education. Especially when there is not even room for one single second degree competitive applicant. This is cultural genocide in my own back yard.

I have found that my beloved institute has not process for me or people like me to earn a second degree. There is not even a competitive post-graduate application process for a few spots to earn a second degree. This I find is blatantly discriminatory to the nerd community, or the illuminati. By the way which will be almost impossible to get anyone except for me to show their face because they are so nerdy they are scared or everyone knowing about their massive addictions to education. LOL

So I will fight this one alone. There should be some kind of competitive application process for those wishing to seek second or third or 4th degrees. There does not need to be a complete perecentage point of the enrollment however, a small number like 1-2 or even three in each degree should be allowed. This is ridiculous to think that the basis of the American way of life is being genocides against via discriminatory institutional actions to stop nerds from being nerds.

darn it, someone needs a some education on some historical lessons on the foundation of this country and the idea of educational proliferation for certain for some reason folks. Just the uncanny need to learn and get degrees is for sure a cultural activity of Americans. As we have fought wars against books burners or fascist who would specifically tell people what they can and can't learn. Along with that that idea that there is not process to allow the esteemed wishes of an already educated person earn another degree is well lets say ludacris. The basic conceptional idea of the US was based on ideas of scientist who loved to learn and read and write. They then founded a society based on these principles of degrees and learning and writing. Thus created the well known degrees of our first forefather George Washington. The idea that now because of some deficit we have been in for more than 30 years since President Nixon's idea to help the communist by eating their sins. Should now allow the genocide of that principle in public institutions is well lets say ridiculous. These statements I have received from my beloved institution show the uneducated state of this country and the idea of multiple degrees per individual learning. However, this should not go so far as to a percentage point. A fraction of a percentage point is necessary and proper for multiple degree seekers in multiple degree areas. Proper protocol for this competitive application process should be created, so as to alleviate the discrimination and as things start in California the staring of a genocide of an ancient free persons cultural belief system of obtaining education to ones hearts desire as long as it does not place overburden on society. Which the allowance of 1-3 multiple degree seekers in each degree would not place such a burden, as such a discrimination of our historical roots is being placed.

This old brawler likes butt whoopins and discriminating against my countries culture and root beliefs in the multiple degrees of different studies is darn right not going to stand as long as I can say as long as. I have to figure out how to sue these people without bringing into account the nerd society as they are a secretive people and do not like to be brought into light. However, we all know that George Washington had many degrees, along with many other founding fathers. As such the basis of this country is based on education as the 1st Amendment is for educational of the civil populace. I am not part of any society as I am the utmost belief in illuminati, an individual who loves education and freedom. However, I find that idea and root belief that this country can allow the discrimination of people like me and their wishes for second degrees very unsettling to my freedom of educational beliefs. I understand the idea of allowing others to get degrees. However, I do not think my beloved institution understand the idea of discrimination especially when not even one single nerd can apply for a chair to learn.

Darn it.

I mean when I went on my DC trip I did some Saint Cuthbert work on basic educational studies and preparing an individual for root attacks in our way of multiple studied educational system. Weird how life works that I got laid off and my strategic plan of vacation time for my LSAT and GMAT did not work out. Because now I can concentrate completely on a discrimination case. I just have to prove culture then show discrimination. Should be easy, everything I need for historical value is well 1st Amendment.

I can't believe my own country is discriminating against the very basic fundamental root of its cultural values of multiple degrees. I like degrees, I understand that folks need degrees too. I am not saying let the nerds take over. However, I am saying darn it I am old cage fighter turned nerd and this is darn right discrimination and deserves a good fight for. I mean 1-3 should be allowed at least for each degree.
Darn it time cage up baby.

I mean for darn's sake in this greater state if a culture that wishes of military and anarchist overthrow of individual rights of ownership can have a law created to allow them to work in public service (Communist Party, states on their website military political based on Marxist theory of overthrow of the government), then I will darned if I allow a peaceful society of nerds who like to earn degrees is culturally genocide against through a starting process of educational discrimination.

If one institution is allowed to discriminate against the multiple degree earning nerds then what happens if all of them due it on the same principle. Then guess what a whole culture is genocides against. It has the same principles of other types of cultural genocide. I mean if the whole culture is based around earning degrees and getting multiple degrees then sounds like someone is trying to stop it.

1-3 chairs per degree should not be a big deal. Darn it if those anarchist overthrow of individual rights cultural activists are allowed to work in public service, darn well better believe my fellow humble brotherin and sistern better get the same darn respect. Especially when it is the Freedom Culture of the world's most ancient international society of free people. Which is one of the founding principles of the US the 1st Amendment.

The culture started in ancient times of the Renaissance some stay it started before that with a prophet taking more than one religious study and blending them together for a multiple discipline religion. However, the better of the documentation of the culture is from the Renaissance. In which men and women took up different degrees in multiple disciplines. As this was against the prior no offense or my opposition communist views of each individual should do one labor and learn that labor only, in which feudalistic style kings proposed over their land so no one would be smarter than he or her.

Thus the Renaissance man and women were created along with that the bases that we find for free society teaching of elementary with multiple studies in multiple degrees. Thus we have long allowed multiple degree earners. As I have had teachers who have held multiple degrees. However, what I have encountered seems to me to be a dark spot in a well known enlightened culture. This is the idea that it is ok to discriminate against the very process that freed the human species. Which was the learning of multiple degrees to be free in their labors and to be able to compete or move freely in the market place as one wished do to.

As such, I wish to obtain my bachelors in economics. So I may then transfer to a my childhood dream school to obtain my masters and jd in law. Thus fulfilling my heart's desires. Yet I am held back on this idea of the communist. In which I may not compete for a second degree among others of my culture because the culture is not allowed. Yet its only existence is a fascist form of feudalistic style allowance of degrees that are good for the commune.

This is illegal, as the culture is long understood and is very easy to prove. The culture of multiple degree earning is being allowed to be discriminated against and fascist controlled.

Rider I
i shall either gain my prayers or gain my judgement. The time has come to fight against this idea of non allowance of multiple degrees. How many fellow cultural brothern and sisterien have left upset that they could not learn and nerdishly said nothing. I am not saying the nerds should get huge amounts of seats. I am however, saying that they should at least be allowed the ability to compete for one seat, or two.

Cultural genocide, my legal dig before I go and ask nicely and then use good faith. Then completely dominate those who wish to culturally genocide a who belief system in multiple education degrees:

My great grandma was American Indian and my great grandfather and my grandfather did not take lightly to those who tried to genocide a people's way of life. We do not take kindly to folks like that sitting blindly by why people are discriminated against and my and their dreams are crushed.

"Thus symbols of culture (most specifically
that which is termed as 'heritage/archaeological') associated with the identity of a particular group, which has been subjected to destruction/redefinition as part of a widespread and planned strategy, in turn renegotiating the identity of other group(s) in conflict with the
initial group, is potentially comparable to the processes that define (and indeed may even be a precursor of) genocide. This therefore constitutes a type of 'Cultural' genocide."

The symbol of American life has long been the highly educated and the ability to earth degrees in multiple. I can name a few right now who had multiple degrees but can and must find other figures to show the American cultural heritage behind earning more than one degree.

Again I am not asking for a complete dominance. I am but asking for a small fraction of percent for education institutions to allow multiple degree earners to be able to earn degrees as their free will and freedom of educational civil rights thus should protect.

The identity in which a person gains from their own culture is their freedom of individual rights. The natural order of things in which some free persons gather themselves is based on the idea of multiple degrees. In which they find themselves being defined by their ability to earn more than one degree and function why doing it. There is a whole society based on it, and our very own government recruits from the highest multiple degree earners to protect the people of this country.

The idea that this is now being allowed to be eroded in our public institutions which is not private but public, is to me oxymoronic. To stop the very allowance of a culture that keeps this country safe and at the helm of the first world. It is laughable that this has been allowed to happen in our institutions based on an idea that it is better to not allow any of my fellow cultural nerds to gain more than one degree in which thy freely chose rather than force to specific or not allow at all with discrimination.

Ya I have really thought about it. It is my culutre along with the American root culuture and foundation to get mutiple degrees. I mean when I think of who I am I do not think religion first, nor fighter, nor legal minded, nor family man nor country man, I think free person and American, then I think 6 collegiate degreed free person.

To hear that the foundation of my identity is under attack at my very own beloved institution makes me sad. What I ask for is not that much. A few chairs for nerds who identify by their degrees and studies to be allowed to exist. that is not much.

I figure the costs to bring this action without court will be around $5,000 worth of material but mostly my time as I am looking for a job. The lost posible income for this is my other project of JFCOM, as it will now have to be placed on hold until I can battle to fullfill my dreams of earning a Second Bachelors in Economics then a combined degree of Masters in Economics and JD.

Thus if I have to take this action to court I figure it will cost me the lose of that Bachelors as I will have to move on and tens of thousands of dollars worth of books, and mainly time to prepare and respond to legal documents.

Thus, however, the main goal is to preserve an ancient culutre with at least a few chairs per degrees for those lights and candles out there that their souls for some reason seek multiple degrees and are defined by those degrees.

At such I must find the people to name. So I can write a proper golden ticket document to send to them. Then after a month as it is the holidays, I will write again. After that I will make an appearance to the named people who will be sued for discrimination against my culutre and possible predisposed genocide of that culutre through that discrimination.

So first things first. Must look for some jobs, then go to the EDD. Then eat .99 cent burrito, then I must come home and find out who made this policy and what kind of backing are they using to disrciminate against my cultural heritage and definition of my character.

Intellectual cultures:

Shall the idea of earning mutiple degrees stand or shall it fall. Shall I champion the cause of the small but intellectual few nerds who seek mutiple degrees. Or shall the cutlure of being a nerd and seekin mutiple degrees for competition of mental stamina be genocided and left to the be told which ones the culture can seek. 

lay in your tomb rider before your country, your fellow nerds, your family and your dreams of peace and fairness. Arise Saint Cuthbert the Watcher of the US educational institutes for the culture of nerds and those who wish to gain more than one degree. Arise and may you fight fair and with intellegence knowledge leaving as little destruciton as possible. Work it, I will make it better, faster, power, it is never over. Balling, courts. worker it never over. Enlightened I am for peace and fairness and the unitity through individual cultures and beliefs through the same belief in respect for each's individual rights.

For individuals and fairness through peace of the knowledge sought by those for an inate need for more and more education. Ecah to their own with peace and understanding for their fellow individual culture seekers. its on legally and properly no more physical boxing, just words and theories and beliefs, reading and riding.

I do not believe in a one class, nor a one world government nor a one world currency. I and my brothering and sistern believe and have always belived in individuality and differences make the world a stronger place and a healtheir place. I am not part of any group I stand alone as an I. However, I am part of a culture that is being discrimianted against due to my intellectual core values and beliefs.

I am scared for my culture of mutiple degree earners. I could not imagine a younger me when I started loving earning degrees being told that I may not even comete in a competitive application process to do so. The idea shocks my conscious and bares my soul harm. Therefore, I do what any nerd does when scared, trace the tree all the way down to the roots and the nutrients and the molecules of which that tree gains its nutrients. As such I am tracing. I do not like this idea of stopping me or my culture from being able to earn mutiple degrees, without even a fair competitive application process.

Off the streets and rings into the books, board rooms, court rooms and council rooms. For peace and individual culture and the utmost individual rights, for the people to be individually free.

Mutiple intellegence theory:

It is what we base our whole free society educational system on. The discipline of mutiple degrees of intellegence.

This is a non prejudicial school and what public institutions should look like. Non discriminatory towards my culture:

outline for a great dig to move yet another bad policy and protocal I find that henders my country. However in this one it is even more specific and it henders my person, culture and country at a much more closeness of level.

1. I need to anologize and prove the culture of mutiple degree earners. Obviously they do not know we exist.
   Thus, evidence of persons seekign mutiple degrees yet being turned away do to their culture of wanting to receive educational awards.
   Also, there are numerous societies that base their fellowship on the idea of earning mutiple degrees as a way of life.
   Show how a propensity for those with mutiple degrees.

2. I will need to show and prove how their are being discriminative.

3. Ideas I will need to rebutt. "He can just go to another school." "If he is such an anti-communits he should go to a private school" "There is no such culture as the mutiple degree culture" "Is he trying to ruin this country by sueing a system that is already underfunded" "I can't believe you expect me to believe that someone is going to sue us over culture discrimination based on not allowing them to earn a second bachelors degree" "The culture of mutiple degree earners does not exist" Yet we still seek to earn mutiple degrees and are turned down without a proper application process. "Legally this is not genocide" "earning a degree is not a culture" It is if it is more than one and a way of life. "Does he really wake up to walls full of degrees and awards" I do. My best friend and i will never be married regarding the matter too. She said that if we move in together my degrees and awards have to go. I said I live every day to see my accomplishments in which reminds me of who I am as a person. That was a big no no. I tried to say ok your half of the room you can have pretty flowers and what every you want. My half I want my rifle and my degrees along with picture of George Washington pointing the way when all the boys are down and we need a leader. She would not have it so i would not have her.

Lets see. I am not really religious. I mean I believe in God and Jesus and that is who I pray to so I got some folks on the other side watching my back in all. However, at the same time I believe in buddism and some other studies I have down. So that means i am a pagean type believing in natural things as I have come to the conclusion that nature is a source of freedom and relgions are created from that source. I am not really all crazy about much else, as I do not spend that much time on other things. However, I do know I love to earn degrees. I mean I have strategized a whole life around earning 9 degrees. I guess that is sort of my leading culture. I mean it is my belief, values and way of my life along with how I define myself. I mean I am an free person, American, I have mutiple degrees, I believe in freedom of most individual cultures except such things as anarchy and the taking of folks rights wrongly, or wonton hurting or takening of  life or property. besides that it really boils down for me on the education. I mean what kind of data or what kind of degree of knoweldge can you place forward on your beliefs for my movements in my life or vaules regarding such. Therefore, based on my values. I find I strive to earn mutiple degrees so I can uphold my values and cultural beliefs when it comes time for me to show cause for movements or regards to values. That's me, I am not perfect but i like to earn degrees that show myself and others that I do try and be educated about things. The stopping of me and folks like me from being able to fullfill those dreams and desires and the uncanny to just want to get degrees is darn right discriminative.

Here is the way i see it. I walked up to a public institution. Then asked if I could enter the competitive application process for a chair to gain a degree in a study i would like. They said do you have a degree already. I said yes. They then said we do not have a chair for you please leave. Thus I have been discrimianted against. As such I wanted to know why. The reason I found out was they would rather give all the chairs to first degree earners and not even give one chair to a second degree earner. Which means for the whole culture of second degree earners they are discriminated against through a prejudice protocal which is not allowed in a public school. I am not saying that all have to be accepeted. However, I will sue for a proper allowance of a few to be admitted so the culture can remain intact.

Facts: I love to earn degrees I have 6 of them currently. I tried to apply for a second degree in economics and was told that there is no application process for second degree earners in economics. Then I was told that this is because they give all the seats to first degree earners. I understand and have heroes that I have grown up admiring and reading about that lived to earn mutiple degrees. The most noteable was our first president who stood up against his king and queen for his and his people's freedom. Who earned 33 degrees. I thus understood the American core value of education was to earn mutiple degrees to succeed and be free. I also understood from earning degrees myself that I found the lectures who had mutiple degrees seemed to be more lively in class as they loved the atmospher of the education institution. This made me really want to earn many degrees. Along with that my core value of individual liberty and the right for each to not be discrimianted against based on their beliefs made me start this blog note for a possible lawsuit against a public school system that is discriminating against me and my fellow culture of mutiple degree earners.

Issues: Is it discriminative to not allow a person who has mutiple degrees to earn a degree?
           Is the earning of mutiple degrees a culture?
           Is the public policy better for not allowing mutiple degrees or worse?

Rules: Discrimination, culture, national security, individual liberty, pursuit of happiness, commerce clause of juridiction on how stopping the allowance of mutiple degree stops competitive behavior which in sues stops possible market competition creation to which is proven competition makes a stronger market place.

Analysis needed: Proof of the culture and then the link to discrimination. Public policy affects to national security and how mutiple degree earners actually create a more stable and national interest in scholars. The market place analysis of the loss of a culture of very competitive muti degree earners. Any prior suits that were tried to stop such discrimination need to be distinguished from as obviosly they did not claim cultureal discrimination. A proper and easy addition to the existing state protocal. In which I can write an outline of an example of such new and non prejudicial protocal.

Conclusion: In todays market we need thinkers that think outside of the box. With comparative advantages lost to countries using anti trust violations and cartel activities that have an upper hand on high technology and manufacturing like china we need our intellectuals to be very competitive. This thus means we need life long degree earners of mutiple degrees to be allowed through and the American culture that founded this great country to be protected and not discriminated against.

Ok so get Charter eight out print out 8,000 copies and take them to my school to hand out and get a signature block going on after folks read it. Oh wait no just kidding the person who tried to do what the Communist party agreed needs to happen is in jail and they will not let him retrive a prize that even  the heads of the communist party says needs to happen in their country.

However, this is America baby.

Create a reading document regarding the culture of mutiple degree earners. Then explain what discrimination is. Then ask them if they feel like it is cultural discrimination to sign and place their first part of their school id. Also create a picture id and that I was a senator at the top of the signature block so they know who I am and feel safe and secure signing my consesus. This will also allow me tog et a good feel for what a jury might say if the case went to court.

I have just found out the chair that is discriminating against my culture. Now I need to do a trace to see if the people in those chairs are discriminating against my people to commit genocide of my culture of mutiple degree earners, or because they just do not understand and are not educated about my culture.

The chair is the Chancelor of the California State University's. I know that in history many communist have not liked my culture. As we are one  of individual and our necessary capacity for many educational degrees makes us an easy mark for genocide, especially by stopping our people from being able to earn mutiple degrees. I know this is true in Bolivar were the genocide started, along with the Soviet Union, Communist China, Vietnma and other countries that found mutiple degree earners to be disgusting and viel culture. However, it is my culture.

The Chancelors office of the California State University is now being traced. Hounds up I need reports. I want to know if these people are part of the communist party and their secretive wings. In california that is completely legal. However, if they are then I handle this differently than a normal just folks not understanding position.
get to it I want the reports done. I expect them by carry bird.

The birds have cleared me for proper and legal pursuit of dreams through a cultural discrimination claim against Chancelor so for for not allowing my culture to obtain and compete through a competitive application process for a second degree in my specific interest economics. However, from my research it would seem that many of fellow cultural folks are being discriminated against unless you serve the community and get the degrees they wish. Green & two hanging baby.
However, the reports on the characters are still not in. I would think that they just did not understand the culture rather than a root attack.

harley oh ya I love a good educational battle. Reading and writing and presenting the feel of tie around a free persons neck. The smell of cologne.
How do we change disrciminative policies in the US:
Now remember if I get a judgment in court all the monetary fees are going back and I will specicially ask the judge to not award me in nor take any. As the attorneys cost if they push me will make me feel horrible as it is. However, my personal time I will need. I would rather like the first part of my strategy get it done in the board room and council room instead of the court room. It is an easy policy to implement.
All night long.
She is mine back off this battle is under way. Either we get a few chairs per degree in the public system or we fall. Time to dig.

And no you may not use my expression of coolness as some kind of weird hate. I do not hate those that have made this policy. We are going to go to words and books and theories only. Don't try that I am a upstanding old brawler all terms should be taken as a legal proper battle.

ok so I found the person in charge and his office. I now must prepare a nice letter asking for them to remove the discrimative policies. Seems like this man is part of my culture too, so I think he should understand that it is a culture.

The character reports are not back yet. However, I gleam from his mutiple degree earning that I do not think I will be bringing a genocide claim. It will probable just be a discrimative claim if my letter does not move them to remove the barrier to my culture and change the discriminative policy to a humble 1-2 chairs per degree in the public collegiate system.

First things first, I have to play strategic board games with maps, grids and books with my friends. Not so much whiskey this time as it is an all day event. However, that was last night with the cigars, and the small entuerprenial business start up meetings. Hot tub, I wonder if I can legally right off whiskey and hot tub energy. Probable not.

The culture of mutiple degrees has long help "Develop human capital and create a workforce ready to compete in the new economy of the 21st century". In the world of globalization it is those culture of above and beyond in education that help come up with new ideas for production, or create jobs for those who have not figured out how to do it for themselves. The loss of this culture or the discrimination  of the such is would be huge disparity to the US's ability to create human capital and create a unique, competitive, intellectual workforce.

The "Revitalization of neighborhoods and an increase in economic development" has been found through out history to be lead by people with mutiple degrees that were allowed to compete for the things that the wished to learn and their soul wished them to. In this case the discrimination of Mr. ..... is stopping him from being able to create a very stable and broad base in the development of the economic warfare analysis cogntive process that is needed to awake the US from this service bell curve that leads us into troughs in which we lose market shares and more and more branches of economics that create jobs for the US. With little or less than enough new branches to create enough energy for the tree.

Expertise please.

The reduction of 'health disparties and improvement of community health has long been lead by the strong intellectual competitive leading the way for the rest. In which my culture creates immunity and breads compettiive edge that is necessary for the US to be able to support it massively growing population and massively erroding infrastructure. This culture is very necessary to compete in a globalized world in which the US has not been able to create a cogntive whole process to be able to keep its tree strong in the face of diversity. As such the diversity of mutiple degrees, allows that individual, culture and community to benefit from a person with expertise in mutiple areas that is easily able to traverse mutiple intellectual fields in their brain to help build their community stronger by creating jobs or by protecting against theories of errosion.

Along with those ideas the basic core value of American philosphy and the I's principles of individual cultures would be seriously under attack if the culture of mutiple degrees was allowed to be kept being discriminated against by not allowing people like Mr. ..... to at least be able to compete for a small amoutn of chairs for his culture of people, in which wish to develop human capital to be able to compete in this international globalization community. So that the US culture of mutiple degree earners can help revitalize their communities and health disparities by creating jobs so in which creat taxes that pay for the communal needs.

It is like the new cage figthers we no longer do just boxing or just martial arts. We have strengthend the culture of cage fighting by allowing each individual in that culture to earn mutiple degrees in self defense. It brings out the best when my culture of mutiple degree earners are allowed through, at least competitive for a small amoutn of chairs.

My culture is an "identifable culture."

My cultural heritage of mutiple degree earners like the Masons, Illuminati and people of intellegence outside of those socities are part of the US's and international history, juts like any other culture. We like to earn degrees. I am not part of the socities but I am part of the culture. Therefore, it is a culture and there is no application process for my culture to be able to compete for a few small seats in each degree. The only reason to discriminate against my culture of mutiple degree earners is hate for overachievement and my cutlural heritage. Which is the US's cultural heritage.
SECTION 20050-20052.5

20050.  This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the
California Cultural and Historical Endowment Act.

20051.  The Legislature finds and declares the following:
   (a) Every civilization defines itself in part by its past, and an
understanding of its past helps determine its basic values and future
aspirations. Understanding of the past is strengthened and deepened
through contact with the buildings, physical places, and artifacts of
earlier times. Through learning this past, our young and future
generations come to better understand the society in which they live
and to better understand themselves.
   (b) As America's physical culture and built environment become
remarkably similar throughout the country, it is left to the natural
environment and the structures of the past to give a unique sense of
place to our communities. Preserving these structures is becoming
increasingly compelling as the homogeneity of our physical culture
   (c) The buildings, other structures, and artifacts that embody
California's past are in escalating danger of being redeveloped,
remodeled, renovated, paved, excavated, bulldozed, modernized, and
lost forever.
   (d) For history to be part of our lives, we must include it in our
daily lives, through the adaptive reuse of historic structures in
our older commercial districts and inner cities.
   (e) California has one of the most diverse populations on earth
and its cultural and historic preservation program should reflect
that fact. Early cultural and historic preservation efforts often
focused on the structures and activities of our European ancestors.
Without minimizing their contribution, it is important to pursue
other historical threads that are important to California's Latino
population, to African-Americans, to Asians and Pacific Islanders, to
Native Americans, to Jewish persons, and to many other groups of
peoples with uniquely identifiable cultures and histories. It is
increasingly important to preserve the physical and cultural history
and folklife of these many groups' presence and contributions to
California's history.
   (f) Historic preservation should include the contributions of all
Californians. The study of history once focused largely on the
actions and works of wealthy, powerful, noble, brilliant, or famous
persons. More recently, historians have tried to increase
understanding of how more ordinary people lived and thought.
California's historic preservation efforts should allow its citizens
and visitors to experience something of the physical world of both.
   (g) In 1997, California's Statewide Historic Preservation Plan was
prepared pursuant to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966
and includes seven statewide goals, including the goal to promote the
preservation and stewardship of cultural resources among a
diversified state population representing all levels of the
socioeconomic spectrum.
   (h) California's retained past certainly includes sites important
to its prehistoric and later Native American people, and the
remaining great structures of the 19th century. But the state also
needs to consciously preserve selected remnants of the 1930s, of
California's great role in World War II, as well as representative
structures and sites that were culturally or economically important
during the 1950s, 1960s, and, in some cases, even more recently.
   (i) California's historic missions are among California's most
evocative historical structures. Their continued protection and
restoration should continue to have high priority.
   (j) California's museums are among the most important and
cherished repositories of the state's cultural and historical
   (k) California's partnerships with federal, state, and local
governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations have helped us
understand the range and diversity of California's history and
historic and cultural resources and artifacts and have helped develop
a better understanding of the educational, environmental, and
economic benefits of, and tools available for, the preservation and
interpretation of historic and cultural resources and artifacts.

20052.  As used in this chapter, the following terms have the
following meanings:
   (a) "Development" includes, but is not limited to, improvement,
rehabilitation, restoration, enhancement, preservation, protection,
and interpretation.
   (b) "Endowment" means the California Cultural and Historical
Endowment created pursuant to Section 20053, or the board of the
endowment, as appropriate.
   (c) "Museum" means a public or private nonprofit institution that
is organized on a permanent basis for essentially educational or
aesthetic purposes and that owns or uses tangible objects, cares for
those objects, and exhibits them to the general public on a regular
   (d) "Nonprofit organization" means any nonprofit public benefit
corporation that is formed pursuant to the Nonprofit Corporation Law
(commencing with Section 500 of the Corporations Code), qualified to
do business in California, and qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of
the Internal Revenue Code, that has, among its principal charitable
purposes, the preservation of historic or cultural resources for
cultural, scientific, historic, educational, recreational,
agricultural, or scenic opportunities.
   (e) "Preservation" includes, but is not limited to,
identification, evaluation, recordation, restoration, stabilization,
development, and reconstruction, or any combination of those
   (f) "Public agency" means a federal agency, state agency, city,
county, district, association of governments, joint powers agency, or
tribal organization.

20052.5.  It is the intent of the Legislature that consideration be
given to the transferring and fully integrating the Office of
Historic Preservation with the California Cultural and Historical
Endowment, which is created pursuant to this chapter, for the
following purposes:
   (a) To increase the stature, visibility, authority, and
entrepreneurial capabilities of the Office of Historic Preservation
in the interest of helping it carry out its missions and purposes.
   (b) To allow the California Cultural and Historical Endowment to
benefit from the Office of Historic Preservation's experience and
expertise, and from the experience and expertise of its constituents
and supporters.
   (c) To synergistically increase the state's effective commitment
to historic and cultural preservation."

I have found that there are many areas of the Education code that relate to culture
and preserving that culture. As such it could be found out of common usage of 
cultural laws that my culture of mutiple degree earning could easily be protected
So discrimination against cultures is ok?
 It would seem to me that if we protect the historical value of cultures.
That we shold protect cultures themselves from being discriminated. 
The idea that culture is reace, religion, age, is not necessarily true.
There are cultures in which the race of the people does not matter, 
the age does not matter, the religion does not matter, what matters
is a foundation of cognitive beliefs in that culture. Which for me
is founded primarily around mutiple degree earning abilities. 
Take Dr. Newtons theory of mutiple degree theory of movement and apply it
to freedom of movement in education and the market place:
This should be easily done as the mass is the human being (me)
and the equation is the market place. So fundamentally I should be able
to plug in and apply through theory of science of mutiple degrees of freedon.
Mutiple intellegence the idea that the more areas of intellegence one has
the more competitive and able they are to interact, problem solve, and to create.
Which in a world were the US is ever becoming the smaller country as compared 
to Russia, China, India and many other countries with massive population. We need
our educational culture to stay competitive. This means that my culture of mutiple
degree earning needs to be allowed. 
I currently reside inbetween two Cal State Systems. Both discriminate against my 
culture by not allowing me to obtain an Economics degree or even apply for a 
competitive applicaiton process for it. As such slowing my ability to help
my country be able to compete in an every expanding global economy. As
economics is the main indicator for a countries health and wealth of its people. 
Therefore the discrimination against my culture is not just profound on me,
but also on my whole country. As those people who wish only to earn one degree
then move on can. However, those who wish to earn more than one degree are discrimated
against in the Cal Public Education system. Causing a backlash which I am feeling
now. As I may not fullfill my desires to gain my 3 last educational degrees.
In which I planned to become a world renound lecturer on Economic Warfare
and the State Craft of economics. How can I fullfill my hearts desire if I and
my cutlre are being discrimated against?
I can't, I have now outlet to even try and apply in my two educational systems
that are near me, actually I believe it is three if I cam correct. 
Therefore, I have no choice but to attack for my country, culture, and my own
beliefs and values regarding mutiple intellegence earning. 
I just have to figure it out. JFCOM is on the back burner now as I thought my 
new strategy as my old one was scapped would work and I would be fine. However,
now I see discimination and detrement to my country. Which I can't allow.
Somebody when I was young tried to tell my dad that I had ADHD order.
My dad looked at them and said no, it is just I can't afford to place my 
son in an institution that challenges him. So I tried to get into gate 
class and my dad did not let me because he did not want my socio culture
up bringing to be that of the special kids. As the gate kids are separated
from the rest of the school. I wish he would have let me. 
However, the way I deal with my need for information and inability to deal with
lame, boring instruction is I seek out mutiple degrees. Since I was a kid,
I diagnosed myself and understood what was wrong with me. I found a whole culture
of beinggs much like me. Which was my greatest hero's some of the world's
most prolific freedom fighters earned many educational institution degrees. 
I found that this was for me. I just had to get through a lot of experiences to get
there. But now that I am settled and matured that is what i am trying to do. 
However, I am being discriminated against and they are trying to shove a pill
down my throat so I will not try and get my mutiple degree in economics. 
Thus I chose the grey pill to know and see and understand but not to take the 
one pill approach but to protect my culture and propell my country. 
However, when I do find it challenging I do excel. As my first Bachelor shows,
when I was competiting on three teams, Senating 8,000 constituents, and 
A'ing my courses all except one cause a my great grandfather the cowboy died 
right before a test and I had to work on the things that took my mind away. 
I showed the professor his death certificate and the Professor said that I could
take it again. However, I told him that would not be fair to the class, 
as I am still at the top of the class. I ended up with a B+ in that class. 
I should have taken it again. However, my pride of the community and fairness
really kicked me in the butt that time.,_social_and_cultural_rights
As time goes on I find it is possible as the idea of freedom of movement
might start to dwindle due to the idea of spreading the wealth out. I find the
culture of mutiple degree earning might be threatened. I find this is a threat
to my cutlure. As the idea that a person who wishes to receive a second degree
in economics is banned from doing so due to discrimiantive systematic 
policies in which due not allow for a competitive protocal and a few seats, is
a threat to my culture. Which is my value of beliefs, set of standards,practices,
and the way I live my life. I care not about religion, race, age or other 
natural born identities, nor do I care about cultures as long as they are tolerant'
of others cultures. Which I find this system is not tolerant of mine. As such,
I feel inside that people talke badly about my culture for their culture of 
spreading the wealth thinly. I find freedom is not a plateu of desolate diversity,
but a diverse landscape of rivers, mountains, hills. However, this idea
that the hate I fear inside and I have seen been allow to construe against 
the societies and the monks who are supposed to hold the history of my culture'
is threatening. As such the Knight must act, if not in for pure fear of my ways
but for the ability of my child who may also genetically be that of a mutiple degree
degree earner as they can only accell when challenged. 
I must fight I just have to find the right words to say. This note pad
should help me get it all out. 
How to find the right words to say you are hurting me and scarying me. To expres
my anger without physical violence for being denied discriminatively something that 
I feel so deeply inside of my soul that the thought of my culture makes me smile,
while the thought of it being stopped due to the cultural belief of wealth plateuing
thought not allowing more than one degree upsets me so deeply. 
That i sit up nights and worry that my child who will probable be like me
and have some kind of genetic trait to seek challange and fight, along with
the need to get to the root and learn mutiple degrees will be discriminated against,

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