This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The American Mortage Scab.

   The American Mortage Scab

  The US has gone through a massive hit to its economic infrastructure. It has either allowed itself to be lead, lead itself, or is being pushed in a direction of a viscous cyclical cycle in which more and more labor ownership rights and civil liberties are taken away. The American Mortgage Scab is a statement explaining much like what we saw in the 1920's with the farmers before the government figured out how to properly deal  with mass farming and extraction of minerals from the land. In which the inability to understand created a dust bowl. I am presumably thinking that this is the same thing that is happening today in our vicious service bell cycle.

   Today we see a huge population of Americans that worked in a specific service industry. Along with that we see numerous other Americans who were part of that industries multiplier effect. I have a little teamster in my blood along with some individualistic cowboy so I understand a little bit about the scab definition and its key roots. This word should not be seen as a bad thing as per specific union breaking. As this movement is much not the fault of the mortgage workers or multiplier workers as it is the watchers and government for not properly seeing the cycle and tyring to rectify the boom bust models.

  These workers are not the first of their kind. There has been smaller ones building up to the mortgage service bell curve. We saw the same scab effect happen during the saving and loans and .com that we are now seeing. However, the mortgage scab over (as I see it as a wound healing) was much bigger in its effect, reliance and multiplier of reliance for other industries. This means that much like the farmers scab movement from rural farming to city. This is also creating an effect in which is affecting certain industries that the overflow is going into.

  These workers have tried to hold onto their unemployment for as long as they could because there is no jobs out there even paying more than minimum wave for a service worker. In specific this is due to the collapse of a massive industry, which was created based on specific laws of welfare that were not properly regulated nor economically warfare analized. However, on the one hand each time we have a service bell curve crash it does create a sort of hardening over for that area of welfare. For example, during the savings and loans service bell curve we saw huge amounts of unregulated banking laws and other areas that needed to be dealt with. However, as we did not know of them until they were exagerated they could not be seen. This is true for the .com service bell curve. Before that we did not know the threat and wild west properties of the internet. As such more regulatory areas for the internet became relivant. Stills needs a lot of work, lots of anarchist interneters out there still. Then today we see the mortage service bell curve. this has created huge amounts of regulation in the finance area due to the massive reliance on credit swapping on things that did not hold equatable liquidity comparatively to the employment multiplier subtration algoythrm which shows how during a boom bust model employment causes inflation. However, that is to deep and needs lots of work for part of my thesis. So the American Mortage Scab over and the service bell curve reliance due to inability to compete fairly in the international market place is not necessarily all bad.
   However, for the individuals and not society as a whole this scab over is a hard one. We see many workers on unemployment, lots of people having substantially less savings and business closing down. While major corporations and bulls are making it harder for individuals to compete as they go and fairly and proper through a free society bull up the market place. This over a period of three to four service bell curves; however, can become more detremintal than good for the overall whole society benefit of freedom of economics, individual labor ownership and fair competition. As such much like Senator Sherman wished for a proper regulatory scheme to make sure the markets places stayed fair it would seem to me that another champion (not soe communist china) with individual leadership skills needs to take on the roll of properly saving society from an area that needs to be regulated for the individual and the whole.

   If this scab movement does not create a champion to stand up and fight for individual rights against massive corporations and unfair international entities. Then I will take it upon myself to champion the cause. As I due believe that the next service bell curve which will by the looks of it predomintely be the insurance industry. As that is our Chief's project and looks like his bread and butter to balance out the economy. Then we will see another cycle which will take more and more rights away from the individual to give the whole more control. For example each time we have a crash the individual savings as a median in the US drops. This then means that we are more reliant on the leades of government. As shown through the massive reliance on government this service bell curve through the unemployment welfare. This is a casue because Americans savings ran out before their country could create a fair and stable market place in the international arean to create jobs. As such showing that even of times of high boom. The savings are not substantial enough to cover up the troughs. This is a huge problem. As the US is based off of Lockean natural law of economics along with smithian ideas of freedom of economics. However, the US has forgotten what our old guard during the cold war new.

Economic warfare
As such these Scabs are merely victims of a much bigger game known as economic warfare. The victims have lost their homes, jobs, savings and even the ability of their children to recieve a good education in the US (as schools have furlough days and class room sizes have passed possible cognitive thinking creation best levels). Thus this economic warfare proposed by the Communist to dominate the international market place has either been allowed or not properlly defended against. Either way, the American Mortage scabs are victims in themselves. Which is opposite of the normal union definition of scabs. However, in a bigger economic warfare analysis scabs seems to also fit for what is going on . As these citizens are having to strengthen the US and created an immunity for the US to fight back; legally and properly through economics of course.

Rdier I
Royal I Production 
Nexus is the unfair international market place drives the US into service bell curves. Instead of having a normal business plan with the US's free enterprises selling products overseas we are seeing more and more GFDI of US jobs. In which thruogh many personal interviews of traced personell having to go to export American jobs, it just is soul renching to see it happening from one of my personal investigation targets words. However, he needed to pay his bills that month and that was the job. Going to export American jobs to make more money for the CEO's and less jobs and taxes for the US.

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