This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Bolsheviks and workers' control: the state and counter-revolution - Maurice Brinton

The Bols were the hard lined party of the Communist who more or less killed their opposition in the communist ideals of more liberties and took complete power. They then became the hard lined Soviet Union Communists. Who over time had moved more and more for freedom and less and less for complete economic enslavement like the Bolsheviks would like. This then became a huge problem as both China and Russia the Bol's old crown jewels have decided to liberalize their communist ideals. The Bolsheviks do not believe in the idea of freedom much at all. At least the hard liners do not.From what I gather they went under as the two main countries became hard line communist through Stalin and Mao. However, just like the Nazi's are not all gone it is still very possible that some very hardliner communist have taken upon themselves to restart the idea of Bolsheviks and the North Korean style communist. Especially sense we have been able to get the North Korean's to start allowing open markets more frequently. This could be seen as a huge threat to the Bolsheviks ideological perspectives of enslavement of the citizens for statecraft of economics (that is what I call it, I have never talked with a Bolshevik as I would have to have my LTK to do that); and North Korea is actually a little liberal for them too. If I correct in my trace. I do not have a master to teach me.

This is an interesting article. The comments on the article are also interesting.
Rider I

You see the Bolsheviks are like the extremist Islamics of the economic world. They are the suicidal bombers of economics. They sell their soul in work camps for the commune and force everyone else to come with them in the name of Karl's Marx's book. They are a threat to internationals security via economics and to specific agencies that fought very proudly against there soldiers in the cold war. I guess I would say as the I has to hold the balance without harm the Bolsheviks do not care if they mame or kill and they wish for complete economic enslavement. or at least that is what this enlightenment calls Karl's Marx's theories of social feudalism. To a free economists their is no worse nightmare that what the Bolsheviks helped due to Russia, China and then North Korea and finally Vietnam along with many other countries that free economists were not able to get involved with. It is a sad day to think that the Bolsheviks might be back. Sense the Chinese and the Russians have liberalized their economies and their people are doing so good and are much more happier than they were under the Bolsheviks rule. Good luck I hope my trace is wrong.

However, the theory goes. If the Bolsheviks still exist they would be the secret arm of the Communist Party. As those in the Communist Party that see economic freedom and liberalization as a threat to their power or even the power of communal enslavement. Thus much like during Russia's time of revolution the Communist party used the Bolsheviks as their secret agents until they were able to have complete control of the Communist Party and control completely through human enslavement for economic statecraft. That would mean that they would be secretive arm of the communist party. We saw a glimpse of similar activities during the hippy (trendy cultural) revolution. However, there was never a tie to the actual under ground international Bolshevik arm. Even though those terrorist of that time were found to have ties with the Communist Party. It was over ties not cover ties, from the communist party itself, therefore probably not the work of the Bolshevics. However, today it is again prime time for the Bolshevics to use their secretly held and obtained wisdom of economics and strategy to again try another communist movement by secret agents. The Communist party is richer than it has ever been, the communist party is losing its respect for hard lined communist economic enslavement and the last crown Jewel North Korea seems to be wanting to have freedom of economics for their people to live at a higher quality of life. Therefore, a possible worry is the Greece by economic warfare turned Bolshevik coupe and the Philippines by military force. While India is under constant attack by both econ and physical warfare from the Communist Party. I have not been able to trace any Bolshevik style activities. However, a moral character defamation calling card is by way of cross dressing evidence could be a possible flipping the bird to the world. I hope I am so off.

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