This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

2nd Bachelors degree.

I want to get my graduate education from a very high brand named school. However, to do so means I must go back and receive a bachelors degree in economics. As that is were I find my interests and heart. I previously received a degree in Criminal Justice. However, that was to retrain my mental cognitive process on why I thought it was ok to ride my skate board any were and everywhere and carry a knife for protection. While just wanting to play my guitar and make people happy to the sounds of my musical vibrations. I have found that there was nothing wrong with that mindset. However, I was able to fix deficiencies in my mental cognitive process of some things my old truck driving father taught me. Therefore, I have created an understanding of the reasons why folks do what they do and understand my understanding for my rock star days.

   However, the most important thing I learned from my criminal justice degrees were that you can do what ever your heart desires in America. However, you just have to do it professionally. That is what I was doing wrong with my skate boarding and music playing. However, that is a whole different story now. As I have grown and matured I find that economics and the transformation of economies into civil and free societies seems to have taken a hold of me much like that skate board and guitar did when I was younger. Therefore, that means I need to get professionally educated on how to become an economists. Along those lines, it is my ultimate plan to learn how to be a proper law fighter. So I can fight for peoples individual business rights, along with individuals rights.

  Coming from my background of a skate boarding, distortion, deep bass playing young person, to a man who has seen the affects of the unfair market places on individuals rights. I have to say that a motorcycle and a degree in economics shall be the best way for my pursuit of happiness, liberty and freedom shall prevail. Thus, before I get into my graduate school I must go back and pick up another tree. As I have to have the proper strategic tree set to be able to make it to the big tree.

   Thus, I plan to get a motorcycle as it is cheap on gas, and makes it harder to have a relation ship with a female. Thus leaving more time for me and the studies and the creation of a stable being for my future family, children, many inventions and the dream the ranch with cows, horses and my own food growth to sell at the market place.

   Therefore, I am currently working on getting back into school. However, this is still very dependant on my income situation as I have now been laid off, which complete rearranged my strategy. So this is what I would like to do. However, coming from a truck driver, I understand completely the ups and downs of the world and how one must have many different eggs in their basket as reliance on one in a free society is very difficult to stabilize. Until I can get knighted to fight for individuals rights via the 1st amendment industry of law. Then I already have 5 major plans for income on my dream.

Rider I
Just dreaming.
I figure I should be worth about $150,000  when I graduate grad school. Thus allowing me to pursue my happiness of 5 kids and a wife who loves to be at home and read and create intellegence articles for a living. As if I have to manage many business and personnel. She is going to have to manage the kids and her one intellegence business. Then we will change and I will manage the kids as it is not fair that the wife gets to spend all the time with the kids I have to work. That is not happening, this is America women are equal. I will spend time with my children too. Then again in America dreams are capable.

For all my future opposition to proper codex and legit followance of individual rights.
Do you want to find hell with me? LOL

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners (1666).

"saint of the word, the Christian that walketh according to his own light with God."

Read how you want freely teach yourself to read and teach those around you how to read too. The word is not just for the good book but is also for the expression of human kind. Ride and be free;

Thus the enslavement of human kind for the communal spirit is the way to hell. Let the angels wings be free and they shall see their free will, devote their true spirit, and be prosperous.
Rider I 2010

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