This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Watchers notes on Karl's Marx's life long goal. Will not pursue till after farm, grandkids and wife are secure.

Control over independant media is caus efor serious worry. How is there supposed to be proper investigations into political power if the political power controlls the media. There can't. it is simple. It is a communist idea and a root attack for a communist government to take hold. do the histoifcal research on Marxist secret attack strategies for taking voer a free country. Line goes as the guard who actuall watched Karl when he was alive very well. And Karl new what his theories would cause and did not care. Karld stated first the media must be controlled by the political power single controlled, then they must disarm the populace so that no one can take the power back from the single rulering party. Next strict doctrine of single allowance of education as each persn should be skilled in one labor. Karl was a wannabe Makevial, however, karl theorised into feudalism. Karl's strategies are still held widely in the secret coners of the communist as the way to create dicatators and trants in the falasciou of enslaving the commune for teheir own good. It is social feudalism. Plain and sim[le. I only wish the world could read the watchers reports on Karl marx's when he was alive and how he dtred to sell his servies to dicatators of hte worls and kings to help them control the poepl better. Why that has not been release to show the world the treu nature of Karl Marx's I will never know. Luckily enough we watched him vary carfeul as enslavement and feudalism is not liked in the mutpliclicty culture. It means we can't earn more than one degree and that is no no. Hungary is still under watch for cold war and thus still transitioning. As teh soviet union declared defeat after the cold war. it is normal for the bigger watching country to step in from time to time to make sure that the country does not slip back into dicatatorship through root marxist strategies. If anyone can find that list and prsent it that would be great. However, I believe many templar have died trying to show ht world the true nature of Karl Marx' and the watchers notes on him. As his followers use that list to create power, ike Hugo and many other dicators, even rightist diactators like Hitler and the Socialst party of Germany used it to or nick named Nazis's. Communist genocide for thethe communal idea, was and is Karl marx'st reason for never beign able to survie during his time. His intellegencewas so great however whe could nto get over his idea of intellectual genocide. Before I die I will make a go at rying to get those watchers notes on kjarl in teh pblic. However, that is afer I have my grand kids anfd farm and my wife is set up for the rest of her life. The sinister nature of Karl marxs must be seen.

Have you ever heard the term bought the farm. My culture has been the reason for many an etymology.

grammer not important flow of idea more important.

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