This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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How to place solar panels on wind farms arms and poles to create more energy.

Simply done create a calculation that can hold a tight hold to a wind farms arms that are constantly moving, then create a necessary panel adapter to collect solar rays while moving. Then the pole itself is easy to do. you just retrofit it with solar panels.

How to create a wind farm in the ocean with hydro electric capabilities. Easy little rotars are placed under the water along the pole going down, so as to collect more energy from the oceans gravitation pull.

It amazes me when I see this wind farms with so much land in between then yet there is no solar panels. Along with that when I do not see the wind farms in the water with no hydro energy being created even though the whole area is a none navigable by ships area. We could maximize potential, but hey, I do not know anything. V

Along with that we could use cold weather and hot weather generators, where when it is cold around the wind farms in the water or fields it creates energy also. This is done by molecular friction. Which means any part not covered by a solar panel or necessary navigable by worker part could be covered by a weather energy tech. I am still surprised that placed where it is snowy or cold and then hot that this technology is not yet used for PP's personal power plants. I mean I thought that GE was going to come out with them already. However, is probable the powerful monopolies on nuclear and coal power plants that do not want folks having their own PP's. As currently PP's are only for sunny places, if we created PP's for cold places to it would take more shares away from the energy monopolies.

My solar, wind, and weather PP is better than just your solar PP. hehehe.
I have my own personal PP, you use the communal PP. LOL. Communal PP's are dirty compared to a private PP. My PP makes me money. It makes me about $3,000 a year. Your PP costs you money, and if you do not pay for your Communal PP they take it away. My PP never leaves me, cause it loves me. I do not like dirty communal PP's. I prefer a monogamous PP. When folks come over I have to show them my PP, and tell them its ok you can admit my PP is cool.