This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How are massive Communits SOE's considered to be competitive?

They are not. It is well known that after the cold war the data and statistics among national economic intelligence agents was that SOE's are primarily and invasion and defense force and not a proper fair market competitive partner for the world's market places.

Then why do we allow them to proliferate and compete unfairly; while going back on their word to disband; in which allowed them to become part of the free markets?

Primarily because of a massive weak intelligence cognition on the process. When we see a communist SOE entity sell US business deadly dry wall, or dump products, it is not seen as a Communist Party weapon like it is but it is taken like a free market entity. When that is far from the truth. As the Communist centralized economic policy makes it very important to create an unfair policy of economics, so they can dominate the world. They do not care to follow competitive law practices as per free enterprises, except for when it benefits them or they need to act like they do. This is primarily shown as how the Communist state their SOE's are national security business and that is why they can't release all financing, along with that when any free enterprise business owner brings competition law's against them the Communist party automatically thinks they are tying to stop them from dominating the world in the name of the Communist party and they do everything in their power to crush that opposition.

Thus, it is a weak cognition process of the US intelligence that has allowed these Communist SOE's to expand and proliferate so much so that most all economists agree on this track the Communist will surpass the US and all free world markets put together; not because they are bigger or not because they have cheap labor as so does India and other markets, but primarily due to communist economic centralization and SOE anti-competitive practices. It is the failure of our intelligence community to make sure that people remember that the Communist Chinese are just that. I mean you can ask the majority of citizens in the US about Communist Chinese and they will say no, they are not communist. Then one has to explain to them the Communist manifesto. In which it states that Communist countries will have to socialist to crush free markets, in which they will then become socialist or heavily laded with centralization of wealth through SOE's, at which at that point the cloaked action of extreme socialism will be change back to communism through a stepping process. Then I have to explain to them, the Communist constitution is not like the free world's Constitution in which it is based on individual desires and freedoms. The Communist constitution is based on an end game of world domination, unlike ours which could care less what others do; again the primary reason why we are having our butts handed to us in a literally economic hand basket, as long as folks have autonomy from the state on matters we care less, even when we lose our jobs, homes, and our children lose their security, schools, and funding for necessary after school programs.

However, luckily there are a bunch of a-holes with patches in their eye's, birds on their hands and the world in their palms that do care and do understand, that communism even if allowed to be extreme socialism is always working for its end game of world domination via, single currency and a one world government run by the biggest and riches elite countries instead of the most freest and balanced. Communism is and has always been a circular reasoning as it will never solve for the problem it purports to; which is, to spread wealth out better than free markets. However, it is a darn good economic warfare strategy, as shown by Communist Rulers and Socialist Rulers like Stalin and Hitler. How one party can rule so long is behind me.

Our intelligence units are getting an awakening right now by me via legal and proper means. It is sad they have so much oil sands over their eye's they can not see the world being dominated by communists.

Rider I

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