This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Communist Chinese no longer have the state of last resort in their country.

Both politically and economically the Communist Chinese have grown with the help from the free world allowing them to compete unfairly with their SOE's. The intention of the allowance of unfair SOE's is to create stability in those countries that either can't or do not allow free market activities, for developmental stages. However, the Communist Chinese are way past the developmental stages of their country. They can no longer say their cities infrastructures and abilities are less than the the free worlds'. As China has the worlds biggest population of developed cities in the world. Their rural poor is kept poor by communist land sharing force, in which the farmers constantly fight against. As such as SOE's are only allowed out of peace and tranquility it would said that at the point of empirical statistics of the Communist no longer using the SOE's for domestic stability but now using them to reach out and control parts of the world with their economies. We can no longer sit back and see them as not a threat. Economically they are more developed than us. Militarily they are more apt than us. It would not take the Communist more than a very short time to build fleet of air craft carriers and ships, in which would be able to surpass US fleets and capabilities of building to catch up. Even with the other fleets of the none world. This is primarily again because they are not a Democracy and they are not a fair market competitor.

As such the idea of allowance due to last resort of economic development for the Communist Chinese is no more. They are a huge national security threat, and because of lax intelligence economic security are now being allowed to use their SOE's to literally buy up American soil and create Communist entity cities. (Idaho, gold mine, fertilizer plant and MSS Torch program, along with a self sustaining city owned by the Communist SOE's). The worst part is as they centralize the world's wealth away from properly being spread out it will cause the free world not to be able to compete as we only can thrive if capital is spread out due to so many free enterprises needing market shares for our country to stay afloat via taxes. This then will cause a massive influx of the loss of middle class. In which will then cause a huge movement towards Communist parties to create more SOE's at home and become communist due to corporations having to centralize so massively juts to compete against the SOE;s that are now being let into the US. This root is exactly what the Communist political party have planned. They have not finished the transition and now that they feel the US has forgotten about the threat of Communism, are literally saying they are not going to get rid of all of their SOE;s and they are going to keep some to dominate the world. Along with that fact that they just literally told the world to screw off regarding Democratic transition like they are supposed to due based on their acceptance to the free world trading groups.

This is unacceptable, my predecessor was weak in communist realization cognition. The ability of that person who held one of the world's most secret and most important chairs to stop world domination and complete enslavement, which is preempted by mass anarchy in free countries is no longer with us. The mere fact that he allowed the Communist recognition in this world to slip so far away that not even our intelligence agents think they are a threat or have kept up with proper enlightenment of Communist manifesto wishes, even in the light of their extreme socialism. Therefore, I just hope I can smack some people out of this downward twirl and very weak actions towards communist overthrow. Nothing is down in leaps, all things have roots and this is the root of communist world domination. The allowance of the Communist Parties SOE;s inside of the US is our downfall and precedes a very powerful entity creation to stop it. I presume as my genome is the highest furyan in the group I will lead it, as the rest genomes are less furyan than I. While in times of strong communist world domination roots, a true leader with proper legal and safe direction needs to take the reigns of his countries intelligence through strings and backdoors, legally and properly through cognition works.
Rider I
This has been a cognition works prose.

As all free world agencies know who the I's are and the symbols, along with aurastical proof, it is usually not that hard to patch in to the necessary elements to stop Communist world domination and the creation of a one world currency or government.


Ma linger to long they do.

Down with Communist superiority and up with the balanced and equaitable ones of the free world's diverise cultures and ethnicities. No SOE's.

Down with Communist bigatry and up with equality, and diversity and freedom for all not the political elite and the SOE's. a proper fair market for freedom of all to compete fairly, not just the Communist economic bigits.

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