This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Another hell raising bar raising idea for the economics of the US.

It would seem that in collegiate competition the economic departments of this country have been left out. Meaning that instead of actually creating competitive economists we are creating complacent go with the flow economists who do not think outside of the box. Which could be one reason why we have been stuck in this vicious service bell curve cycle without proper regulation for the last three cycles.

As such I must figure out how to create an international economic competition model for colleges.

This idea comes from a person who has 4 years in debate, 1 year in moot court and one semester in mock trial. Along with many years in football and baseball. In which I love to compete it is in my nature to compete. It makes me not complacent to ideas of status quo. As such, I believe that is what is missing in the US economic cognitive process. You see in each study there needs to be a heavy competition between studiers. This is because in reality the world is a competitive place. From trying to obtain a job, to making sure your economic reports are better than your opposition. To also finding the best options to invest money, or a place to live. Everything is competitive in a free world. Those who wish you not to be competitive and act complacent are just trying to win you over and thus are actually trying to compete in being complacent.

So how would one start an international economic competitive tournament. Well, we could do like the student UN, Debate, Mock trial, Moot Court, Engineering competitions, rock building competitions or any other competition. All it takes is for two schools to get teams together. They thus then agree on a resolution. Then they compete either by report writing and presentation or by other means of competition, which could be last minute economic model creation or otherwise.

When I was on the speech and debate team we had to have huge boxes fully of political news. In which we would have to do speeches based on resolutions. This was not a debate thing as much as a how much do you know thing. This then could easily be place into a US or international economic competition. The competition could have platforms for theories, in which students could have information on theories then apply them to real worlds based on resolutions picked for the students to compete via presentations. They could also have competitive head to head teams where they have to come up with economic models and applications in a certain amount of time. They could also have competitive one on one competitions where students would have to find a set of data and come up with the proper information to de code it.

This then would allow the economist's industry to stop being so complacent and slow and would help to speed up the economists cognition as a solid and whole cognition. This is why debate was started to better ou politicians and make them better. As debate is the highest form of forensics. So if we take the idea of forensics and apply it to economics and its ologies we should be able to see a higher cognition in the study. Thus making us more competitive as our output of students would be less complacent and boring and more competitive and on edge. Which would make us more able to stop these vicious cycles or to be able to see them sooner and come up with better ideas of how to properly deal with them.

We could also use electronic competitions. Were students are given data from a collection then properly timed and competed against each student to see how fast and efficient then can place the information in the system. This is what we need the economic field has become way to complacent and needs a cognitive root to kick it in the theoretical booty. 

Things to do find the US economics and try and get them to do it. However, it is not easy. As usual complacency is hard to turn. Much like founders of US debate teams in colleges who could not see the importance at the time. We or I will have to do a lot of the foot work myself. As competition is important, that is what drives our society individual competition against individuals.

Rider I

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