This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Create a Soverign Wealth fund with using massive SOE's.

That idea of a Sovereign Wealth Fund it is that it allows the rich ruling class of a country to us the funds that are created from the backs of the people who are not allowed to own as an individual the labors of that market because the ruling class wishes to use it as an  economic weapon. Thus in the USA as we have a serious issue with checking our ruling class and their tryancy, we do not have big Sovereign Wealth Funds.

However, as a free society we do pay taxes. In which we should be ahead in the matter of tax savings in the US. My generation and my empiricist ideas of my time of leadership will create a USA that is not based on economically getting its butts handed to it by the communist, but a country in which savings becomes paramount. This is because the taxs bases in the US is so far in debt to very bad intelligence ideas of how to combat the communist and how to help the world out. A proper idea should be that the USA should hold trade balances at a plus along with balanced accounts. This then would instead of having our taxes for decades being spent without being able to be saved, will be stopped and turned around.

The reason for this is so that the USA can create a Sovereign Wealth fund of its own. However, instead of it being gained by tyrannical ideas of Communist massive SOE's. It will be generated through a surplus on taxes. In which we will not need to raise taxes, as the US will come out of its infiltration from the communist back to its proper place as the leader of the free world. In which jobs should be plentifully, exportation to develop should be in excessive demand, and Communist SOE's and their unfair competition via Sovereign Wealth funds and constant recapitalizing via their countries tax brackets, much like the UPS which borrows 9 billion every two years from taxes and never pays it back.

So as the old guard who's ideas have lead this country into a huge massive debt spending with a massive loss in savings leaves power. My teams and units will move in to take back our economic intelligence on both sides liberals and conservators. My teams will not play nice with those who wish for the implosion of the US by allowing the Communist to unfairly compete. This is a natural fact of life. When the pack is under attack or is being lead by something that creates a trend in which harm comes to ones country for some kind of wack idea of defense by offense. There comes a natural born leader to take it back and even out the stakes.

This is natural law, Lockean, Smithian and Marshallian all believed in natural law. Karl's Marx's and the one world tryancy believers they believe in unnatural enslavement, which then allows the so called Lockean, Smithian and Marshallian abusers to use their opposition to do the same thing via corporate greed. Which then as we have to compete unfairly with communism cause corporate greed to expand. Which in turn then centralizes the wealth instead of properly and naturally allowing it to be spread out to more humans via individual economics and non state acting unfair economics.

Thus, the way to build a Sovereign Wealth Fund for the US to compete against the Communist is not through massive SOE's, but through having a surplus of taxes at a proper low level rate that allows US citizens to keep way more than the majority of their individual labors for the freedom of love and their wishes.

Every time I think about communism and forcing people to do things they do not wish via a systematic approach my soul feels chained. I can't help what I feel, and understand.

Rider I

I listened to a an economic adminstration from a unit that was heavily leaked to the Communist via our national security polices. Try and say that even at max employment we would not be able to make it. She did not properly input the investments that will be made once the US again drops to 4% unemployment. She was wrong and I just agreed out of nicety.

It is impossible that our economic intellegence did not know that this heavy reliance on Communsit SOE's would create a heavy deficit, in which would then allow the Communist SOE's to make it so unfair for us free enterprise to compete that we would have to start to allow them into our market places, then eventually have to create SOE's and turn communist ourselves to compete against their unfair economics. It is basic computation of economics that I have understood since the camper fire lights.

This is a problem, my teams are being built on every side and we will slowly and surely edit out all those who wish for the destruction of freedom, for corporate greed and massive Communist SOE's. Legally and properly, my 15 year plan is alreayd 4 years in the making. I have roots in everything and everywhere. I will make sure that our country stays free from Marxist ideas of enslavment of soul, mind and body.

Rider I
Teams m-f how is the rare earth minerals debacle going. Again that is deadly we need to turn that around quickly, as our stock piles will not last at proper competitive prices, I need to know the players who allowed this to happen.

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