This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

China keeps saying they need more time to transition.

My love goes out to all Vietnam Vets and those afflicted by a belief which the very entity that still holds lasting economic weapons from states they no longer believe in. Unless they are playing to socialize the world then Communize it all over again. I apologize for the bottom post. However, as the Communist are massive root things service bell curve, I find it necessary to explain my feelings in full. As the Communists are now trying to heavily root their SOE economic weapons in our domestic economy. Even though they are considered national security entities at home and have arrested people for trying to look into them. How we allow something the Communist admit are an economic weapon in our free world to literally destroy more of our markets I will never know. I am just trying to express my views and try to save the real way to spread out wealth and keep individual desires and freedom at the highest possible means with the enslavement at the lowest possible means.  I apologize for this to those with memories. My uncle and I have some memories and he died from exposure to agent orange trying to protect the Vietnamese from Communist SOE infiltration and Communist single party dominance. I apologize again. I do not see our current foreign economic national security policy as applied to the Communist SOE's as productive to protecting this world from Communist dominance and single party rule v. the free worlds muti balanced power sharing slower moving more in depth debated balanced way of leadership. I know what I know and what I read, and what makes sense via natural laws.

In my mind our intelligence have no clue what they are talking about or doing when it comes to Communist world expansion. Along with that it would seem that they are working to allow the Communist to expand and become the worlds power instead of making sure there is fair competition between their free enterprises and ours. In a free market there is no bigger or better. There is just free enterprise. This is based on the fact of domestic and international shares become one under free enterprise for all to compete for. However, in a massive Communist style, countries protect their shares by using massive amounts of government subsidies and special interests.I think the policy of allowing free enterprise to be proliferated is a great idea. With the Communists current SOE's is ok. Even though over time I would expect that they would not be necessary to be owned by the Communist party. I think the Policy of 30 years of the Communist barreling allowing high echelon real votes for more representation which would make them less deadly to economic warfare as their system would be slowed via more debate and forensics also places fuel on my bellow civility post.

China has taken over 30 years to take its time to transition to make sure it gets the best of having the ability to compete in free markets with massive Communist SOE's. However, yet, instead of the Communist not disrespecting the honor of their contracts that allowed them in to the free trade without proper protection from their massive SOE's. They have proliferated their SOE's. Now they try and push into the literally heart of the US due to lack of good leadership to keep Communist SOE's out of the US. Even after we went through a massive war with the Communist via the cold war regarding the proliferation of SOE's and their expansion. Which is exactly what we are seeing now. However before we kept the communist out of the US. Now we are letting them in with their massive SOE's. Which deems all the patriots who fought and died to stop communism from expanding are now literally being pissed on in their graves. As the Communist SOE's are being invited on hand and knee to help a state by communizing one of their cities with a MSS intelligence high technological TORCH program. Which allows the Communist to take more US domestic market shares. Thus causing an inability for the US to be able to secure enough market shares domestically to be able to compete internationally with Communist SOE's that are already showing heavy signs of uncompetitive behavior. I really do not like when our soldiers and patriots graves are pissed on.

Rider I
How dare you piss on our patriots graves who fought and died to stop Communist SOE expansion in the free world. By now literally just saying here you go, you have destroyed our economies because of taking 30 years to transition with our intelligence leaders allowing it to happen, and now that you have crashed our economies with your communist scales of unfair economics, go ahead piss on our soldiers graves and hear communize Idaho with your massive proliferated conglomerated SOE. Sinomach was not one of those communist economic weapons our soldiers died trying to stop from being allowed to conquer the world, no it was a different kind of communist soe economic warfare weapon they fought and died for from stopping the invasion of one of our allies. Don't worry about. Go ahead be like the rest of the world and be anti-American in your own country and allow Communist SOE's into your states and economies. Just make sure you say excuse after you get done pissing on our soldiers graves. My uncle died from massive cancer tumors because of agent orange. Trying to stop the CCP and the Soviets from invading Vietnam and creating Communist SOE's instead of freedom of individuality, speech, and economics. Mo fo' I will reprimand you legally and properly for this pissing on our soldiers graves.
If China had any decency they would not try and bring that which we died and fought against to the heart of the USA.

Rider I

Not to mention smearing salt in the wounds of tens of thousands of refugees who left countries being invaded by the CCP and the Soviet Union because they wanted to own their own business and be able to speak their minds. Along with all of those who were tortured and left in labor camps for decades all because they did not like SOE's or Communist dictatorial tryancy. So you go ahead and piss on them because you are to weak to figure out a way to stop the Communist from crashing our economy and then building it back up with American innovation instead of Communist MSS Torch programs and Sovereign Wealth funds. Mo fo, legally and properly I will reprimand you.

The 30 years it has taken on an aural and signed contract to reform the Communist by the US looking past our difference has been to long. We have seen the Communist completely dominate the free world in which they now sit as the number one world economy. While US service bell curve after bell curve crashed to allow the Communist to grow. Causing more and more economic disparity by loss of homes, schooling, teachers, police officers and ability to maintain a good high technological medical program. It is one thing to be nice to adversary and rivals to allow them to have massive SOE intelligence port bases to help them get their free enterprises and domestic SOE's for development to help them develop. It is another to sit back and watch them invade via the very things we went to war against and they stated they would disband, All due respect to the CCP's and Soviet Soldiers who died on the field fighting for communism. However, this is the US and as you know we vote time and time again against SOE use in our country. So the allowance of the use of foreign Communist SOE's is very disrespectfully at the mass level of MSS Torch programs building whole self sustaining communistic cities. However, the US is not the country that wishes to conform to its rivals to trade with. We where perfectly happy with keeping communist soe and economics out of the the trade with free worlds. It was the Communist who wished to conform to our ways as they I guess saw the light of freedom of economics. Along with that fact that they are conglomerating SOE;s to specifically use them like cold war weapons to invaded via intelligence SOE bases. It makes me very upset to have to read about these things in the news. and civilian intelligence briefings.

The idea that the very thing that you wish to denounce and reform from, and the US has resisted strongly time and time again. Is now being used in the heart of the US not for domestic stability creation as the Communist China is in not need of such massive SOE's with such a massive quantity of billionaires and free enterprise that are competitive. But for specifically traced reason of dominance. Much like we have seen with the rare earth quota's.

It is my mind and point that if the US does not again stand up to the Communist SOE's invading and conquering the world like the Soviets and CCP did during the cold war again We will never be able to catch up and equate to a Communist society. Thus driving the US to become a communist society. Which currently both entities agree is a bad thing. As the US believes in free enterprise to spread the wealth, and so does the Communist party. As it was not supposed to be using its massive SOE's for such illegal activities as a 90% rare earth holdings or even the worlds worst civilized centralization of wealth via non competitive productivity.

This is not proper and is very upsetting to those who have died via an idea that the very country using it denounces, or is lieng about that to just cloak their activities and use it to rebuild the communist manifesto. Which can be seen by the earlier years actual use of disbanding SOE's. To the current arrogance leadership in which they now conglomerate the SOE's to be used as massive international uncompetitive weapons.

It is one thing to allow in COSCO and other entities for the Communist to transition. It is another thing to allow in an MSS high technological Torch program in the heart of the US so that the Communist can stay communist and not reform their economics. Which again, the US rejects communism time and time again via vote while Chinese people embrace free markets and actually are tyring to reject massive SOE's at home but can't do to still Communist totalitarian rule that cause Democratic and freedom lovers to be locked up in labor camps.

So to my leaders this is not a matter of civilty or sharing, this is a matter of you pissing on our soldiers graves because you are not strong enough to figure out a way to proliferate US free enterprise to compete internationally against Communist SOE's and padded free enterprises.

Rider I
That do not need their SOE's they are specifically using them like the Communist did during the cold war. To conquer and control and centralize international wealth away from the free market worlds and towards the Communist worlds so as to create a self sustained reliance on them much like the miniature version they are tyring to implement in Idaho.

The relationship between Communist China and the US has not been a beautiful thing. The US have constantly had to crash and be devoured through deficit spending and bond purchasing by the Communist to make it. Each time the US's citizens have to go without to allow the Communist to expand domestically. In which instead of the Communist now ending their Communism like they said they would when they were allowed to trade with free countries without being in the cold war. They have decided to go and create bigger economic weapons. This has caused US citizen and children massive amounts of hardship. Like lost jobs, lost possible earnings, lost industries, lost defensive abilities, lost potential future earnings due to having to pay back the decific and inflation bail outs.

The Communist being allowed to build SOE entities in our industries at above market levels domestically will cause the US to also have to create massive SOE's domestically. Which will lead to a centralization of wealth and a disparity of human quality. Just like we see in China currently due to SOE and communist policy and we have always seen in Communist invaded countries. This soft power invasion of the US is like a gas, that is spreading and seeping throughout the US. Causing massive amounts of lost middle class, to become poor class, in which causes the rich to get richer, the Communist to be able to expand more and the middle class US citizens and poor to be forced to live on less than a good quality of life.

Hot dog flavored star fish water. Allowing Communist expansion after so many freedom lovers and Democratic and republican humans died to stop them. Again all due respect to the Chinese domestic SOE's at poverty level. However the threat of these massive economic weapons is apparently going unnoticed. So I will keep blogging and sending things out. Till someone stands up and says WTF SOE's centralize wealth, which then causes economic disparity as the wealth is no longer spread out and the Communist arrest and jail outspoken party oppositions to their rule.

SOE's are communism at its finest. It centralizes the wealth away from individual ownership or a group of people of ownership, and places it in the hands of a few elite leaders like the SASAC, CCP, or MSS. All heavy economic communist intelligence agencies. Tell me why would a Ministry of security chief need a PHD in Economics if they where not doing pretty much what I am tracing. MSS is old school KGB with a suit and tie instead of boots and guns. Meaning the MSS now wields SOE's much better than the Soviets did and they do not use military at all, if not in very small special units that only go in after economic proper strategy has been completed, to make it as weak as possible.

We are not trying to embrace Communism and the centralization of wealth for a few elite political leaders,, nor are we tyring to embrace massive corporate greed for a few political leaders. We allow SOE;s at poverty level for the most freedom and the best safety nets. Massive SOE's are a serious threat to our way of life and ability to maintain a well spread out economic balance of wealth via free enterprises. Currently we see a lot of business in the Communist SOE entities Sinomach industry it wishes to move into. Basically as it is not profitable to move that product from China to the US. However, I would guess and hypothesis that given 5-10 years the spread of wealth via many free enterprise would be centralized to Sinomach heavily in that time frame. Thus again why communism fails and Marx's theorized right back into circles of feudalistic economics. SOE's do not solve for spread of wealth. They do not compete competitively due to political influence and protection.

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