This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

What should the halls of an Economic Department look like.

Should they be bland and have 40 year old economic data on it. Or should it be intelligently intriguing, with ideas of cosmic economics regarding space mining and the necessary balance of fuel to resource acquisition, should there be places for good economics books, economic competition posters, comparison and contrasting of historical data and present data to show possible areas of economic need for new theories, should the stair ways be lined with, should there be places for international economic interns and job fairs, should an economic departments walls be plastered with good present relevant data, or should old historical data with no intriguing cognition's be on the walls of an economic department. I would say intrigue me, I do not want to see walls with boring old economic data. I want new ideas, inspiration works, and places to compete and to work or learn at.

Rider I
I need to get a grant or donor to donate to my school to update its economic department walls. I wonder if I could get Karl's Marx's face off the very boring and not intriguing wall. heheh, that sinister SOB and his economic theory to destroy free markets. The idea that great wall space is going to waste to intrigue and help inspire our young minds at my economic institution of learning is a dig for me. I think I found gold in a cognition, and maybe a removal of Marxism and its single dominate world rule by economic warfare destruction of free markets through SOE centralization, corporate greed exposure and then anarchy as disparity takes over from massive SOE and massive corporate greed centralization of wealth. However, old Sinister one world, did not expect the owls to stop his theory from happening and the destruction of the free world, through such great minds as Marshall, and now Mr. ....., or the present  but not for long seat holder of the Rider I. That is right I am coming for that seat up there you goubers.

I should start a rally against the picture of Karl's Marx. I wonder if those old World Democracy folks would be up for a good old anti Marxism, Remove the Sinister picture. The worst economic theorist ever. I do not want boring historical data. I want Cosmic Economists like me on the wall or places like Cosmic economists like me to go and compete or look at data that compares and contrasts areas we might be interested in studying to better, not this old economic data. Give me Cosmic movements. This is the generation of Cosmic economics as we figure out how to save human kind and extinguish Communist SOE and Corporate greed via competitive fair market places for all without a one world single currency Marxist view. I am a Cosmic Economist, and this is the generation of space economic invisionment, for resource gathering to save our planet from melt down and to stop governments from oppressing others via their Communist SOE's while making sure Senator Sherman's anti-trust laws are used against Corporations without laxitive allowance due to heavy Communist SOE uses. Darn it I am a Cosmic Economists and my generation is going to kick your arse.

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