This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to stop the Communist Power Monopoly over the Chinese.

It has been a long time coming and the Chinese have been invaded by Russian Communism for a long time. They are currently striving and praying every night, trust me I hear them for a fair political sharing of power. However, the Communist party has a death grip on the Chinese people. They do not even represent a small percentage of the Chinese people. However, they wield power over them and use them in labor camps or for what ever they want based on the whims of the rich aristocrat. Without labor unions, proper pay and quality of life and a lot of other things.

So how did we do it before. If my masters taught me correctly I could just realise the gorgol on them like we did with the Soviets and then turn to the Sin eaters for council. However, I want to try something new. As the last time the strategy with the Soviets caused two wars with heavy casualties my strategy unlike my masters RIP, masters will hopefully cause a transition of monopolistic power and tryanicy over the Chinese people without going to war over politics, land or resources like we did with the Soviets over Korea, and Vietnam. We know the battles fields are Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand all countries the Communist claim to have ownership over parts of their land with valuable resources on.

Thus, now that I have released the gorgol on the Communist evil souls of monopolistic power control over the Chinese. How do I properly stop it from causing conflicts.As I do not want people to die. However, when the gorgol is searching out evil souls of world domination for one world order, through currency and then government and then unfair economics, it seems to upset people when it is tracing their souls.

So, the way I am proposing is instead of allowing the Communist to beat us to the bunch we preempt and we get there first. Unlike what we allowed the Soviets to due in Koera, and Vientam. Thus we can take a page out of our old book and instead of gaining military build up and wealth we can create butter wealth. In which we can just trade with countries at such high quantities that they grew at a sustainable rate, and they see us as their helpers instead of the Communists. This then should stop wars, especially since every country in the world will agree under debate with gorgol watch that the Communist owning 90 % of the worlds rare earth minerals is illegal and cause for serious concern.

So how do we transform the Communist Chinese into a free country. Well the idea of making them rich and allowing the Communist to have nuclear weapons, stealth fighters and the worlds biggest stock pile of high technological weapons did not work. So we need to stop them from becoming to overbearing and rich through a war on international poverty through US and Free world Exports.

Rider I
easily done if you need help. I will take $100,000 a year and an apartment for my studies in which I will stop the gorgol from creating conflict and I will help China be free from monopolistic power, along with spreading the wealth of international trade out, and stopping environmental concerns from Countries that do not care how they develop countries as long as they are earning positive capital inflows to beat their rivals which do not even know they are the communists rivals.

The funniest part about the Communist is they nothing about religion, unlike the US forefathers and mothers who understood the powers of the church and its need to be free from political tryanny. So like the Communist do when they start to completely take over countries and earn huge massive amounts of economic might. They have messed up their own soul spiritual protector by seriously upsetting the Pope and clergy by not allowing them to properly train demon hunters. The pople and the I's have worked together for a long time to stop evil as sometimes the Gorgol annoys the key master to go after Catholic priests. Then the Pope has to agree or nod.

So, the Gorgol I could not stand it anymore kept annoying me and it was such a logical explanation that I had to let it detect. It will not stop till every soul has been traced from electric's data storage in its aura to see what the Communist true intentions are. Probable like all communist to enslave and divide and conquer. Who knows I told it to be good and if the trace makes the aura hot try to allow that tracee to cool off before finishing as we do not need any conflicts.

So, Communist are stupid, Gorgol is tracing and who knows we just might get more jobs if my strategy of the war on interntaioanl poverty through butter and trade gets going. Plus we could really use the safe keeping of the last Communist dynasty wishing for world dominace to be done and transformed into a balanced free society. It is like a humans diet you can't just eat one thing forever.

Gorgol, remember I get to scold you if you do not properly allow cool down time for your tracees if you heat up their auras.

Rider I
Pope I am sure is smiling but I do not need is authority to trace outside of the church.

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