This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Opporation Unify Free World front against Communist World SOE domination.

Same game as before stop the invasion of countries via Communits SOE's through the proper intellectual legal and enlightenment battle of exactly what the centralization of wealth via SOE's and Communis single political party does.

Get on it Unify the front and move forward, we need to stop Communist Dominace, once again. Goubers.

Rider i
 Rich playboys have nothing on the symbolism of the freedom kings and queens. Patch, Bird, world. Lets all ride together for freedom.
Lets ride my children need a better economic unified USA for free enterprises so they can if they wish compete via their own ownerhsip of labors without having to be slaves to Communist SOE's or Corporate Greedyness. Get your boogy's on.
Gouber Patrol
We Can regualte Corporate Greed but once Communist SOE's are in they are impossible to regulate or get out without having to deal with military and intellegence units.
Full I's on the prize of freedom of economics and individual ownership of labors.
Once again the Communist SOE expansionism is deemed a threat to freedom of liberty.
To Stop the Implosion of free diverse cultures, and the invasion of developing countries by Communits SOE's we must unify against unfair scales of economy.

Putting the Boot down on the Idaho invasion of a full scale MSS torch program via our inability to make sure our countreis jobs stay stable so we do not need no stinking Communist SOE's we believe in free enterprises and economic freedom.

Would the Idaho invasion by SOE Sinomach to buy up a whole area and move a Communist SOE Intellegence Torch program into the US be considered an economic red dawn? I think it would, SOE's are owned by the Communists, and are not free enterprise. Thus it is the Communist Chinese Political party who would own that part of Idaho, becasue Idaho can;t figure out how to not allow Communist SOE's in but deal with Chinese free enterprise.

Goning to go get some NOS, and then it is time to ride I have over 653 entities to contact and let them know that their industry is being infilitrated by Communist SOE unfair competitions and then ask them to do a proper 20 year outlook on allowing a Communist entity which is not a corporation but an extension of the Communist party in their market places. Well Hoss, I have walked the walked, sought the training now again it is time to start raining.

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