This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rockefellers wish for a more communist broadcasting of news. Backed by huge communist soe owned business in the US.

Currently there is a huge threat that the extreme left wing will try and force the government into privately owned broadcasting agencies. Which is primarily a communist idea. This starts to make me think if all the talks about the Rockefellers thinking they are above the law and above the people really did actually well anyways.
So what the Rockefellers would like to do is to make each broadcasing agency be forced by the government to air things that they may not wish to air on their show. This is forced communized speech. In which the government can be involed in an individuals or a group of individuals freedom of speech and their ownership of their business based on it.
Thus, they would try and cite the physcotic left wing wacko who just shot a bunch of people. However, he was not brained washed by the right and the media. He was brain washed by communist ideas of no guns. The guy killed these people because he was mad our country was not doing enough for the commune, like illertacy, and other things. However, this does not matter.
It would be like telling a movie producer or music producer that hey you can't say this the government also wants you to say this regarding you freedom of speech of my political party.
That is the basics of it. The idea of communizing the free speech is a bad idea. It will allow the government to wield it as a weapon, in which who ever owns the governemnt will own free speech. However, currently free speech is pretty well spread out. Thus the left can own business the right can own business and they can report on what ever they want.
Along with that it is the same cycle it has been for years. Around this time it swings, then if the President pulls it through they might get another break in the senate. but after that they will lose senate majority then it will start to swing the other way.
There is nothing wrong with our speech laws as of current. If someone wants to call the Rockefellers a bunch of American baby killers, to further their rich aristocratic families idea of a one world order for the communist then so be it. They are a public figure, discourse is allowed. We do not take the US people as babies, we take them as educated folks who if they want to see the other side they will research it out. However, if they do not want they donot have to.
Then again the Rockefellers love population control, drugging up the people, probable helping create a communst attach on the US through a never ending bleeding war and are probable the infilitrated part of the Illuminati.
See that is free speech. I can say what I want, this is my blog, if you do not wish to hear it do not read it. No one should be forced to have hear things they do not want to hear.

By the way if I ever found out that the Rockefellers where truly the reason for the 911 attacks, I would single handedly cut out their livers and feed it to them. That is free speech, I am not threatening to do it, I am saying that if this then that. Which allows me to say what I want as long as it is not harmfull. As the Rockefellers have nothing to do with 911, there is no threat. Just like placing a symbol somewhere if someone sees it as to hurt and kill then so be it, if they see the symbol as we need to work on that then so be it. If my words of cutting out theire liver and feeding it are meant to actual mean taking them to court, then so be it, Words have many meanings. Unless you are specfically placing that harmfull speech in their path or threatening them that you are going to do it. It is free speech. I am sure that every American in this country could agree that if we found out some aristocrats where the cause for 911 that they would want them to hang. However, hang also means go to court, cutting out the liver means taking away their funds and families wealth. See freedom of speech is in the I of the beholder.

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