This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

I have to get this new work ethic instilled in our leaders go vanquish the paw gnawing trend.

I need some whips and my bloods old chains.

I call upon the Teamsters to take a poll of all leaders in this country to see if they have even tried to obtain jobs through trade for the area under their leadership, or if they have raised taxes, and cut back.

You are so charged Dr. Hoffa  I need the hooves.
Get on the phones and start polliticin.

Rider I

Dr. Hoffa I believe our system is heavily infiltrate to allow the Communist to take advantage of the US much like the Soviets tried to do. This is a simple task and report. In which will create a legal and proper fire under our leaders butts to get to work finding us jobs and balancing our our deficits through more trade and not cutting back or abusing their citizens.

If any intelligence agents or leaders call you regarding my blog post report them to the FBI espionage unit promptly. Unless they are saying that is specific blog post is a good idea. Then they are ok, if they are against my root poll idea, then they are a problem to this countries national security and welfare.

Sent to the Cloud General

  There is a current trend in the USA of paw gnawing. Paw gnawing is if you have ever lived raound animals when the animal either out of scaredness or anxiety or hunger gnaws at their paws until they bleed or become serious problems. Thus this has become a trend in our leadership. This trend has been to take away our childrens schools, programs and strip their teachers of their lifes quality of dignity regardint their pay, along with the loss of judges and clerks and civil attorneys, plus or Defense spending is now massively attacking our intellegence bases by closing them down, further we have starving people in states, along with that our unemplpoyment benefits have had to keep people out of work for 2 years.
Thus a new trend in our leadership is necessary. This new trend should be that of trading and exporting with countries to bring in fresh new positive capital inflows. In which can create new jobs and balance budges and if we have strong enough leaders we can actually create a surplus. As long as we properly fight against the Communist Chinese.
How to do this. Well for your small root part which might seem a lot we need a poll. This poll of our leadrs city up to federal should ask some basic questions like:
Have you found any jobs for your area?
Have you raised your taxes?
Have you cut anything back in your area?
Are you making any preperations to find jobs for your area?
Do you know your areas economic basket?
Do you know a good developing country or a few that would benefit from trade with your area?
Things of that nature.
Then we need a report written. Especially since the communist are expanding so we need something powerfull to keep our Unions strong. As I know it is not the Unions fault that the Communist compete so unfairly as they create massive high technological defcits for the US and miltitary build up, along with bigger and more developed than any free world country.
I need this done General
Lt Gen 6 Tree
Rider I
Please expand if you any ideas.
Collection for backing my point and massive amounts of data and intellegence on the matter at hand.

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