This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

The idea that Communism is a necessary evil is a false dichotomy.

The natural idea that we have allowed the Communist Party to compete so unfairly for so long due to improper force placed on political restructuring to balance the power back out to the people and their representatives instead of the CCP is the very reason why. The idea that Communism works in a fast manner to create an imperialist economic model. Imperialist as defined means unfair. Which then if allowed to be held as a so called or probable thought of necessary evil, causes it to be allowed to conquer. Where as if the Communist party was properly disbanded like all the other post communist countries. We should see I believe a necessary slow moving Democracy/Republic for the people's desires instead of the Communist Parties elite to conquer the world.

We can see this based on the ideas of free countries like the US. Where greater capitalist where allowed to own resources, transportation etc. This then allowed to basically fully based on the Democratic/Republic ideals of the individual desires of the day to build what the people needed based on a necessary need to spread the wealth of competitors as allowed by Senator Sherman's anti-trust laws. This in case and point would actually refute even the basic idea that SOE's should be allowed for real developing countries. In which allows to much centralization of wealth to the government and not enough pressure from the market forces of competition between individuals or free enterprise firms.

I have also heard out of a DI's mouth that the game between Communism and free markets will never be over. This again is another false dichotomy and shows defeatist mind set like many other DI's I and my team have personal counter traced. The idea that we should not properly place force and necessary very competitive needs of the free market on Communist Markets to shut down their uncompetitive SOE's is a defeatist mindset. The US has long down without massive SOE's or allowance of massive Corporate greed to centralize the worlds wealth. Up until recently since the Communist defeatist mindset has really gripped into free world intelligence. Where as before, it would have been unheard for a DI to get his arse literally kicked in the ring for having such a defeatist mind set as the game will never be over, or Communism is a necessary evil. Literally I have stories from old DI's in where defeatist DI's which were not called DI's then would get their arses kicked until their mindset was to fight for dear life instead of allowing their arse to be kicked in theoretical in cognition creation their countries arse to be kicked. What the intelligence world needs today is another Ring in the gym soe when defeatist cognition papers come up, they are taken to the ring the gloves come on and they are taught to feel what it is like to fight for dear life.

Literally Communism is not needed in this country. Freedom has long since held the title over social feudalism as the best spread of wealth, and decentralization of wealth. Communism is a serious threat to free world growth as we have seen little of that in the last 10 years, and our ability to defend against Communist massive feudalistic style population growth via defense spending. Which due to defeatist mind sets we have allowed the Communist not only to catch up and surpass us on populace military but also in high technological military thanks to defeatist mindsets and definitely I do not even need to be in there and I know there is not enough literally get your arse in the ring for writing a paper that allows the communist to spread and to dominate, while freedom is crushed and devoured by Communist Massive SOE's. I can bet you $1million dollars there has not been one arase kicked in the ring for writing a defeatist mindset and I bet DI's now a days do not even box anti-American written papers anymore.

What happened to the old schoolers who understood why free markets where going to win this and that we where going to win it very fast, strategically and legally proper through competitive spirit and American Patriotism. Now I hear whispers and defeatist mind sets the game will never be over, oh, it is a necessary evil. Y'all just lucky I can't come in right now and throw your arses in the ring women or men since there are lots of women writing to now a days that means they can get their arses kicked in the ring too.

Rider I
Dam defeatist think we are invincible, we have lost high technology advantage due to non arse kicking in the rings for anti-American economic written papers. We have never had populace advantage. Dam it, I sweat if I ever get to come up there there better be a ring in the gym where DI's teach their students what it is like to have to fight for their lives. Cause trust me you think those Communist and their massive unfair SOE's will not invade or pay off Mexico to invade, your dam weak and need arse kicking. It is reality we can win as long as we keep the tables equated for freedom of economics v communist markets.

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