This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to be an owlet, if you where not curious in the womb or have not been found by the aurasticitcals.(oracles)

First you have to find the economic problem that is attacking your countries freedom by communist powers. I.e. the use of corporations for greed of communist countries, or in this case an economic warfare Red Dawn invasion by the MSS intelligence unit to set up a torch program and an city based around a communist SOE entity instead of a free enterprise of China. This is this birds project tonight. I have school tomorrow, however, I will try and send out all 653 emails regarding the communists soe's invasion into the industry of that area. After which I will contact all high technological companies and explain the difference of a Communist SOE like Sinomach and a free enterprise. Thus then explain how the allowance of a Communist entity in the long run will dwindle ability for shares domestically thus causing the base of necessity to be lost, then further causing international market shares to be lost as they can't compete due to the inability to fund as per enough market shares. Same principle as the Soviets economic warfare wishes for invasion.

So to start I must create the enlightenment. I have to scope it down to a specific interest, so as to hope to gain interest of at least one person in the entity I am contacting to read and research further into why we are allowing Communist SOE's into the US free markets unfairly and uncompetively. So out of 653, I would hope at least 20 people actually read and act on the enlightenment. That is about as good as one can get in a free country, as everyone thinks they are safe and that someone else will deal with it. When our intelligence units do not have the proper Communist economic defense or offensive units anymore thanks to the Soviet Collapse, in which has forned the idea that the Communist SOE's still do not pose the same threat that they did before, to economic stability, sovereignty, and growth of free enterprises.

Rider I
That is a basic working of the power of the 1st Amendment. You can say the best most specific boiled down thing in the world then place it in front of a free human and they will still just go about their individual desires, and not even worry about what was sent. That is why I love this country, we are so free we are secure. At the same time there has to be some a-wholes who look out. I guess nature just made the type of a-wholes who have the same resembles of symbols really not like the idea of enslavement of their souls. Who knows maybe it is the curiosity gene. That is how I explain all of our key symbols in exact places on our souls human machines. Just the same curiosity in the womb. Funny how the symbols are all really in very similar places, and the stigmata is not really noticeable unless they show it to you. The stories of stigmata due to high intelligence enlightenment are funny as all. I guess when you are scared things become very funny. Time to drink NOS and work. The dirt bike trails where great, have to try and get together to do it again. Thanks to all those supporting folks who enjoy relaxing just as hard as they work.

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