This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

When does cutting dead weight become blood letting?

There is a point in time when programs need to be cut. For example such things as when the Socialist Party of Germany was a major threat to the US and world economy. This not a major threat anymore as the Socialist Party of Germany still exists and wishes for world domination. However, they do not hold enough power to be a major threat. As such funding for the program that makes sure they do not conquer the world should be cut.

However, when it comes to Communist World domination. This program has been blood lett. Which means that it was cut way to short way to early and we do not have enough assets, or cognition working on stopping the Communist world domination. It is so much a problem that no matter what economists you speak to they will all tell you yes I predict the Communist will take over the world very soon. However, they say it in ignorance and say China as if the Communist party is no longer a major threat to the world.

Excuse my language but his a an f'ing problem. I mean I can constantly trace investigative reporters across the world showing where there is no free world intelligence countering Communist intelligence. It is like the free worlds intelligence units see the MSS and SASAC like they are part of their agency. It is amazing, how many Communist intelligence bungles there are. This is not because of the few agents we have working on it which have to basically worry about Communist funding belligerent who then fund the oil sands instability and uncivilly. It is because our funding of free world intelligence on economic activities of the Communist is no where near that of the Communist MSS or SASAC. We spend tons on the extreme rigth college students, farmers and the clerks and dope dealers that weild the poor extremist Islamics against their own civility and economic stability. However, we barely touch in comparison to our rivals spenditures, the economic need to prepare assets and to counter move against the centralized economics intelligence units of the Communists SASAC and MSS.

No offense but this is a boot up the rear problem. As a matter of fact from my trace and satellite hacks. I believe we have maybe 4 people, and most of them are in India. One of them is writing hear with no training or power what so ever to do anything, against the Communist MSS and SASAC. Then I think there is maybe half a person between Britian and the USA and a quarter of a person in Canada that works on specifically countering MSS and SASAC activities via free enterprise and proper cognition of the public whole of who they are allowing into their market shares.I guess if you calculate me I would be even less than a quarter so maybe there is 3.78 people working on the MSS and SASAC economic warfare.

Sucks to be me. I am still so surprised that the Communist have allowed me to exist. Then again with the Priory, Owls, and the whole arena of free world intelligence agents knowing who I am I would suspect that this pimply on my arm and the benign tumor in my arse is not just there for play.

Rider I

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