This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The idea that the Communist are allowed to create barriers to entry against free enterprises.

The barrier to entry in Communist China is still high. It is so high that a good majority of FDI in Communist China is just from business actually having to move their just to be able to sell back to their own countries markets. In which causes a massive imbalanced due to Communist barriers to entry by imports of free enterprises.

As such the idea that the US would create a barrier to entry for their SOE's, and not free enterprise would not be that difficult to debate or hold. As, we really have allowed our whole economy to be exported to Communist China just to be imported back to us. So if the Communist do not wish to allow us to keep our value laidened idea of free enterprise and no SOE's in higher than poverty market shares then so be it. They are not the only country we can do business with. Along with this this defeatist mindset that we for some reason need the Communist because we export a lot to them is based on the fact that we can't create other necessary trade partners due to the Communists high unfair competitive markets. In which forces a heavy reliance on the Communist. Which is very dangerous and if you have read the old Communist Economic Warfare manuals to prevent the Communist from taking over the world. That is a major part of their plan. In which causes the free world to not be able to trade fairly or at a high enough trade to not have to be under the Communist economic warfare threat of rule.

As such we break now the hold and start to trade with others like the Communists have been doing at a higher rate and less allowance of our value centralized in the Communist country or we will probable lose all autonomy of state within the next 20 years to the Communists.
This fear of communist economic reprisal is also literally in the manuals. In which is sates a necessary need to create a defeatist mind set. In which to US citizens of today do not even realize that we are content with the Communist becoming the number one economic power in the world. Where as my grandfather and father in the Unions and enforces along with the owl side of my family elders. Would and do have a conniption that the Communists are taking over the worlds economic lead. After so many freedom lovers died to stop them. This shows the ability of the Communist party to effectively create a defeatist mind set in the populace of the US. In which US citizens care not about international competition or even that we are losing to the Communists who are not even supposed to be using Communist SOE's or even been a single part rule anymore. It is like our intelligence agency have literally gone to bed with them and we the children have woken up in the streets with no security, less schooling, less civility of judgements, and less defensive high technological weapons.  It is like mother went to bed with a jigglo and got played hard for her money and US as kids have had to take the full brunt of the matter.

So when I think about stopping Communist SOE's as a national security matter to the US. I do not see defeatism. As we have allowed them to grow not the other way around. As a matter of fact we need to grow and have been stunted heavily by them.  Which again would show the defeatist mind set of our leaders and populace who have no clue and sit there and allow it to happen. The US needs to be and has needed to be growing at a rate of 6-8% humbly to have kept up with the massive Communist international expansion. We have barely met a 2% crawl thanks to inapt economic workers to keep our international developments at a check and balance rate. Which again can be shown by the non development of rare earth countries and the allowance deadly so of a 90% rare earth holdings in Communist China.

Rider I
As such a simple SOE national security barrier to entry to me seems like a brave and American thing to do. The weak idea of defeatist mindset of being allowed to be forced to rely on the Communist why they go out and conquer the world and make it almost impossible for US free enterprise to export to necessary developmental countries is some no offense ladies but a stick and a you know what is a whole natural differences, as we are differently not acting like natural men in this matter. I do not like it. at all one bit no nop nop.

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