This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

The reason why it is necessary to keep a a balance (firewall).

The idea that a person can become enamored with power usually comes from positions of capital leadership or government leadership. This then insures in which they will start to indubitable be consumed by that power. As such as a true patriot sometimes you have to give up your rights to maintain others. This does not go for the majority. However, this does go for the few. As such if a person was to create an imbalance as to heavy a side in whence with their superior jedi understanding, know they are doing. They are thus falling prey to that wish for power. As one sided power is always known to be a tyrannical situation for the majority under that heavy weight. It would not be right for the firewall to be cancelled or even misled to not be there as it would cancel out over long misled of cognition.
It has long been understood that that test of aura between good and evil, right and wrong, left and right, women and men, nature and machine, religion and atheist, must be properly adhered to for one's countries security. If this balance is allowed to lean any which way it is possible the very uncanny nature of this country could be jeopardized. The idea that citizens can own guns, yet never go to war with each other over differences, or the fact that our true reality is just the idea that we can be free. As we do not have military on every corner, cameras every where or even police folks for everything. This balance is primarily true because of the cream of the crop being able to hold the balance.
This allows for the most democracy/republic for the people. As they all get a turn to have their voices heard and their ideas debated between the differences. The monks have understood this theory for a long time. They have tried to practice it as much as possible. Under standing that even in their rigorous studies of life they themselves the followers of chi, and balance are at times presumed to be weak to power and creation of tyrannies.
This study is none for any monk who's life goes unbalanced. Whether it is the need for human companionship or the need to be alone. I am currently strongly with an imbalance in my personal life. This is of value creation. As the system can't seem to work for me and help me figure out what I need to do to get a job via giving me a safety net to work with. As such, I have found that after the first 2 checks did not show up, my anger levels rose heavily and this blog post shows it. I had previously tried to keep a firewall from my anger and my intellectual side. However, the more unbalanced my life becomes I find that it is harder to stay not upset during the day. I can see this in people and I am sure this same study can be applied to countries with so much freedom as ours.
The funny thing is that if you really wanted to due a trace on people. The best study would be to see how to find the balance for each different type of person. Every human is different except each necessary need is maintained. This is much similar to the levels of different types of dopamine actors. If one smokes a j birdy then that level becomes imbalanced and you feel the effects of the body's natural side from that. Which in turn may leave the body imbalanced to the opposite chemical that is necessary. This is similar with alcohol. Which can leave the body in a deficiency of chemicals and imbalances of necessary levels.
You will see that some of the best jedi's understand the balance and strive to keep it. Then again the funny thing is the balance can become chaotic in itself. That is also considered an imbalance ones opposition can use that wish for balance against them to implode them. For example, the every ending wish to weigh down the balance against the communist expansion in the world and their massive build up of value that they can wield much better than the US or free societies that have none.
This can easily be used against me and my life. In which I fear all the time. I see this blogpost as a place for me to write my ideas. I understand that movies, songs, politicians, extremist groups from left to right are much worse than I. However, because of my personal imbalance I find that I have lost the firewall and started to use very imbalanced analysis. In which I do not know if I can slow or erode before I can gain my balance again. As such you might just have to deal with boots up your who ha for a while.
I also find that my left eye has become apparently worse over time. As I sleep on my left side. Which has always been a strategic boxing weakness of mine because of loss of quick flex tissue due to blood oxygen levels lower when I sleep on that side more than the other. Again an imbalance.
However, I have started to notice the more my eye's go out of balance and I can't afford glasses or contacts due to no unemployment checks. I find that it is also messing with my mind. The idea that my basic illumination for my brain is constantly having to focus itself out and in making me not be able to concentrate I find has also been a major problem.
When I was in school I was able to obtain balanced eye sight. This then allowed me to concentrate more than usually. However, as my eye sight erodes and I can't fix it, I find it harder to concentrate on one task without mentally focusing on another. As my eyes are not balances.

I therefore, apologize that this cite has become even more imbalanced due to my nature, my financial balance and my weakness of wishing to compete against the Communists unfair strategies.

Rider I.

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