This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

The relationship between account deficit and employment levels.Hypothetical research project for my theory and hypothesis. (Service Bell Curve Reliance affect)

I would hypothesize that if we remove the domestic inflative economic realities of the service bell curve boom crashes which does not create enough positive capital inflow, meaning value that actually is not tied to an interest. Thus if we were to take account for this equation and algorithm affect. I believe we would see that the account balance and the employment in this country go hand in hand. The variables that are necessary to look at are the kinds of jobs were are losing, the graph of account deficit relatively compared to these jobs minus the service bell curve inflationary force through government legislation.

So if we take the service bell curve as an actual creator of inflation and we see through it and use the graphs of the account deficits we should be able to see the actual affect of the current account deficits nexus to employment.

In my service bell curve, I wish to try and explain the employment multiplier which it seems many economists are not properly calculating. In which to show that a service bell curve actually has more negative affects and actually increases the account deficits. Mainly by allowing our unfair economic rivals the communist to devour the free world's during each trough cycle. This I believe should be shown by the communists FDI growth during each trough cycle. I have already traced that service bell curves and that they are in fact a cause for each recession. The next part I need to place together before my presentation is the affect of those service bell curves on the employment multiplier. In which I believe will be a substantial affect as it should in my common sense show why the US's reliance on that employment multiplier is a huge cause for concern. Much like the root cause of the ideas that there is nothing to worry about in the trade deficit and that that the account balances have nothing to do with employment.

I believe my service bell curve theory should properly engineer the equation so the reality of the economic can be seen as it is. The Free world economies are being destroyed by neo-mercantalism and then devoured during their trough cycles. In which allows the neo-mercantalists to be able to purchase more market shares and gain higher economic standing over the free enterprises. As the free enterprises struggle to barely hold onto domestic market shares through exporting of jobs and massive FDI coming in. Thus meaning the international economic field is left open for unfair competition without any check from their rivals. Causing many countries to be have scorched earth affect. Which is were another countries unfair SOE comes in and is so uncompetitive that that countries free enterprises can not even compete with the communists SOE's. This is done through the use of military, political soft power and intelligence spy works. Which stops the country from creating any competition laws to be able to compete with those SOE's. This scorched earth affect then causes those countries who have a high FDI from the communist to lose their ability to compete in the international level because they can't even gain enough domestic market shares to be able to muster a competitive contract to gain market shares because of the communists massive SOE unfair little child strategy. In which they use their SOE's at home to secure their markets, then force their free enterprises to go out and gain international markets. In which they use their SOE's only for strategic military and intelligence purposes like countries with a very likely hood of high growth and resources Africa, or a country that has a very high necessary need for the communist like Greece's technological intelligence studies. Which the Communists are currently using their intelligence agency to gain and to control the intelligence outflow of Greece.

As such the relationship between account deficit and employment levels I hypothesis is a substantial thing. As the account balance causes many things to happen. Along with that if economic warfare is taken into account. We see that there is a country that is using their economics to fully blitz the international community to help it grow under their economic stewardship instead of the a proper check being allowed by the free world. Which is having a hard enough time mustering a domestic market share competition for jobs, taxes and quality of life from constant communist dumping tactics, anti-trust violations and cartel activities of massive conglomerated SOE's (in my non professional economic opinion).

Rider I

This is coming from a man who has felt every single service bell curve trough and its affect on the US citizens and remember each one; lost schools, teachers, judges, justice clerks, attorneys, civil workers, clean up crews, taxes, defense technology, resource contracts, trade partners, political clout, ability to help develop countries without the communist already being there placing a hamper on any real free world trade with them, etc the list goes on. You need to start implementing economic warfare in economic reports. The idea that is is ok to allow the communist to develop the world is a problem. .

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