This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plan to reduce deficit by being worlds lead developer of countries in need.

The US and free countries have long been looked to to lead during times of trouble. This has been because the communist used to be well know for playing unfair and economically dominating countries economics. Which is still going on today we just have less guardians with the balls to make sure the world knows it. I on the other hand do not care I will tell you. China cheats.

Thus the plan for the us to reduce its deficit is to increase its ability to develop countries via its exports. This shall be done by a new trend setting affect in which I hope I have already started the soul of whisper and inspiration going. This new inspiration should bread a new kind of leader. This new kind of leader needs to be more intuned with his/her economic surroundings. Much like a monk on a nights data collection deep in curious territory. A leader must always know where his/her powerhouses are to look for to create more jobs and taxes without having to steal it from them through tyrannical power. Along with that they must see their little pups running around their feet seeking attention but having no clue or what to do without proper leadership guidance.

This then new plan shall be called the war on international poverty. This will not be where the US and free societies give money or use FDI to demolish poverty. But they will show the people how to work and pay for their own creation of value This plan shall use the tools and engines of free enterprises, international financing and superior economic strategy to find places that match up with needing US domestic areas of jobs. These matches shall include such things as if the US basket has something that a county needs then we can export that to them, then creating a few more jobs. If the leaders actually act like leaders and stop acting like spoiled brats with to much power gnawing on their paws because no one will tell them not to, then we should be ok.

The idea that the US and Free societies should cut back on their necessary domestic consumption of schools, defense, justice, or civility is ludicrous. The reality is that the US and Free societies needs to stop being puppies sitting on the porch watching the communist run the field and use their political and militarise to create more business and positive capital inflow via exports than many free society countries placed together.

This is necessary. The leadership pack needs someone to lead them into victory on this war on international poverty. I only wish that it could be me. However, each time an Angel comes to help I seem to slip out of the grasps of grace. Thus probable on my own behalf as when I stand up to lead I want to be a strong Cloud 9 General with 9 Degrees topping if off with an MA, MBA and  JD along with 6 other degrees. This is the reason why I believe I keep slipping out of the grasps of the Angels hands.

However, if the proper trend is created and the trend catches in the leadership. Then it is possible that the US could pay back the debt owed to the communist, create a massive infrastructure boost, all while helping fight international poverty with trade and exports. This then is what is needed to do. However, I can not do it. As my time to lead the pack is not yet. I know I am meant to lead. Even if not for the specific natural divine symbols on my body. However, it is more the ability to see how to make it without having to hurt or go to hard power war. This then is a soft power war.For those who are weak please do not see it as anything but. As a war is one country fighting against another. Currently that is exactly what is going on with the Communists. They are literally beating us in every aspect because of weak leaders gnawing on their paws, again not all leaders. However,the trend of paw gnawing has gotten far enough to actually be the main resource for reducing the deficit. Instead of socializing, leaderships leading their fellow brother and sisters or teaching the pups how to gain more jobs for their free enterprises while being able to bring in positive capital inflow and fresh taxes that are needed to maintain our consumption while lowering our deficit.

Then again, if we are able to hit our target marks for each states necessary need of jobs and we gain those necessary taxes, this then will also allow us to do turn arounds. Where more and more US citizens are able to save. Which means that more and more US citizens will be able to invest in foreign countries which will then create a turn around affect like we are seeing the communist due with the free worlds. However, to defeat the communist economic warfare grip on the free world we need strong leaders. Not crying winners who sit at home and are worried about who they should steal from like political gangsters so they can make the international world happy because they can't figure out how to lead, provide and secure our nation.

My time will come. The trend hopefully is started.

Rider I

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