This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The threat to the free world.

The CCP which maintains the worlds rare earth resources would like to keep it that way. As such the free worlds poverty intervention and its ability to export is being blocked by CCP MSS and SASAC activities. At such a high rate to make the free world economic intellegence inapt to actually be able to stop Communist Economic World domination. Which pretty much every economists predict will happen very soon within the next 10 years, I say it is happening now, at the root state.

As such the contraint of the free world to create its necessary FWPI program is a deadly threat to its ability to maintain a balanced funcitoning world in which the Communist Party does not have economic dominace over the world. Therefore, the owls are flown and it is time to make sure the balances is not in favor of the Communist party. All agents who believe the Communist should run the world and are allowing it via bad economics are to be properly dealt with under the law. Those that are found to be a deathly threat to be sent to the crows for examination of aura and ideals, to see if their mindset matches the newly found and failed tests of the CCP to wish to dominate the world via economic warfare and political dominace.

As such we most remove the constraint to the Rider I's FWPI program at all reasonable cost benefit analysis to the expansion and growth of the free world. As the Communist still are making their domestic policy a Communist poverished communal problem, to allow them to dominate the world via their SOE's and padded Free enterprises. All birds are on full detail. The hit has been predicted and it was allowed to happen even with prediction from Dr. Doom. Thus a problem looms, I figure it is either inadequate free market economics to defenend against Communist economics, or their is problem areas in our personnel who want the Communist or are content with the Communist dominating the world.

Birds are up, time is in. All overtime is necessary lights are to burn until the Communist party is no longer a world economic dominate threat as the Soviets where. All elders are to train owletts on proper methods and we are to move as the Communist are stopping the free world from being able to grow in a healthy growth cycle by boxing us in as the Soviets tried to do. However, the Communists have for some reason been allowed to go way further than the Soviets ever did.

Find out why, report as neccessary, all telecommunications are not be used, mediation for rests, and monk underground reports are to be sent, birds for messages, no satellite feeds, no traces of such existance of our being except this post which looks to be like some conspiracist weirdo cite on Communsit world domination. The Communist have control of the worlds internet, our free world souces are very behind on defending and rebutting such traces and attacks on information. So we use pagan style communicatios. All hollowed trees are to be filled with researchers after dark, on their own times. Those with children and wives are to be properly given light loads, those who are young bucks and ladies shall get to it.

This hit shall not go down without us making sure the Communsit do not dominate this world.

Rider I

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