This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to become a traveling leader to find economics for your area.

Grow a pair and figure it out. You are getting paid a lot of money and I am making nothing. If I had your income I would be scouring the world for jobs for my district, you paw gnawers. 

Darn it

Rider I

Darn Govnar Arnold did not take a dime and spent 200 million of his own money to figure it out. The rest of you are getting paid tons and should we should be getting something back from that rather than you whipping and abusing us by tacking from us instead of figuring out how to lead us to greener fields.

With all due respects what are ye getting paid for. You think your job is to take from us, and whip us because of bad leadership and an inability to make sure our country is economically sound. What is wrong with ye? I think you all should just shovel dirt like the rest of us until you get some kind of smart idea like I have to fix this darn country. I mean, if I can do it what is wrong you ye? goubers.
You should come to my bar after ye, dig some ditches with the folks you can't economically properly regulate and then go and sleep with those families who lost their homes do to the loss of jobs, then go speak to those who can barely afford to live because 2 weeks of their pay checks are being taken from them from taxes. What is wrong ye? Your dumb or just weak? Weakness is no place for a leader, neither is dumb? Kind hearted and spirited they should sit on the porch while the strong lead the pack. Weakness and dumbness start trends and lead to paw gnawing, that is not good.

I mean you are supposed to lead and provide and protect, hence the word leader. You are not supposed to steal, beg, borrow, and abuse your citizens. That is not a leader, that is weak and dumb. Hence weakness. Not all of the leaders but a good majority of them up there sucking off our taxes, which are way to high, and they are stealing from us to pay the communists to take our jobs. Do you think we are weak and dumb out here too? Cause we are not and standing for this is hard to do with our mouths shut and our shovels down. We want jobs that bring back our savings and quality of life. We do not want service jobs that will crash on us and they just create more problems.

What is wrong with the bunch of you? Taking before you try and provide, you are embezzles, again not all of you but some of your raise your taxes without even speaking to a delegation of your business, or even finding a country to go visit to create jobs. You know why, you need my whip to your back, that is what you need bad leaders, dumb and weak does not belong in our leadership. What is your problems boys and girls you are supposed to lead, protect and provide, not steal, beg and borrow and abuse (from) your citizens.

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