This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Can I do an unbiased report regarding Communist activities.

No. However, I can come to conclusions that my hypothesis is false. This is primarily based on statistical and data analysis. However, as this has really been a life long study for me, I kind of pride myself on being able to predict or at least hoarse show Communist economic activities.

Mainly, because, I do not enslavement. I do not like greed, I do not like monopolies, I do not like countries that force their people to get abortions, I do not like the idea that a country because it is scared can arrest its citizen for speaking their mind no matter how upset that individual is, I do not like the communist party foremost part because it does not solve for never has solved for and Marxist theory is irrelevant towards the theory of spreading out wealth.

It is basic, when something is so ironically moronic, I have have a bias towards it. The idea that a person should be shunned for having biases against a bad theory is weird to me. Communism is to me as some see extreme Islamics. Islamics wrote about Jesus, Jesus, knew about Moses, Moses knew about the Pagan's. It is all the same thing, I do not see why extremist Islamics kill over religion. Just like I do not see why Communist use their communal ideas to centralize  the wealth of a country via cartels entities to conquer other lands. In the long run Communism causes war. Because there will come a time and point when the economic terrorism of the Communist using their products, or otherwise activities will cause some country to blow their lids because it is such unfair competition.

I mean, here is the way I see it. I believe in a divine, I believe in Jesus, because that is what I know. However, I love Buddhism because it teaches me the mechanics of religion, unlike Christianity which just teachers you the theories. Islam is cool with me, I figure it is just their form of Jesus. I mean if the Owls stories have any truth the immortal to run further into Persia after persecution. So maybe it is the same immortal. Who knows not worth killing someone because they pray this way or you pray that way. Along with that I love economic freedom yet, believe in a safety net for poor or if you come on hard times to be able to gather and climb back up. However, the idea that state owned entities should be able to compete unfairly for the betterment of a whole country via economic dominance is to me terrorism and economic war. I mean free enterprises are fair play and competitive. SOE's are basically a way for a country to use its communal power to dominate another.

I mean lets look at it this way. The US has messed up in allowing its free enterprise to engage with the Communist in trade. However, if we did not engage them who would have helped them out of their communist starvation. Now instead of the Communist being noble and honorable and disbanding their SOE's like most other post communist countries did very easily and with proper transition into free enterprise. We see the very same country we helped become rich, not my choice, starting to use their very own things that shot them in the foot to dominate and conquer foreign lands. It is stupid, plain and simple. At what point in time does the cowboy say. Ok I gave you my shirt, I helped you along, now you wish to come in and cheat my family and steal from my kids. So no more we are done.Your SOE's where your problem we helped you out, no you are using them for a blitzerge because of the help we gave you has caused the world to crash. then you had the nerve to slap us in the face and make us eat your problems, then say it was our fault. When does the cowboy stand up and get on the hands and say that, that is wrong. lets compete. in cowboy terms that means get the box, we gona fight. Close the doors to the hoarse box and we get in on.

However, through trade it should be a fight for free enterprise which is civil. The use of SOE's as I see it is not civil. Especially since the very thing that got the Communist in trouble is now being used to cause the world trouble, through centralized international wealth instead of domestic wealth, which caused the Communist to starve, which is now causing the international community not to expand and develop as it could. Along with that, what kind of Communist says they are going to politically transform then they lock up the guy who knows the most about it because they are scared about a public show and they think a Democrat is going to have a protest. Where I am from we protest about everything, it does not matter. If folks act stupid and ask for a whopping then the police come in and handle them. Me personally, I am more the pin point type. Write send, write walk in. My new game is roots. I can move a whole mountain by planting roots.

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