This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

I want all Owls on deck I belief that the Communist extremist are committing illegal actions to fight economic warfare.

As an owl we have never been allowed to break the law and we shall never. However, under the 1st Amendment we have the right to assemble against criminals, terroists, or even communist militants. I have belief to belive that from point in to point be we have a communist militant. As out of 8 unemployment checks I have received three, in which all three I have had to wait for a very long time to get. At first I thought ok maybe it was me making mistakes. I had prepared myself along time ago to deal with Communist militants in the US, especially California, as they have allowed the Communist militants in government positions. Therefore, I expect this, and even more hardship to stop them from imploding our economy further. However, as I believe a felony has been committed against me through mail fraud by losing or messing with my mail, I now seek all owls in proper positions to find and seek out through their legal and proper right to assembld against communist anarchist militants, who it would seem after 7 messed up unemploymetn checks of mine are some where down the line committing a felony against my person.

We do not commit crimes so as always abide and proceed with the frist amendment right to investigate and present. If any mail fraud is happening the Post office by leaders of the Post office or other Communist militants I would expect proper legal recourse. Which means tell me their names and what their soul aura is and i will deal with them. I do not like illegal actions being committed. This game was not nice with the Americna Communsit Party committed illegal actions for the Soviets and if the Communist Party are now committing illegal actions to help the CCP. I want justice.

I have prepared for this so again, I know where to get food while I am seeking a a new place of employment and I have a trade and barder with an elderly person for my room and baord and I already expected to lose my car. So I am not in danger of imploding. However, still who every in the government is giving orders to comit crimes against my person shall be brought to legal court justice or crow soul justice. One or the other. If the trace is so deep that they have communist militant anarchist in high position contacts, then I will take it to soul justice, properly and legally.

Illegality is not the way Americans play it is the way Communsit militants play and have always played. I do not take kindly to anyone committing crimes against someone who is not breaking the law by assemblying and addressing a serious threat to this country and the free world as our intellegence units are to busy trying to stop the Muslim brotherhood from destroying freedom via soul enslavement.

Dam it, 8th check this has happened. I want someones head, legally and properly.

I want proper grids made of all Communist Party associates and extreme socaialist terroist groups and all of their peers and families start the trace and pin pount probability we will run tests to see if they commit crimes and then find out if they are acting on their own reconissance or by order of higher power. If found to be higher power I have 25 Generals who are willing to legally and properly reprimand anyone who is calling out order to commit illegal crimes against a person especially one who speaks out so heavily against Communist anarchist implosion of the US and free world markets so the Communsit can domiante.

So be it, find them, illegality upsets me.

Rider I

I want all owls on board. We have just went through the biggest every world communist economic warfare hit. In which they are now using their Communist massive SOE's to devour and spread their economic controll. This is BS, that the owls have to get involved. However, like predicted and explained, they are currently cutting our intellegence budges and this will make it even worse. As such with the 1st Amendment being had having a right to assemble all Communist entities and known extemist lefts are to be under I. The extreme right are heavily regulated, by the government, the Communist have gone un touched and have proliferated for the last 10 years. We need to watch and report more on these matters.

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