This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The reason why it is a bad idea to allow these cuts.

The reason why it is a bad idea to allow all of these cuts in government spending is my best example Mexico. It allows the wrong type of people to gain access to information. Along with that if the higher prices are not paid for American products for government shops then it is very likely in these times of high technological warfare where a micro bug costs less than $50 and a nano bug even cheaper to transmit and collection information; it is not a good idea to allow all of these cut backs without first going on an economic offensive against the Communist. During the cold war if the Soviets moved we moved if they expanded we expanded. I know we do that in major things, like oil and energy. However, we have failed in rare earth minerals, heads will roll for that legally and properly it is on its way. Thus though the smaller ideas of consumption of consumables which is an ongoing contracts for free enterprises has been along with such things as rare earth minerals complete neglected and dereliction of duties.
Thus, for the US to keep its necessary consumption of civility of government sectors, we need to expand. This means we need something to expand for. Thus the creationism of the idea of war on international poverty. In which the US is able to go to countries that are developing rare earth minerals and start to trade with them at a very high ration. This then will force the communist to stay out as they currently have a ninety percent illegal very dangerous and war mongering hold on the rare earth industry. So we can stop them from gaining access through proper old school intelligence boots on stay out. This then will allow the us to bring home more jobs through exports along with the ability to bring back taxes most importantly the Jesus, god and Buddha willing it will allow us to pull out of this vicious service bell curve cycle that I hypothesize is destroying our country limb by limb. Mainly do to inappropriate defense against the communist.
Thus, as the saying goes kick ass or get your ass kicked, I do not personally like the taste of my own blood and prefer to preempt my necessary livable hood. I would suggest the intelligence arenas of the free world start to do the something to the communist. As the idea that transitioning Chinese communism in a different way from the way we transitioned the Soviets through hard nosed tactics is not working. This puppy style has still allowed them to be mistaken for pups when they are the biggest dragon on the bric.
The idea is this we expand via an international war on poverty, our targets are the countries that are developing rare earth minerals. The defense from our rivals is anti-trust laws and fair competition laws. The move is all yours. No one else can do it. The reds are about to start chopping more limbs, the blues want to communize an industry and start the service bell curve again. Guess what the intelligence agency once again needs to save this country from communist economic warfare.

I am just one man. By the time my movies and play writes are ready to be incepted into the public and I am ready to boot up it might be too late.

Rider I

In other words grow a pair I gues would be the popous thing to say.

And no Mr Big that does not mean two to my chest as I am not a key player yet.
Macks the stack, slaps the crack, track and be tracked so is the way of the 1st and foremost. Ancient data collectors, I I.

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