This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Next week Ride.

Contact all 653 Fertilizer companies regarding Sinomach, a Communist SOE company backed by probable communist subsidies, military and intelligence units. That I believe is going to be built in Boise Idaho. I need them to check the economic statistics over a long period of competing with a Communist SOE v. a Free enterprise. Along with that, enlightenment causes watching, watching  causes fair play, and proper checks and balances.
Also I need them to make sure that this Communist SOE, is not getting the Economic political erosion helper special and getting subsidies from the Chinese Communist, the US and from possible political leaders. 150 jobs v, the erosion of free enterprise that will  have to start competing with Communist SOE;s because they are not disbanding them but proliferating them. In which I would presume over a 20 year period due to uncompetitiveness would be able to drop fertilizer company ownership down to a very small number thus abusing and stealing the rights of individual Americans to own their own and a fair competition in the market place. This 20 year economic report done on other Sinomach country invasions should be done proper. I need to send this out, so that SinoMach can be properly checked. along with that my green tech showing of how the communist are being used for political erosion tactics needs to be sent too.

It may not stop them, but at least it will give a proper watch and hopefully one of the companies will do a proper analysis of how it will affect the market place and spread out of wealth in the US via many owned fertiliser companies. v what has happened to corporate greed or communist soe's in the massive deterioration of US citizens ability to own market shares as individuals in markets that are torn apart due to allowance of Communist SOE's that then proliferate more SOE's and corporate greed.

I like Idaho, and small and medium business that allow for more individual owernship and competition and less wage cutting and unfair market domination.

Letter I should also send:

Dear reader,
The US does not want US SOE's take-in over the insurance industry. So my question I pose to you is why do we allow Communist SOE's like Sinomach to come into places like Idaho and completely take over industries. It does not make sense to me. The US's SOE's can't take over the insurance industry, but Chinese Communist SOE's can come in and start to take over US industries. I do not like Communism so allowing either to take over our market shares as Communists SOE's seems to be a problem.
What is going on in this country. The Chinese Communist SOE's are supposed to be disbanding not making a full come back via our economic trough which is allowing them to take contracts uncompetitive with our free enterprises that where just seriously taken out via the reliance on the service bell curve, which is a force because of unfair communist production of other things like cars.
excuse my language but WTF.
I mean we have a case against China’s unfair subsidizing of green tech like solar panels. Then we have Senator Reid give $450 million to a Chinese SOE to take over a Texas market shares  to probable politically erode Republican bases through root funding of Communist ideals. I mean this allowance of Communist entities in a long run graph of economics will lead to a force of American SOE’s to take over free enterprises market shares to compete against the Commuist SOE’s that are supposed to be being disbanded.
Bellow is my underground open source intelligence.
Sinomach is part of 45 Communist SOE’s run by a centralized entity Called SASAC:

Sinomach literally tells Idaho that it can run their states economic woes for them in paraphrase:

 U.S.-China Economic and Security
Review Commission Staff Report
Manzullo: China Must End Unfair Trade Practices to Give Americans Chance to Compete for Jobs
United Steelworkers’ Section 301 Petition Demonstrates
China’s Green Technology Practices Violate WTO Rules

U.S. challenges Chinese wind-power subsidies
The Obama administration on Wednesday filed a case against China before the World Trade Organization, accusing Beijing of providing unfair government subsidies to Chinese energy companies.
So they the Communist are subsiding their business, Senator Reid is giving them $450 million of our taxes, and we gave them 80%  of our green tech stimulus. Should the citizens of this country be pissed off yet or what Senator? I mean how unorganized is our economic intelligence units?

I want you to se our labor Unions faces in this picture then Look at Senator Reid. My only guess is he is happy to have a Communist entity being given our stimulus money, our tax dollars and Communist government subsidies while our free enterprises struggle just to compete for domestic market shares and the  other communist entities run the international market place. WTF.
Wind at their backs: Powerful Democrats help Chinese energy firm chase stimulus money

I do not know Senator. I would expect the soul cognition of this country with 2 years and some months on unemployment. The loss of houses and the complete idocracy of our tax dollars being given to the Communist SOE’s that are supposed to be being disbanded. We have already seen one soul be really stupid. I guess stupidity is in the air.
Me personally, I have a good root theory I am trying to get finished in school that should create a tree to stop these SOE’s from overtaking the international community. I mean during the Soviet Cold war any SOE’s was specifically defended against and complete proliferated for defense our economy. Now I see SOE’s invading and due to a service bell curve reliance that crashes us we they can’t even defend themselves to be able to compete with contracts.
Where are our guardians? Where are the Shephards that lead such a great free economic battle against the last Communist SOE invasions, by the Soviets?

Rider I
Allowing the Communist SOE’s to take over industries but not US SOE’s in the industries seems to me a little backwards. Along with those lines any economist can tell you if we allow the proliferation of Communist SOE’s we will also have to create SOE’s to compete against them. As they have their whole countries  tax bases, centralized economics, military and intelligence units at their red phone tactic whims.
Excuse my language Reader.

Communist SOE's are supposed to be being disbanded what are they doing in my backyard?"

Ok project after necessay new training is complete for my new trainers.

Oh pss Hudson. When i was meditating with the monks near the tree. I had a premonition. It was regarding a heavy build up of recruiting of military personnel. However, as I explained to the monk on our late night meditation by the tree, my mind was whipped as my best friend was acting like a fascist where it was ok for her to do it but not ok for me to do it. So the thought came out as it might have been Germany. However, I would only give that a 1% basis. So very bottom of the pile research if at all. However, I think 2 world wars in one millennium is enough for one country. Totally a wash, she whiped my mind hard. Messed up the meditation.

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