This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Dismantle a Monopoly on Power.

How to Dismantle a Monopoly on Power.
A Rebuttal to:
The Chinese Dream Written By
The Wall Street Conspiracy Written by

This Rebuttal Blog is Written By
Lt. Gen 6 Tree
Along with 9 Cloud 9 Generals overseeing its Lockique Presentation of a unique observation from this individual trying to protect the Worlds Nations. Proceeded by the Union of Free Nations and FA's finest highest education. Lockique's are not part of the governmental nation. They are an individuals unique presentation.
Produced by a Royal I Research and analysis in cohert with a Dog Pissing Productions

All rights reserved to the owner  of the Picture along with the unique ideas of the Lt. Gen and is ability to create more freedom and spread wealth out to stop poverty using freedom of economics.
Economic Rootologist
To all Professors and their instruments of waves. May mine make your days.
One Atom said to anther Atom hey lets make something new.

I Why are Monopolies a bad thing?
II Does the Communist Party of China have a Monopoly on Power?
III. Does that Monopoly on Power affect global imbalances?
What percentage of Chinese are Communist?
Do the Communsit stop other parties from being able to lead and have a turn at leading their people's country?
Does the Communist party wield their monopolistic power for economic warfare?
Does this economic warfare impact the ability of other countries to have an equal stake in development of the world?
Does this monopoly cause countries to be forced to be conquered by SOE from the Communist Party?
Does this monopoly cause certain countries balances to be erroded via political economics through communist business ownership and philanthrophy?
Does the Communist party take its people rights of labor and property to make the party more powefull?
Does this political tryanny cause unfair economics for Chinese citizens domestic and international competition?
Does the communsit economics make it unfair for free enterprises of the world to compete against them?

IV. Should the Communist Party have to share its power?
Does Democracy/Republic power sharing systems help spread out the wealth better than a centralized monopoly on power?
How to explain to the communist that the Chinese Country will be just fine if they share power with an opposing couple of forces?
How to explain national security to the Communist in a way that will allow a fair vote for different leaders?
Does the monopoly on Chinese power cause an ineffiecent form of representation via political tyrancy without a proper representation from the people of China who do not want their property rights or labor rights taken away from them for the communist leaders to become more powerfull?
Does the Karl Marxist cognition side affect allow Communsit to share power?
How to help the Communits understand that theorist holding Marxism high are usually out for a one world order dominace?
Would dismantling a monopoly on power allow for a fairer international reality?

V. Is a monopoly on power more threatening to international peace and security than a sharing of power?
VI Does sharing on power cause more domestic concern than International Concern?

Second half of the Book
How to dismantle a monopoly on power?
 VII. Would making sure that political rights and activits are not unfairly treated by the communist through a unified front like we did to the Soviets help?
VIII. Would helping farmers free enterprises by by passing communsit parties to buy from them help them without actually helping them create a root of a proper farming representation?
IX. Would stopping the communist from owning all religions allow a proper conservative base to rise up and politically share power with the communists?
X. Does the Liberal Party of China have enough free enterprise at current to compete at an even level with the Communist party/
XII. Could the LIberal party and the conservative party join together for a one time movement to force the communist via a vote to stop their monopoly on power?
XIII How to we create a real world relization that the Communist still have a monopoly on power?
XIIII. How to make laws to be allowed to tell people that Che Guevar is worse than Hitler without being beeat up by the Communist wannabees?
XX. Am I really the world's most intereseting man?
XXI. How to create a legal proper international force that explains what communism does?
XXII. Can we create a Democratic Scholarship in Communist China without actually using the Nobel lauretes name, but in his honor, secretly?
XXII. Does the US have a program that is as centralized as the Confuscios Chinese classes that incepted communist ideas of rule through their teachings/except for Democratic Rule?
XXIII. How to through the Communsit out of the Bric as they are not a Democracy?
XXIIII. How to take away the Communist somehow it makes sense that the developing world should have more power in the IMF than the actuall free world socities that built it, power?
XXX. How to show the world that China is a more developed and powerhouse than any free world society and some of them actually placed together?
XXXI. How to actually compete via economic consumption contracts to make sure the communist power of international clout does not surpass the free worlds?
XXXII. Is my tattoes of question marks with the rochester test inputted into them which allows me to read folsk mind/personatlity types with 5 static point questions really the coollest tatto idea in the world?
XXXIII. How to gain my CCW so I do not get assasinated by some left wing wacko who has nothing to lose cause he believes in communism and jail sounds like utopic heaven to him?

XXXIIII. This really suchs I am going to get 25 mental papers for this one for my boot to the rear.
XXXX. How to rap the Communist in comfort while we teach them how to be free and help them finish their transition so they do not need to feel threatened or ashamed or pained in anyway?

Oh well it is a start.

The rebuttal to 2 Chinese Communist Books written to destroy freedom of economics and allow the Communist to create a one world dominace through currency and economic controll.

So ma, how you like papa?


Count it down:

Intellectual debate, stats, statistics and fair competition you panzies and boot lickers no enslavment for the rich leaders?

Inovate, renovate, excavate, escalate Demcrocy/Republicanism, for the most representation and the least tryancy from our leaders and their wishes to use their power for greed.

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