This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

What is a Deputy Marshallian Economists?
"Marshallian economists were engineers rather than scientists, and engineers are interested not in pondering underlying forces but in building something that works."

Deputy Marshallian Economist

You are a Deputy Marshallian Economist. You have the right to read and write and present based under the 1st Amendment which is the civilians offensive fighting tool. This allows you to try and find out why the US's is not doing its part more to stop its own starvation and propel that to stop international starvation. 
The idea of Marshallian Economics is that each person has an individual right to their own labors. When that those economic rights are under attack Marshalls should be conscripted to create business that fight back against those wishing to take the individuals rights away from the. This very idea was also used to fight against criminals who tried to take others individual labors. However, those Marshall's usually knew nothing about economics and more about brute force. Thus the etymology of Marshall's based on Marshallian economics.

Therefore, a Deputy Marshall is really just a Deputy Marshallian Economists who the free people of this land and other lands used to gain back their individual ownership to their labors. They were most of the time licensed by the government to go out and legally kick the hell out of those who wanted to take one's individual labors away from them. However, those who could not get licensed just became bounty hunters. In which were usually more brutish type folks who were less to be trusted than worked.

Thus.the economist used the idea of making sure an indiviudal can manage their own business or economics with as little help from the government as possible. This then allowed humans to feel free and work on their toils instead of stealing from government institutions that crushed their souls or greedy rich folks who abused the quality of life and spread of wealth for those who made it for them. Marshall's believe in a welfare system, along with a strong individual business force that drives foward the inventions and business of this country and the free world. They thus would sit down and worry about how to make the individual ownership of labors stronger and how to allow more citizens to be able to own more of their own labors. Thus completely being upset of those would enslave those to communal enslavement like the East coast was during the time of slavery, of Africans', the Irish and the Asians in this country. and like the whole of the US was during times of Mexican style feudal land ownership of territory that US citizens were living in. Similar to what we are seeing now with the Mexicans using the same principle that the US used to gain the land from Mexico. Which as create a strong enough guerrilla force inside of the territory then when it was time use them to re-take the land from the current government that is doing a weak job maintaining it.

Therefore the idea of Deputy Marshallian Economists has been a long held secret in this land. Allowing at times of very scary and low country economics to come in and take power through loop wholes and back doors left in the system especially for those with the souls of dog fighting in their blood and the true clammer of patriotism in their minds.

Thus as the leadership of this country not all but the majority have taken to the paw gnawing trend mental disorder, we need to recoup and start barking again. How does one become a Deputy Marshallian Economist. One thus has to stop the idea of the order of theory, in educational programs in their country, and keep those intact of course. However, a Marshallian Economist has to push the field as an engineering filed. This is primarily necessary now because again we have a feudal societal country like the old enemy of the US Britain which is not the communists that can wield heavy centralized economics to attack and destroy individual freedoms. As our leaders are not able to see it, we must show it to them properly and legally.

How to properly and legally Marshall your leader. The 2nd is never to be used as an offense or some kind of bad idea of offense for defense. As that will give the feudalistic boot lickers more ammo to take away our rights to fight against invasion through proper strategic high tech American guerrilla warfare. Therefore, you need to pick up books and find research data to prove your points to as many as we can need to get deputized in economics. Our economic educational levels are lacking, a good part of our schools need application electronic laboratories but we do not have the money. Along with that we need our smaller business to grow to medium business which means we need to get them exporting.

At current we do not have enough leaders leading their people to economic greenier fields and fighting against those rivals that would love to take our individual ownership of our own labors, through unfair economics. Thus there are countries that need our help out there and there are many countries that the communist are cheating everyone through uncompetitive economic principles. This idea that it is cheaper for them to do business so we should let them needs to be shut down and locked up right away. This idea has caused most of the free world to be crushed by the communist economics. With it now being owned by the communist through jobs, and economic strategy.  As such this country since day one has believed in individual labor of ownership, way before the Communist ever gained power in this world and it will last way after their ideas of feudal communist rule are over. We just have to make sure lad's and lasses the call is up we need an economic awakening in this country. Legally and properly does more damage than illegal and otherwise. As if you use our ability to defend as a offense you are just giving the Communist exactly what they want. As they know if they ever invade we have the best equipped guerrilla units next to Switzerland.

So my deputies lets raise this countries economic engineering principles and get to it.

That is what a Deputy Marshallian Economist is.

I's I.
The symbol was sent up and the fires are light, they are need our help again. Lets get to it.

Oh yes Marshallian Economists time, legally and properly. The flag was flown.

This is something that no intelligence agency in this world can predict or even calculate into the equation is the US Deputy Marshallian Economists. No matter how many times we have to save the world, they still count us out.

New Economic Authorities against the status quo of selling out the US for the rich and screwing the poor and middle class, Lockean and Smithian and Marshallian not Marxism or greedyness.
Invention is a matter of the ability to have surplus to create, enginuity comes from the ability of the people to feel comfortable. Not this idea that if we sell out our economy and are straved we will create. That does not happen in reality. When the US has a surplus we create more than when we are straved and whipped by our leaders who can't figure out how to stop international starvation with our needs for domestic jobs.

Rider I
Somethings to say.

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