This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Literal Economic Invasion of the US.

I want to know who the agency is that is allowing the US to be invaded by Communist Economic warfare agents. I want them brought to justice legally as a traitor to this country and an espionage unit that is just as bad the last intelligence agents found to be helping the Communist literally invade this country. 

Idaho has just become a major sensitive area of communist economic warfare. I want all 500 owl agents on the ground in that area like yesterday. I want all known US agents protecting these deals brought to the public eye. Any politician as well. Bring them to the US's court system. I want enough treason information to buyer them do you understand me. Do it now.

Under intelligence collections have stated the following:
Communist Intelligence agents are Using Visa Program EB-5 to invade the US. They have invested enough money in a gold mine to become a permanent working intelligence unit in the US. After that there is a communist economic warfare weapon known as Sinomach going to build a literally SASAC intelligence base known as a torch program inside of the US. This will give them access to high technological weapons that can be accessed right here in the states.

I want to know names, heads, figures, reasons, ties, access ability, greedy money people all of it. Bring it to the news and media. Idaho has just become a literal economic warfare red dawn.

I want those owls on the ground and collecting data. If they haul me in finish the project. This is BS, find them, search them out bring them justice. Traitors and espionage agents literally allowing to be made US citizens will not be stood for.

Good luck, this is not a test, nor  a practice run.

Rider I
I am very worried. I have watched Communist SOE's invade countries left and right, and the US free enterprises have been being shut down one after another. This is literally not a test. All 500 are to stop work on other areas of communist infiltration and try to do the best you can to stop the further invasion of Idaho. Protect Idaho and do not allow another Communist intelligence base however, this time it will be city, to be created. This is a Red Dawn Scenario you all have extensive reading and practice on this collection. Investigative reporters, when our country fails us we have the 1st Amendment to be followed. That is why it is there, us it wisely.  Orders given, report to all, let it be seen.

How bad does our Countries economic stability have to get that we have to beg other countries rich people,being China has the world's biggest population of billion aires to move to the US and gain a citizen ship.

Make sure that as many eye's as possible are on this. This seems like a bad mistake with to many coincidents. I understand the job creation and that is find. However, the possibility of error is huge hear.

Here is the problem I have with this allowance of begging for money by giving citizenship. I mean all good, immigration and all. However, the Communist in China using the SASAC and the massive power of SOE protection and infilitrationt tactics have taken our literal economic ability to create jobs. I mean the Service Bell curve is the Communists fault as we can;t compete against SOE's and centralized economics. Then we have to go on our knees and hands to beg their citizens to come and be our citizens. No offense I love Chinese, however, the allowance of a SASAC agent or even an MSS intellegence agent to be allowed to own dual citizenship to work inside of the US kills me. Even know most of the citizens may not be MSS or SASAC agents. \

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