This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Problem with our leadership.

They look to abuse and steal from their people instead of providing for them. Lets to a humble basic calculation of what a real leader would do for his/her people.

The worst state deficit is around 4,4 billions.

So lets do the math and provide target necessaries for our leadership before it gets much worse.

4,000,000,000 that is the goal and the targe you take the ball there.

Lets say a normal lower end job is created at 30,000 a year. We take about 30% taxes from that that is around 9,000 in taxes for each person. Not including the myriad of other taxes that come out of checks for spending that money as most of us can't spend it. So as this is not professional we estimate up to another 3,000 a year. That is 12,000 a year of state budget evidence.

So then we take 4 billion and divide that by 12 thousand we get about 33,0000 or so. However, as peaks are usually never met we under estimate a little and we shot for 25,000 jobs to fix the deficit for that country.

Ok excuse me heare. what the hell is wrong with you people. You are telling me you can't figure out how to create 25,000 jobs for one state. WTF is wrong with our leadership? You take our taxes, our security and our jobs and you can't figure out a basic economic equation here is FU for taking my rights and making our people go through hell because you can't figure out how to get your state 25,000 jobs. No offense but this is really ridiculous.

So lets see, um I should stop blogging at this point because anything else out of my mouth is going to be negative. I walk out the door, and say this, you should not be leading a state, city or country if you can't figure out how to get your country enough jobs to balance a budge. I love you all and flip you the eagle. Pay me and I will solve it.

I could tell each leader how much they need to fix their deficits, how many jobs, in which areas of their baskets they can obtain them and where to go to try and obtain them with at least 4-8 countries to obtain enough jobs not just to balance the their budges but we could also go above and beyond and gain a surplus.

I am sorry this is not a professional cite. So you paw gnawing citizen abusing leaders and taking their rights and our security need to come up with a plan to hit  a target of your necessary employment and how you plan to do it. If some po dunk street man from the hood could sit down and create a blog cite thta shows you what is wrong, and then explains how to fix it without taking a ioda from our citizens and actually creating a surplus to allow us to catch up with the communsits.

YOU ALL SHOULD HAVE YOUR PAY TAKEN FROM YOU AND GIVEN TO ME TO DO YOUR JOBS FOR YOU.  I will wear my baseball hat, bring my cigar and my whiskey flask and solve your economic problems so you do not have to whip your citizens.

I hate this, feeling so powerless. Just sitting here watching all these leaders implode instead of being strong and getting out in the world and stopping the international starvation through creating domestic jobs. Dam it dam it dam it.

Legally and properly I wish I could be paid to create the necessar reports to save this country. Cuase I know exacalty what is wrong and exaclty how to fix it. Dam!


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