This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Suffragium Nullus Fiducia

Currently, I would believe the idea of USA's Senator Sherman's anti-trust laws as applied to Communist SOE's would have the same affect that it had on corporate unfair competition practices; to break them up and make them more competitive. If so, then the Communist have stated they are supposed to be getting rid of their SOE's as they are unfair to competitive markets; as previously proven during the cold war. In which massive SOE's centralize the wealth, then redistribute it via centralized economic panel or leaders, for conquer and control aspects of political and military needs. Thus, causing a disparity in competition and in wealth spreading for individual desires and free enterprises. As the centralization of wealth by government SOE's makes it very hard for free enterprise to compete with each other fairly and competitively, due to little odds and ends the SOE's receive; along with direction of funds in the SOE cartel branches that cause more proliferation and horizontal and vertical activities which act like one entity. The SOE's are used for actual control and conquer principles of government leaders and centralized economic units, instead of individual desires for freedom of economics. Where as freedom of economics has been proven to spread out the wealth with the most equitable means and least political and military aspect of control.

Therefore, when the Communist say they are getting rid of their SOE's to conform to normative statistically proven best methodologies of spreading wealth via individual desires and free markets, I think they are not and they are trying to cloak their activities. The reason why I think this is I do not see SOE's that are calming down and being backed down from the cold war. What I see is non redistribution of market shares via closing down of SOE's and allowing private markets to compete fairly. Thus, the evidence for my eye's has been the massive conglomeration of Communist SOE's just placing many SOE's under one name. Where an SOE under the centralized control of the SASAC will just take other SOE's in many areas of industry and conglomerate them. For example, lets take Sinomach. This company does cars, fertilizer, technology, and an array of other industries in which they conglomerated from SOE's. While being in over 114 countries in the world as a Communist SOE. That is just one of the names they have conglomerated massive amounts of SOE's under. Meaning they did not shut down the SOE's for fair market shares but just conglomerated them. Along with that those conglomerated market shares where not allowed to be competed for in free market shares by international free enterprise and Chinese domestic free enterprise. Primarily this was because the US and free world would allow them in if they disbanded their SOE's and we would let down our guard and trade with them. However, now it feels like we are being stabbed in the back. As the Communist use their SOE's and domestically padded economy to centralize the world's wealth for redistribution of Communist ownership of markets. Which much like they did to their own markets before being allowed into free market competition they crashed the market after the jobs where sucked in by Communist SOE's and economic barriers created by them, kept them there. In short exactly the reason why the free world went to cold war with the communist in the first place; unfair economics based on their SOE's would cause world instability. Which it has.

Along these lines the Communist Party of China, further tells a story that they need these SOE's to be massive and allowed to be controlled by a centralized economic unit, so they can stay competitive. However, they have competitive free enterprise in most all of the industries that the massive conglomerated SOE's are in. Thus causing a falsity of reason-ability to the purpose and intent of the Communist SOE's. With this kind of logic and I can go on & it would make sense to go back to cold war. Currently US and free world free enterprise can't compete with centralized economics, and massive SOE's as proven by the rapid expansion of Communist SOE's all around the world. I have already asked my council for a vote of non confidence in the Communist Party ability to transform into a fair competitive entity. As they seem to really think it is ok to wield their massive SOE's to crash markets via sucking in jobs and value, then to devour the markets by using the value to buy up markets and create FDI for interests, and then massively expand the Communist SOE's to new territories causing less space for free enterprises to compete and spread out the wealth. While free market entities struggle to barely keep their domestic market shares. Then try and re coupe an international economic offensive for a fair market competition against the massive Communist SOE's. 

It does not make sense to me. That the rest of the post communist world was able to promptly and securely move to a free market competitive model with little to no SOE's let alone massive nuclear conglomerated SOE's. However, Communist China for some reason is allowed to compete unfairly and unjustly via anti-trust laws in my personal unprofessional mind. How fair is it to the free world to have to watch their jobs be lost to the Communist unfair SOE's and centralized economics. Then have to watch them come in their countries and buy up their business and market shares during the trough cycle. While watching them proliferate these massive unfair Communist SOE's to be used to help develop countries in the communist ideal, instead of the free world ideal, of fair and competitive market place. Which presents developmental ideas of free enterprise and governments just regulating and making sure business is fair, and not being used for massive economic weapons. Is that fair to the free world?

Along with that the Communist world is known for keeping its population poor for international dominance. Communist China is not a poor country, they are communist, and they centralize their wealth for specific international domination strategies, very similar in affect to the Soviets. However, the Chinese Communist just use their free enterprise to cloak the activities of the not needed massive SOE's. Which in no way, if the other post Communist countries where able to reform promptly and effectively, should be allowed in a fair competitive market place. Communist SOE's are economic warfare weapons and that is economic war. Hence again why the free world went to cold war. This idea that Communist China is a developing country I believe is not properly calculated through Marshallian economic principles of reality. In which take account of military objectives, political objectives and all necessary real world variables; not just specific ones picked out to look good, like the uneven spread of wealth in Communist China which is their choice as a non Democratic nation which does not allow a vote for higher echelon representation of the Chinese people; thus forcing the Chinese people to go along with the Communist whims of SOE centralization of wealth and then redistribution for international dominance. Along with that fact that they have used their massive Communist SOE's internationally centralization of wealth for a conquer and control campaign to accumulate Sovereign Wealth funds. In which they use to keep their currency low by keeping their competitors currencies high and unable to balance out. Causing even more unfair international competition for free enterprises. All a long while the international loan agencies give Communist China more loans to help them expand and develop countries, and the free world has to concentrate on domestic policy just to try and survive.

I am sorry, I do not see how it is fair to the free world to keep allowing the communist to attack economically via old Soviet empire fears through massive Communist SOE's. While the free world, loses its industries in every sector. As the US no longer even has a trade surplus or balance in high technological industrial goods. Thus, causing the US's last limb for a positive capital inflow without losing market shares, or interest pay back negativity's to help balance out and slow inflation rates. I am sorry, 30 years is more than enough for a proper transition to a free market society. Other post communist countries did it in a much shorter and prompter fashion with way less damage to free market competition via Communist SOE's and they did not cause a massive international centralization fo wealth via Communist SOE's.

Rider I
I am seeking via my movie outline a vote of non confidence in the Communist Party to compete fairly in the free, fair and competitive markets of the world, 30 years is more than enough. It is bad enough the Communist centralized economic units take advantage of the free markets Democracy slow moving, shirt giving of the back, by obtain Communist subsidies for SOE's, then acquiring US stimulus money for subsidies, then coming to the US and seeking more money to create unfair competitive markets for US free enterprise via massive conglomerated SOE's. Then they sought to seek a one world currency based on their new found surplus and massive SOE bases. I asked the council for a vote.

Vote of non confidence, means I am asking to treat the Communist SOE's like we treated Soviet SOE's economic weapons. Where as Chinese free enterprise will be treated as a fair competitive entity in the international market place. That is what is up for vote in the movie's outline for a script.

I am not a professional at all. These thoughts are based on my data collection website. In which for some reason I just see the logic that Communist SOE's after many hours of reading, are bad for fair and free market competitions. Along with very unfair for the free world. All statements stated needing a foundation can be found on my website via the side panel collection of articles and research papers. As a non professional please do your own research. My seeking of a vote of non confidence in the Communist party is not to be worried about regarding harm. At most it will just cause mounds of data to come out to show why we should be very wary about Communist use of massive SOE's for political and military dominance.

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