This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to create a trend.

The end game of this blog post is to furnish an Idea of turning the communists best strategy against them. Currently the trend inside of the US and free societies is cutting back on everything and then taking away our civil rights by raising taxes. In which stops the citizens from being able to own more of their own labors, or freedom in which is why we are called a free society.

The key to create a trend is finding a root of the problem trend. For example, say you own a clothing company. You notice that there are many kinds of trends. Some created by the French in Paris, some created by the movie stars, others created by normal folks who folks just think are cool. To thus create a trend you must try and hit all of these categories and any other trend setting category that there is.

However, for a political trend is a little different. In this idea, you must do something more. Which usually entails a feet of individualism above and beyond the rest to draw attention to a an issue. For example, lets say I want the leaders to get together for a dance and start talking about how they can actually turn around this idea of paw gnawing into a trend of trading and developing the world. As such I would want to get a few lead dogs to think the idea and think that it is a great idea. Then I would want to get some guardians to also think it sounds like a good idea. Then I would want to take some baby pups on both sides of the spectrum and make them feel like it was all there idea on creating a new trend.

Thus, we then start to hit all of the necessary categories to create a new trend. The reason why a new trend is so necessary for this idea is that the communists intelligence are masters at creating trends to get their opposition to do what they want them to do. It is a major part of the implosion theory. That is why we see so many intelligence agents in such things as music, fashion and other areas of trend setting. This is because the mind works in many ways. We can use colors, as such the silent rave which uses the idea of the blue, the red and the green. In which makes one feel at home in the United States as we usually swing from blue to red and we also have some green in between. We can use music, in which the orchestration is specially used to hit key notes and words to create a series of mental teleplay style images which the person may see outright and understand the symbols or may not see outright and see unconsciously if they are not trained to properly understand music and its creation. Along with this idea of refuting the Communist most importantly to create a new trend the feeling must be right.

This feeling is usually something that is the most important time. I feel bad to take advantage of one of our very prized US representatives misfortune by the hands of a physco. However, again it is something that is now party of our environment. Thus, this feeling of needing to work together to show young folks like that person is a another feeling and emotion. As such, the best time to start a dance would be now. Most of the time a person can tell you if they like a song or style or trend by the way they are feeling when the inception is created. For example, my favorite time when I was young to listen to new music was when I was skating down the street on my way to a skate park. This is purely because I knew my endorphins where flowing and the best feeling of being free with the wind in my hair and floating across the land would help me like the music.

So we take these now to the example of how to create a new trend for the US leaders to stop gnawing off their paws in which leads to the abuse of their citizens. We know that there was just a huge swing in power. This usually leaves one side feeling good and the other side feeling like it needs to fight more. Along with that the death of Representative Gabby is leaving most all leaders feeling vulnerable to their people's will of being very upset in this hard times. Plus, we need to use emotion, music and color to create the theme of a new inception to stop this paw gnawing.

So a proper ball would be necessary. As the secretary of Commerce who I am still wary about do to the huge massive loss of jobs, along with massive loss of stimulus power at home (however, he does seem like he is trying very hard) has placed together a very cool sounding blog post called tradeology. It would be very smart to create a ball for the leaders to introduce them to his project of international trading. This then would be needed to show them how to do their own miny or big style tradologies themselves. In which the Secretary of commerce who is very busy, could send representatives or even be there himself to help facilitate the leaders own tradeology seminars. This ball could include the idea that leaders should be thinking about helping their country and world expand through international trade. Such folks inside of the mixer should be the types that understand international financing, economists who understand economic baskets, some of the leaders as we do not want them all in one place at a time to much, and most importantly the leaders themselves.

To set a trend is not easy. I have done many trend setting in my life that has allowed numerous rock bands to become very popular just based on a few strategic key points that are necessary to hit to start a cognitive trend. This is what we need to do to currently refute the management of our leaders trends by the communists. As the communists wish the US and free societies to think that is our consumption and financing that is the problem. However, this is far from the truth. In reality it is our ability to trade in the international arena that is the problem. As the communists are able to keep us out of a lot of markets due to their heavy unfair trading.
However, this idea of communist economic warfare is not liked by all. As the majority of leaders could not even probable tell what Marshallian economists are our how Deputy Marshall's received their names.

The leaders current trend is that of paw gnawing. We need to turn that trend into a trend of providing opportunities for their districts for trade and the ability to create positive capital inflow. Which in my definition means new fresh money into the US that does not hold interest payments on. In which allows us to create new jobs that are not based already on the jobs and taxes we have. Thus being able to raise the tax level so we can maintain a healthy growth of a target rate of 6-8% as the communists are currently growing at a massive rate of 10% building such things as new green tech communities, high tech production parks. While the US can't even maintain its crumbling cities and infrastructure do to heavy loss of positive capital inflow. As we no longer are able to keep up in the international community.

Rider I

The problem now become if you go to the majority of US collegiate campuss you will see competitive speech teams in the form of foresnics. However, if you go to the majority of US Colleges I whout hypothise that we would not see competitive economic competition teams on each campus. This if turned around could do to things, it could raise the incoming economics department level of studenst as students love places that can make their resume more competitive, along with the fact that it will in the rootology of it all raise the US's economics understanding and ability to compete through open free markets against centralized closed off markets like the communists. As we have to think outside of the box as we do not communize our economics like the communist doe. Marshallian.

Saint Cuthbert

Darn complacent economists:

Don't you like to fight boy, what is wrong with you?

So I went to see Black Swan last night it was so good I did not like it. My best friend was with me and all I could think was that it was giving her ideas. She took me as I have no money, she paid and I drove her car. Scary film, women psychotics are scary, trust me I have to deal with it all the time. Bad and scary, from the part of driving me nuts, to the part where they are nuts one second then need attention another at least 3 days a month ohhh Scary movie. I would suggest that is was so great it was bad. I guess that is where that etymology came from. I felt the chills, jumped and shot myself in the head with an imaginary gun at least 3 times. So great movie, so good it was bad. She forced me to see it. She pulled that physcological warfare. Where she gets me into some stupid not worth fighting about thing like her hair due or the color of her shoes, Then she gets mad and the only way to make it better is if I go do something girl. Movie about pyschol dancers was my punishment. She loved it I thought it was great, would have rather seen Green Hornet or Season of the Witch. But hey, she physcological kicked my butt so I lost, like I always do.
Great movie though. Scared the hell out of me. I was afraid to go to sleep,and or even drive with my best friend as i thought it was going to give her ideas of how to go even more mad on me.
I would make sure to get some well needed stress relief and get the baby blessed by as many religious folks as possible after that one. I mean that was a hard core mind shift and she did it very well. Darn scary.

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