This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The US and Free world's domestic growth of necessary civilized consumption has not grown in proportion to its positive capital inflows through international trade.

The US and Free world's domestic growth of necessary civilized consumption has not grown in proportion to its positive capital inflows through international trade.

This hypothetical statement is an attempt to explains the reason why the US is currently in a paw gnawing trend. This US and free worlds programs and schools and defenses have grown at a steady rate necessary to maintain sovereignty from bigger countries like China and Russia primarily. Our population growth in hypothetical would show that our consumption growth was necessary and is necessary to maintain for a civilized country. However, the necessary positive capital inflows have not been being met. Which is mainly do to a lack of competitive international global growth development and a competition between the communists and the free world. As a free world society not base don feudalistic style ruling inherently has a smaller population due to more choices and freedoms. It is a truth that three free world countries could actually equate to main international centralized communist party of China.

This however, was not a good reason to allow the free world's economics to practically go down the drain. In which now to save it we have had to three times now substantially save the free worlds from collapse under the unfair trade of the communist. Which was done by inflationary spending. Which is the main force and reason behind the lose of free world individual citizens savings, due to higher taxes to pay off the inflation that we had to borrow to save our country from economic implosion.

As such the reliance on the free world has been hugely imbalanced based on the idea of loss of production of value and positive capital inflows.As the variable of production and development of the world is done through resources and manufacturing and not services. This has been shown through the US trying to balance that out through FDI. However, the FDI barely maintains enough equity to pay back the negative capital inflow we have to use from the communists. Thus, as we rely on this we have allowed the positive capital inflows and the development of the world which creates positives capital inflow slip away to the communist dynasties international unfair trade.

This thus leaves us to our consumption demands not being stabilized by a positive capital inflow. This means that every time our negative capital inflow through the service bell curve reliance collapses we have to take more of our citizens individual labors through inflation. It has happened through both political parties.

The consumption demand of a normal citizen are a need for a job that can produce enough value to actually support a roof, vehicle, family and vacation, along with a nice retirement. However, this is lacking. As our current vicious service bell curve causes a massive feeding frenzy during high times of service bell curve reliance then a down turn of having nothing as folks had barely enough to pay for their day to day because of the previous high inflation economics which saved us from the last service bell curve.

Thus our consumptions are barely met during times of service bell curve reliance with a few bulls making it big and creating more savings for themselves. Which like Warren Buffet, or George Soros they take over seas because our ability to create positives capital inflow here at home through international development of countries is not there enough compared to the communists where both of their savings rely on to create more capital for them.

Therefore in my hypothesis and my theory in which I hope to explain that this service bell reliance is the main root for our inability to have a health growth rate of 6-8% as we are currently at a 2%  economic income growth rate. Which is not comparable to the population or even the necessary spending to support our population based on an inflationary economic bail outs. Along with the ever needing infrastructure that we need to compete against the communists.

As such in this hypothetical statement our domestic consumption growth is necessary. However, our economic expansion of positive capital inflows is lacking.

need data and proof to see. However, this is just a blog cite to let it all out as the light bulb turns on.

The idea is that it is simple to see that the leaders cutting back our necessary domestic consumption is wrong and an improper way to fix this countries economic imbalance. It would seem that if we were to concentrate more on our positive capital inflow like a strong country that it would not only help us maintain our domestic consumption but it would also help us grow and then help other countries grow to. As the root of positive capital inflows is trading with other countries through exports and helping them develop their countries to be more productive and secured.

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