This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hopefully the Communist will change their constitution before I gain my full asymetric power.

This would show like other post communist countries that the monopoly on power by the Communist party was truly for the people and not for the greed of a one political party system. In which would allow more freedom of speech and proliferation of other parties so that the proper and most debated and researched candidate by the individual people and the community could be voted in. Instead of the Communist constitution which holds the Communist in power so they can take over the world via socialization then Communization. The Watchers did not like Marxist social feudalism enslavement then, and we sure do not like it now.

Rider I
that is my hope and dreams for the Chinese People to be out from underneath Communist rule and truly a democracy where any individual can start a party and rise up through political power to share ranks with other parties in a free country. We can't allow such a country as Communist China is now to keep proliferating based on their current constitution and use of massive lied about conglomerated SOE's.

I am sorry. The reason for concern is much the principle and creation of my chair in a very spread of wealth and ideas society in which we vote or have to have hard statistical data to move forward, in which was allowed such a seat as mine. This allows for quick decision and rapid movement of intelligence and data. The same goes for a Communist country with one party in power. It is a threat to peace, and it is a threat to the spread of wealth in the world. As, I never fully feel my full potential for power, as I have been raised to feel the vote and be humbled by my council even if I feel the necessity to overrule.

However, the Communist Chinese do not listen. When their SOE's dominate their domestic market places and business speak out the Communist Party publicly hangs the business owners that speak out and then devow them of their ability to earn. This is primarily so the Communist party can perform their constitutional function of carting a Karl Marxist world of enslavement. Where as the seat of the monks and the sead of freedom comes from a constitution based on equality and individual rights, with as much representation for ideas and power sharing as possible. Which slows us down in government movement but makes sure the wealth stays as spread as possible inside of a vacuum outside of communist constitutional attacks.

My chair is a peaceful chair, we write and read and present only. I am never to be thought of as a professional in this chair. Until at the point in time my individual powers become stronger than my chair powers in which I have to give up my seat in this position. However, as long as I stay below a capital level in society the power rests in my hands to ask for and create research on matters of Communism, as Karl's Marx has become the monks worst enemy and biggest problem in this world. Thus, the level has to be that of the prey that the Communist seak, which is poverty to lower middle class. Allowing one to feel what the prey feels, for proper research and defense intelligence.

Rider i

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