This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Expand an Economy during times of Recession. Econ Dog Fighting 101

How to Expand an Economy during times of Recession.
Blogged by Lt. Gen. 6 Tree
Roots R ologies, encapsulating an idea long lost. Called economic dog fighting.
We will not be too little to late, you will stop gnawing your paws and thus creating whole packs of paw gnawers. Would rather take and abuse their own citizens instead of economically fight to develop countries in a competitive manner.
You will not have to wait to sumbit anything speak freely as I can create value unlike some folks who would rather gnaw paws than create value.  Go gnaw on some paws and take some more civil rights, justice, and childrens education from them you paw gnawers.
This is for all those Paw Gnawers cutting back our citizens civility to raise the communists expansionism.
As long as dog tags are on the soldiers and dog tattos on the Lt G's 6 Trees, we will never kneel to a communists oppressor to this nation. Being the Communist Chinese

Dog fighting is a term that means to be under tooled, ablily skilled, and out gunned. This term usually came from air superiority fights. As the west time after time in major conflicts finds itself at the back end of the air superior game. This can be seen again today with the west v. the communists and the verberating post communists in which the Powerhouse Communist country is trying to turn the veberators from west ideals of economic freedom and individualism back to communal slavery. The examples of the lost west Air Superiority is the Communist Chinese cloaked bombers and jets which are bigger and can carry more pay load long ways than the US. Along with Russia a post communist countries electromagnetic satellites in which they can hack or even destroy machines that use electronics, without the shield that Greece's intellectual society seems to be hacking through right now. This then is when the free societies have hat to conscript against such massive cloaked military build ups as the German Socialist  Party which tried to take over the world and create the perfect human, along with ransacking every darn tomb in the world trying to find the monks tombs of sacred intelligence.

Economics is easily defined as the ability to manage ones own. In this case when we take so many we take economics as applied through national sovereignty as the ability to manage ones own country and owns ability to allow as much individualism to the citizens as possible. Along with this when it comes to economics, we can look at recent countries that used Karl's Marx's theory of a one world economic powerhouse. I will start with the German soldiers use of trying to create State Owned Enterprises in the first war to build as much war materials as possible. Thus allowing them to conglomerate and centralized their economy specifically for military use. This then allowed them to get very far with their first use of Marxism to boot root their economy, and then move throughout the world to dominate as the world's economies where much freer or not as centralized as the German Socialists Party which had perfected Marx's economic weapons.
This time we move the next time the German Socialist Party used Marxism to try and create a one world economic powerhouse. This time however, they used the idea of Marxist to create a kind of Machiavellian idea that religion was the reason for this times economic powerhouse. We thus see the German Socialist Party taken over many Jewish people as they all owned a lot of individual business which had a nice portion of the European market place. Thus if the German's could centralized their power they could again create their one world dominating force. They then pursued this and accomplished as necessary, taking again the world by surprise, and stopping the world from being able to use its economics to fight back.
However, the US and its massive infrastructure at that time of production of positive capital inflows through the world relying on it for manufacturing, was able to conscript their economies to fight against the German Socialist party.
However, this time as wished for by the Communist Party through ideas of pushing for the one world currency and the one world order based on a calculation that would allow them to lead and crush all international dissenters; it is a different story. They thus have found that if they try and go the German Socialist route and immediately use military hard power they will be stopped. However, if they can create a bleeding war for their dissenters to go into at a never ending story of  economic blood letting, then they could easily just use the economic warfare weapons to do the same thing and the rest will follow. This is known as the soft power part of the Marxism; as it calls for anarchy to take over governments that is the hard power and then it calls for economic warfare through SOE's which is the soft power part.
Thus this time they have also perfected the use of Marxist economic weapons. However, it is done in a fashion not to accomplish hard power victory but to accomplish soft power victory. The primary reason for this is that the communist know they can never beat a conscription army. Much like the western allies that were drawn into a bleeding war can never beat the conscription armies of the Islamic extremist, as soldiers do not need to be unified to fight. This is the main reason why the framers used the 2nd Amendment especially a Mason taught specifically as he was such a high Cloud General, in the arts of war. This thus meant they have to find another way to create a one world currency and government to allow their ideas of communal enslavement to a few leaders and their pets to overthrow the true people's rule Lockean style individualism rule and economic freedom.
As such they have used their clever ways of their past military wars of lieing through the teeth and cloaking as much as possible to stab those that wish to dominate and concur. Thus, Guardia SioChana. The rulers of that area have been known especially in a main public domain of the arts of war something Sunzan or something, it shows how the Chinese leaders are very good at soft power warfare.
This time what they have done is create a reliance on the free world on a negative capital inflow. In being is the service industry. This then ables them to take away our ability to conscript our economies to fight against major economic and military powerhouses like the Chinese Communist or the Russian post veberating countries. This reliance on a negatives capital inflow has done such detrimental impacts to our honor and dignity in the world as allowing the Communist to control 93% of the world's rare resources which are needed to create high technological weapons and necessary high value products. This then has allowed them to almost be able to completely squash an economic conscription against their wish for one world dominance and economic order.
They have also been able to use their massive unfair trade and soft power economic weapons to create such havoc as to get more and more countries just wishing to vote in the idea of a one world currency, which would be the hatchet to the neck for the free world's as there would be no coming back from the communist economic nuclear weapon. Which is a one world currency.
The reason why a one world currency is such an economic nuclear powerhouse for the communists is primarily because of their ideas of uncompetitive economics. They use such strategies as to crush developing countries that do not agree with them, or they use their strategies to force weakness of their major oppositions like the west. This then allows them to underhand the west's through their own politics. Much like what we are seeing now with Senator Reid and the failed green tech stimulus to the key pong of 80% loss of that economic unit. That is a major damage on that economic unit that was supposed to bring us out of this deficit cycle.  Huge embarrassing loss. This then creates the false dichotomy that we need China or that they are hear to help. Thus then in reality they are not there to help or even play fair. They wish for what their main one dominant political party wishes for. A one world order in which the communist can rule and tyrannically without dissent to their power control the world. Which would in the long run crush diversity and being able to vote with ones passport or feet. More or less meaning that only the elite communist leaders or leaders that followed their rules would have their opinions heard. As any opposition force would be crushed to the point of not being allowed to proliferate their political party.
They have been able to so far create a mass of illegal resource contracts, a centralized strategy that will never be competed against or checked by free enterprises (thus causing communism to take over just to compete with them), they have also been able to create a financial reliance on them while they then use that money to create further soft power economic warfare weapons.
This soft power war from bleeding war to unfair economics and illegal monopsony resource contract holding has left the free world brittle and crumbling at the edge of every service bell curve reliance. The free societies are ill equipped to compete in international trade or development on the same scale as the communist, they do not have enough resources to keep up their military need for high tech or even ability to conscript quickly during a time of conflict,like North Korea, and along with that the free societies are losing clouds because the communists are doing more business with their whispers in the international markets ears, while the US's boisterous truth of freedom is being left far behind to the Communists ideas of whispering to win the soft power war.


In a dog fight the dogs are the ones who are ill equipped and are usually less able to keep up with a superior powerhouse. In this lesson you have learned a little about past economic powerhouses, and then somewhat of a nexus to a present one. This then should give some kind of enlightenment that the free world is no longer the world's economic powerhouse. We are not able to compete in the international world against the communists powerhouses. We are not able to keep our jobs here at home due to heavy soft power losses in our government to paw gnawing and boot licking personalities.  So we will take the idea that we are outnumbered out engined, out weaponed and all we have is our skill and the soul of freedom in our veins to fight back against those sky's filled with Germany Socialist Nazi's. Taking Bog Br Ollscoil.

Therefore, we will start with how to dog fight. First our engines the free enterprises of this ship are under attack and have taken serious hits and loses. The skys the market place have been filled with our opposition the communists. They have come in under cloak of dark clouds, the idea that we need jobs so we should allow them to easily buy up our citizens market shares that were uncompetitively crashed and now have been devoured by the communists. Our ammo our financing and stimulus have been drained and we are flying on a hope and a prayer. Our wingmen and women have been out to dry for some time on 2 and some months unemployment, making them rusty in the market place and work skills. So we are at rock bottom baby. It is time for those dogs to start barking.  In other words those Marxist goubers once again are kicking our butts hard core, much like the Nazi's skys did until dogfighting came around.

So how does the free world use dogfighting techniques to economic take on the communists economic global growth expansionism?
The way to do it is first to find some folks that have a heart and soul to fight and not to roll over and to gnaw on their paws and let the other dogs eat their food and their families food.
Then once the proper leaders are found and have a spirit of dog fighting in them. We can begin the process of starting to rebuild the US's and Western societies economy, infrastructure and military superiority, as currently we have none of these.
We must first find out exactly what we have in our stock for engines. Thus we need to know what free enterprises and business we can still use to help develop the world and stop starvation of our people and other people.
Then after we have a stock of the engines, we then need to know what other countries engine look like. So we can either help them by trading with them thus creating the ability for more engines at home, or by trading with another country that can create jobs and products for the countries around it thus creating a centralized trading partner for that area.
This then allows the leaders of the US to gather their free enterprise and create more trade seminars than what the federal government can do. This then where the federal government misses the smaller folks who are a huge part of this country the leaders of those areas can then use the basket reports to help them find out where to produce for.
The idea here is that the US and free societies have been being beaten silly. Not to the point at which any person can really tell, but to the point in which it has become a serious problem. The US allows itself over and over again to be stripped of dignity and the ability to compete in international trade. In some kind of idea that we will be able to sustain a civil public by creating new high technological jobs. Which usually are not enough in number to take care of the necessary developmental jobs that are need to develop countries. Therefore, a restructuring of the necessary elements needs to be done.
First, we start with all known associates of any paw gnawers. These people should be given reports on the basic idea of paw gnawing and how it affects the mentality of those around one. If one starts to cut back and take and steal and abuse their citizens in their state then the other states, countries or cities will seem to think it is ok to do the same thing to their people.
Then we need to walk them through how to be an economic leader and create jobs and stop being creepy intraverts who sit around and figure ways to take from their people and abuse their citizens rights.
This would entail a full research report that would walk them through step by step on how to actually introduce their baskets to other baskets that would be bettered by each other meeting.

Then a full defense report written on how if the communists swoop into steal the trade from our people, how we would be able to legally and properly fight against their uncompetitive reports.
I only wish I had some kind of job, or even a school in which I could do this report and create it. As currently all I can do is blog about it.

So I try and get into an economic program. Currently as I have seen what is going on with my unemployment it is unlikely that i will get it. As I want to save my country. And the weird thing in this world if you try and save your country from destruction without permission they scold you and hold you back. So maybe I will or maybe I want. I hope I do, as I think I am on to something.

Rider I

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