This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why small and medium business are better for African investments as compared to Communist SOE's.

The start mining companies are able to act more with the locals so they do not bring foreign employees. They are also able to help start up other mining companies by having to pay a good wage so as not to have bad employees. Where as corporate mongers or even Communist SOE's are more likely to exploit African workers and bring in foreign workers. Also this allows the domestic government to have an easier time managing the business and working hand and hand to create more free enterprises to compete against them so their citizens can also compete. Freedom not corporate greed or Communist SOE's.

Rider I

The only factor is the ability of a good free world agency to regulate Communist SOE contracts and their uncompetitive ability to give foreign Sovern Wealth funds along with Communist SOE contracts, which is illegal, as no one can compete with foreign Soverign Wealth funds tied into Communist SOE's. It makes it impossible for the local domestic competition and foreign competition. The Soveirgn Wealth funds when carteld with Communist SOE's along with monopsonic style contract bidding by many centralized managed and owned Communist SOE's makes it very hard for small and medium business to start up abroad or to help them start up domestically.

Along those lines the royalities then are not necessary calcuated by the business entity itself, as there is a long line where the Communist SOE's can spread out the non competitive royalties by cartelling with each state. Which then ties them into a long string of international anti trust laws. As one SOE can so called when it is good for them own a whole market from shipping to manufacturing of the part to spread out costs, however, when in legal battles, they are just one entity acting withou the others. That is not fair to domestic people who are exploited, or to domestic African workes who can't compete competitively to own their own mines and help via philanthrophy to develop their own countries. Like the US did with its individual ownership of resources.

some ideas floating around from a trip a long time ago.

I mean that is the US dream to be able to work a days wage to earn for family and security and savings so they can someday compete against their employer in the market place if they reach the cognition of their employer. Not to have to be exploited to never own anything, or to have corporate greed hold them down for pennywise business.

I say small and medium and starts allow more freedom and a better quality of life for that individual desire and whims along with dreams. I would also think that it would allow less civil uprisings and more domestic soverignty of government.

Along those lines a great paper would be on this matte cognitioners get on it. I am business folding clothes and living the poor life. I have to go scrub pots and pans here in a couple of minutes.

Austin her to tell you the power is in the people, the will of the competition will win. It just takes some time to get a grip on Communist SOE's as currently we do not properly regulate Corporations because we are afraid of Communist SOE take overs. We are getting there. The dream is to spread out individualism and ownership, not corporatize the world, or COmmunizee the world. That is the American dream own your piece of land your own compeitive business and do what you love, hang with the kids and play ball games or dance and do other things. It comes natural for us to not like Corporations and to deal with them. However, all these macro battles have forced the government to allow more corporations of gigantic size to deal with whole country Communist Soverign wealth funds and Communist SOE's. Makes it hard for a little guy to compete let alone climb up to competitive international levels.

That is why I will never a politician, Communist will not illegally fund me via enternet and the Corporations will not give me money, So I will stay out if you just donate a million to stop Communist expansion and create a freerer world than the one I see being created Under Yellow Star.

I will do more damage as a cognitioner anyways. Speaking freely as a gentlmen instead of ranting as a crow.  I am crow I know.

I have a contract signed for retaken if of individual donation funds if proper accounting principles are not met. You let me know, if you want to do it like spit on ground cloak style hand shake on the hand of the world and bird. No problem, trust me it will all go to education and presentation. I know I have six degrees, and I worked odd jobs to get all of them, if I can work odd gigs speaking at pubs, and lecuture halls and educational faclities, sounds like home and odd to me.

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