This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Emerging/Developing Market v.Real Emerging/Developing Markets.

How does one explain that a neo mercantalist country is not a emerging or developing country but a country that has a communist market place. In which forces centralization of wealth and pockets of economic disparity. Where in free markets wealth is better spread via less centralized communist markets and bigger and freer along with properly regulated through competition markets. So because the free markets at which at current are starving for growth by false dichotomies being created by communist markets which are not real developing markets, are more spread out via wealth we should have the lesser ability to grow. In the US alone it has substantial amounts of need for growth, which is now trying to be field by the Communist governments. Like Idaho where Communist China government is trying to micromanage the US's economy by creating small Communist owned cities around the US.

A real emerging market is not one like Communist China, Brazil or Russia. All who constantly defy wishes for them to become free markets and stop communist markets. A real developing or emerging market is a market like Iraq or Mongolia or Budhistan. Where these countries are now just starting to gain market places and the ability of them to emerge into a market system is starting. The problem is and has been what kind of market place will they bell. Will they be like the Communist market places with high centralization of wealth and pockets of economic disparity or will they be like the free markets with free enterprises and spread out wealth?

Hence then we get the cold war. In which the Communist where communist, and the free world was the free world. The whole idea that the communist markets are developing or emerging is causing the free markets to starve for growth via international loan favors of the Communist markets and also stopping the free markets to check communist growth by not allowing the free markets to develop countries economically at a rate at which the communist markets are developing.

Thus, the Communist are not real emerging markets, they are based on Marxist ideas of destroying free markets via centralized wealth and control. Hundreds of millions of died to stop the communist now you improperly label them which allows them to conquer the world and start to starve the free world for necessary growth so when the Communist come into help and prop us up they look like heroes when in actuality they are the ones who created the problem through international centralization of wealth in neo mercantalist countries of communist markets, by stopping the growth of free markets through constant every day in and out uncompetitive communist economic warfare strategies.

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Inspired by real emerging markets and free markest literally being starved for growth due to neo mercantalist communist markets wish for marxist manifesto destruction of free markets and the spread of wealth and individualism to all no just a few leader elites.

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