This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Start Up Companies v. Foreign Investment by Communist SOE's or Soverign Wealth funds.
A start company is a company that has been started by a domestic person. As such these things can be done through loans, investments or other means of gathering capital to create jobs and new market shares. These new start up companies help create more areas for foreign exportation as they will need new market shares for growth. So as they competitively look for domestic market shares it will force out bigger free enterprises in that industry to start to look abroad for bigger transactional sails. Which will help the US develop foreign economies, in which can create more domestic jobs.

This is something we have forgotten about as we have allowed bigger companies to take whole industries to foreign lands and then import them back to us while our start ups are barely able to compete for domestic shares to gather steam in industries to become big enough to also seek foreign markets to help develop and bring more positive capital inflow back in.

The erosion of US start ups has been mainly do to massive build up of cold war weapons of SOE's by the Communist Party of China as they are afraid to lose their dominance at home to freer more liberal economic parties who believe in more economic freedoms and domestic growth instead of massive sovereign wealth funds which transfer money out instead of in to conquer and create a never ending necessary need to keep expanding, instead of being able to start to consume through more spread out wealth via free enterprise that do not create sovereign wealth funds and allow the citizens to enjoy a higher quality of life with that money. This then can allow foreign countries to import more into Communist China as the country starts to increase consumption.

Along these lines this allows smaller countries to also enjoy a higher quality of life as instead of having to create protection strategies of massive SOE's which will be seeing with the next ten years as Communist FreeTrade Agreements are actually fraudulent. Based on their neo mercantalist strategy they could never be a free trade partner by standards of old real freedom guards and not these knew weak ones. They do not even kick the hell out of anti americanist report writers or collectors anymore.

This higher quality of life for foreign countries would be by their individuals being bale to own their own enterprises and compete competitively with each other. What has given way to the uncompetitive nature of massive corporations and Communist SOE's as we never fully closed the deal and got rid of the Communist Cold War economic weapons. Has lead way to destruction of the small and medium business being able to grow strong and healthy to compete for international market share. As such we see less business climbing the ladder and more business stuck at the bottom as Corporations are allowed to exist in uncompetitive strategy to check and balance massive Communist conglomerated weapons of SOE's. Luckily we have the Competition Bureau can do.

Still though the idea that we constantly allow in foreign soverign wealthy funds and massive communist entities would seem to go against US normative policy of economics and long historical standing of freedom. The reason why we have lost cite of US economic and civil freedoms is basically as we now see the worlds biggest communits empire and user of Communist SOE's expanding. Where as the Soviets tryanical civl rights political party and the economic weapons where constantly watched and delt with properly so as to  be able to check and balance.

The idea is we need to spread out wealt through competition. In which will cause the smaller business to be able to compete with the bigger ones and corproations to push more to further disband Communist SOE's as they will not be able to compete with them. This then will give the big boys the sandwich affect. Causing them to see the Communist SOE's and unfair competition as it is.

The reality is that Soviergn wealth funds created by Communist SOE;s are not the people's money as the elitiest communist say they are. They are just a way for that single political party to control more of the world and implement their ideas. Instead of allowing that money to go back to the people and be sperad around through competition and individual whims. Which has been proven to actually cause the spread of welfare to raise much higher than centralized soverign wealth funds or soe's.

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