This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Does this sound like a smart loan to you or fraudulent representation.

A loan in a time period in which US citizens have no ability to get jobs are looking to go back to school. So they look to a provider that is a duopoly which allows them to have government help to be better loan providers. So you look at the statement and it shows your interest rate at which is capitalist and fine, then you see oh wait there is no max interest rate, so then they show you a pay back rate at which there is no max rate, so the loan comparable just balloons out of control.

Is that a respectable representation of a loan to call it a smart loan when they are ripping off people when they are down to help them get back on their feet with a no max interest rate loan. So when we finally do get a job they can completely rip us off. F no it is not. I am going to sue these bastards for false representation. This loan should be called a last ditch, no jobs, bad economy, I need to learn a new trade because my trade is in the gutter, shoot myself in the foot and take the stupid abusive falsely represented loan.
Smart loan, sure no interest rate with a max rate that will cripple any graduates lively hood. F'ers I am suing you. Just as soon as I graduate.

Rider I
You can't shop around when you have no job. You are stuck with the duopoly and they know they have a nuche market and they are abusing it with a no max interest rate loan. I am going to get them for that as soon as I graduate. Trust me I looked around.

This is great I loving being smart. This is going to be like the time I schemed the pyramid schemers during the 90's service bell curve. In which I was able to get 4 pyramid schemes to get me credit cards to give it to them underage, in which i then went and blew up the credit cards as there was no parent authorization as a 15 year old and then called them up and said the loans are void you can't make contracts with minors.
this companies contracts are voidable by fraudelent represnation in which I have a flyer and marketing as they say it is a smart loan, no max interest rate is not a smart loan and is easily vodable once I am done enjoying the contractual terms. Stupid people, I love capitalizing on stupid abusive capitalists. This is going to be better than the time I create contracts as a kid via mail with no identification for CD's for a penny. Then when they tried to enjoin me for the rest of the contract for the hundreds of CD's I recieved I sent them a letter with my California Id showing them I was a kid and i was going to report their practices of creating contracts with kids to the BBB. They let me have the CD's and sent me a note that said "smart ass". LOL, I love stupid abusive capitalist, it makes me feel good to get the upper hand legally and properly.

So this absuvie fraudelently represented loan, is voidable and I need to enjoy the terms of the contract, since the court will find them guilty of fraudelent represenation during these senstive times, I will take the contract, then whoop your arses  later with it when I am done you absuve SOB's.

So I figure I should be able to enjoin them for about 4 times the amount of the loan so as not to cause a financial collapse in the market segement they are currently collecting under fraudelent representation and pretenses. However, like a good shephard I would rather just have the no max interest rate to my current market segmented fellow people stopped. As such I reported it to my favorite leader. Maybe the leader will do something maybe not. Either way, I will be able to easily make these people looke like predators in a time when folks needed help. In which they will have to pay me a substantial amount of money not to whoop their arses, as an economic warfare agent wishing to spread wealth via fari competition, I am very well schooled in economic warfare kicking arse. they are calendar for an arse whooping if the leader does not stop the predatory fraudulent practices of representation. I love to eat predators for breakfast, LOL I like abusive capitalist on my morning plate of activities. I am going to whoop your arse if that leader does not properly check you.

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