This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can the idea of individual treason be turned into a macro idea of community treason.

This would be simply called pys warfare. The Communist have been great at it from pitty killings in the US to gain votes, or even mass drugging of US communities along with propoganda filled with slight slogans to gain votes. These are all well documented things the Communist foreign agencies have done to individuals in the US to try and get them to commit mass treason. However, in a Democracy/Republicans the idea that we have anti american rhetoric has just become a day to day life and through the 1st Amendment is something we have to deal with so we can allow folks to get it out instead of hold it in and go underground. Along with that it is very possible like what happened during the mass drugg affect of the KGB and the Chinese Intellegence units that it can work that they do change whole community ideas of country and sovierngty. So much so that at one point whole areas of the US where all for the Communist invading the US to make them all part of Soviet Russia or Communist China, just based on the good intellegence work from the Communist.

The idea however, that a country will kill itself for the betterment of another country is a whole new idea of treason. As it is less likely a form of Democracy/Republicans as voting or just our free bird spirit to fly into storms now and then even though we know they are coming during a high time of possible damage. Thus, we can then start to pin point specific players and specific rhetoric or even specific unfair business transactions or funding as regards to ones allegance to their country and citizens as compared to having allegance to another country that they are helping destroy and attack our country.

As such like we look at specific individuals for for treason and certain outcries or even out right telling. Is it possible that whole communities leaders are getting away with committing treason against their own country? Is the idea that destructing ones own country enough to cause someone to be considered a traitor. For example in the 50's at the hight of US Patriotism and love for their country after a very real scare of world domiantion by a one world order, of German Socalists. The US was held together very tight and the very thought that one would help another country destory their own countries business or market shares was considered treason and if my grandpa's stories on the union side are true folks literally got hurt for doing such things.

Today however, we see US leaders givening our tax dollars to a very real threat of the US to destroy our market places, take away our schools and childrens social programs, close down our free enterprises, all in the name so the Communist can expand into our country and into international community. At what point does someone have to be made a legal example so the whole does not have to pay for its treason to its self degredation?

In my nature as a US citizen with my q's of red white and blue on my shoulders. I do not understand how we could ever give hundres of millions of dollars to a foreign countries business after, their own country subsidized them and then we also gave them our stimulus money to destory our high technological market place. Would that be considered treason?

Treason as applied to the Market Place I believe would be the study, lets see if there is a common text on the matter.
 (Economic Treason)

Now the next question is how to actually get Economic Treason applied to those leaders and government agents who are destroying our market place and ability to compete and lead this country. Now necessary mens rea as working hand in hand with the Communits may not be needed for a quick kick in the governments elite leadership. However, I hear the masses calling for it, so someone needs to pay for it. As their King, someones head has to role to keep civility and calmness in the ranks.
Rider i

What constitues Economic Treason and failure Constitutional duties under Economic clauses of leaders and government actors?

Has there ever been a case of economic treason as applied to destruction of market place to allow another country to take over completely without competitive competition for US citizens.

The President has already created a Competitive Agency so, hopefully things will smooth out as I really do not want to call the hounds in. I would rather just have folks understand their behavior of destroying our marekts by helping our enemies or market competitors to destory US citizens busienss and individual onwership of labors.

At what line and point is drawn when US help is no longer help but actually Treason Upon US's citizens. As I know of no single US citizen who would give their tax dollars for a Communist enterprise to come in and crush their own fellow citizens market shares and ability to compete against massively government funded entities.

What is Economic Treason to a US citizen. Is it the helping of US citizen free enterprises and business competition by our leaders and government actors to destory US's business market shares?

Is Treason?
 betraying, treachery, or breach of allegiance to the US's business owners and US's market shares?

How is it beneficial for US's citizens as leaders are just our representatives to give our international competition by the way which is kicking our arse literally, hand them hundres of millions of dollars to kick our butts at home when home field is the place where we need to build up skill, market sharea nd ability to be in the international field.
How is some ridiculous idea of diplomacy by allowing destruction and non allegiance to US business good.
The Communits do not give us anything, by the way we have to pay interest on all of it, along with that, that is my fing point, the Comunist Chinese own our butts so why would we want them to own more of it. We should have allegiance to our business to create domestic market shares to be able to better compete aginst a countries communist market place that is destorying our international and our US domestic market palces.


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