This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

China's mala in se for Economic Warfare.

China' again after I do not know how many failed mental cognition tests of their wish to dominate the world for the communist party has missed the perfect opportunity to finish transitioning their economic reforms. This is because the worlds markets where low and needed time for their domestic companies to recoup to regain lost market shares. Which means that any market shares that would have been lost due to Communist SOE's being reformed would have had not competition and there would have been no threat to them. However, the Communist did not finishing transition their SOE's and barely gave lip to a full year and a half with no disbanded SOE's when they were supposed to go down to a very small number as they said before the crash, it was a lie I know that but now I can prove it. Instead they conglomerated heavy hitting Marxist weapons and when other countries domestic market companies could not even compete with domestic contracts the Communist instead of disbanding like they said they would actually conquered. There you go do the stats, show the quotes and you have mala in se for world economic warfare. This one if I was getting paid for this to gather facts and stats on i would take to the world court. It shows they have a guilty mind and along with the data that shows Communist intelligence movements precluding the worlds financial crash we have a great case in my unprofessional mind.

As for my call tonight, make sure my orders are followed through. They should have never brought their SOE's to this country, especially when they are supposed to be disbanding them.

Rider I
Torch program really MSS and SASAC, would we have allowed the KGB to create a nuclear physicist program in the US with their SOE's? No your ego has annoyed me, they called and orders where given.

A crime is
1. The mindset
2. The action
3. The harm
4. Someone knows something.

1. Communist Chinese did not disband the number they were supposed to the last couple of years due to the guilty mindset of using the SOE's to conquer economically.
2. The Communist Chinese removed major stock holdings and financing right before the world crash in the US and other free world markets with enough shock to cause it to drop but not enough to cause each as individuals to see it happen or even be gathered to understand till after the fact. Along with the preempted dumping, and reliance on unfair markets of SOE's and padded entrances for proper balancing of market shares trading.
3. The Communist blamed the world for the trade and said they had no part. Then they did not disband their SOE's at the rate they would during the killing field, and acted hostile towards nations domestic markets by using their weapons against them instead of disbanding them, causing massive layoffs, and lost US jobs due to Communist market shares being bought and taken back to China for more imports.
4. 5,000 Owls have been watching the Communist economic transformation grind to a halt as it was gathering closer to the bubble burst. I only wish we could act in professional capacity but that is not our jobs. It is just our jobs to show those who's jobs it is to look that way.

There is nothing we can do except tell the folks they might want to do professional reports on the matter, so as to seek justice and stop further Communist management of free markets and economies. We have to abide by the legalities of the 1st Amendment report and present.

It is my unprofessional opinion and this is not what I gave to the owl council at all. That the if the US allows the Communist SOE's in the US in the fashion of nuclear I mean high technological parks called Torch programs, or other such facets of Communist SOE's that are supposed to be being disbanded no one will ever stand up to them. It was one thing to allow their Communist SOE's in our ports, even though we have biding contracts for them to be done with their SOE's and the ports must be privatized or public stock so not in Communist government control before the next term, or owls fly, trust me they were glad to here my announcement and my unprofessional opinion on the matter.

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